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18 May 2017
07:42hostmasteris the bug where some of the icons on the about:addons page in nightly don't show up?
07:42hostmaster*don't show up already reported?
07:42philipphostmaster: yes i remember seeing something like this
07:43philippno wiat, it was about the favicon
07:45philippif in doubt just file a new bug :-)
16:01vesperPlatform Meeting up in a few minutes:
16:03philippvesper: locked doc
16:03vesperapologies, wrong URL
16:03vesper <--- this!
16:04vespera case of a clipboard history that&#39;s too large
16:21Noahrolandtanglao: I only use severity to correctly describe a bug but follow that up by manually hunting someone down and bugging them to fix it IF I think it&#39;s critical enough xD
16:21Noahor NeedInfo them to death :P
16:22rolandtanglaois there a convention for severity Noah that is used by firefox? i have only ever used priority
16:23rolandtanglaoi would love to copy severity &quot;conventions&quot; from somebody else where somebody else = firefox :-) rather than inventing our own since firefox engineers do look at SUMO bugs and might get confused if we use severity differently than FF
16:23rolandtanglaoalso philipp maybe you know ?^^^^
16:23Noahrolandtanglao: I&#39;ll have to ask if they do. Might be buried deep in a Mana doc somewhere lol But they do use it so I guess since they&#39;re devs and the critically marked bugs change colors to red in their bug lists. I think it makes them more alert of those &quot;critical&quot; bugs
16:23rolandtanglaook well let me know what you find Noah
16:24Noahbut I&#39;ll definitely see if I can hunt down a severity convention! philipp your help is welcome here too :D
16:24Noahrolandtanglao: np!
16:25rolandtanglaoi will also ask ashughes of firefox qa
16:25Noahah nice thinking!
16:25rolandtanglaoto see if they have a severity convention philipp Noah
16:25rolandtanglao(and john99 who isn&#39;t on irc)
16:28Noahmhoye: ^ any thoughts on this? Topic: How devs set severity & priority levels on bugs
16:31Noahvesper: real quick can you say what SoW stands for again?
16:31NoahI keep forgetting :P
16:34vesperStatement of Work
16:34vesperto have it in writing for you
16:34Noahvesper: madalina: thanks! I should&#39;ve expected it was a big thing :P
16:34Noahlol thanks
16:34Noahit does!
16:34vesperapologies for taking such dictionary shortcuts
16:35Noahvesper: haha no worries. Acronyms are my mortal enemy ;)
16:36Noahmadalina: I&#39;ll let you know :)
16:36madalina_haha thanks
16:36Noahone less action item for vesper ;)
16:36madalina_vesper there you go, Noah is the pinger
16:37Noahalso woo-hoo to community participation! Nice to see John in the mix :D
16:37philipprolandtanglao: Noah: i think different teams handle prioritization on bugzilla differently (some tagging bugs as p1-p3, others with keywords and so on)
16:38rolandtanglaophilipp: who is in charge of priotization for the different teams? is is release management? is it product management? and do any of them use severity?
16:38philippif you file a bug for an issue that&#39;s newly popping up, make sure to use the &quot;regression&quot; keyword, and set the status flag for the appropriate firefox versions to affected - there is special attention for these bugs and they will be triaged
16:39rolandtanglaois this documented somewhere?
16:39rolandtanglaoalso what about severity philipp? #brokenrecord :-)
16:39Noahphilipp: that is very true. I remember the priority system being kind of a long-running joke among some devs that no one really cares about the P1-P5 field or that no one cares about P3-P5. I may be misremembering but it feels true :P
16:39philipprolandtanglao: crashes get severity critical - that&#39;s all i know *g*
16:40Noahrolandtanglao: I have an ace up my sleeve. Mconley! He should know. I&#39;ll see what he says :)
16:40philippi don&#39;t think people look to much at that
16:40rolandtanglaoNoah: cool
16:40Noah^ I agree with philipp just said too lol
16:40rolandtanglaoyeah critical for certain exceptional cases
16:40rolandtanglaoand ignore severity for non exceptional cases
16:40rolandtanglaobut yes please let me know what mconley says noah
16:40Noahrolandtanglao: oh I will ;) will be in the office for a while?
16:41Noah*will you
16:41Noahgreat I&#39;ll get on it then
16:41rolandtanglaoyay perfect thanks again Noah
16:42philippblocker Blocks development and/or testing work
16:42philippcritical Crashes, loss of data, severe memory leak
16:42philippmajor Major loss of function
16:42philippnormal Regular issue, some loss of functionality under specific circumstances
16:42philippminor Minor loss of function, or other problem where easy workaround is present
16:42philipptrivial Cosmetic problem like misspelled words or misaligned text
16:42philippenhancement Request for enhancement
16:42rolandtanglaois that from a wiki page or from copy and pasted from bugzilla help?
16:42rolandtanglaoi just find that other than blocker or critical
16:42rolandtanglaothat it duplicates priorities
16:43rolandtanglaoi.e. i would be in favour of just using blocker and critical and p1-5 and not the other severities but i&#39;ll ask around philipp and Noah! thanks philipp
16:44philippdon&#39;t set the p1-5 filed - that categorization is up to the engineering teams themselves and they don&#39;t like it to be prefilled :-)
16:46philippimho the only important criteria for a good bug are to properly set the status flags (firefox versions that are affected), find the right component (or else firefox/core > untriaged), maybe ni somebody if it&#39;s urgent and have good steps to reproduce and/or a clear and as detailed description of the problem as possible
16:53Noahphilipp: ^ yes! well said! Typed that better than I could! And I really like what Roland said too
16:53rolandtanglaothanks philipp!
16:54rolandtanglaoright for sumo bugs we can set teh priority
16:54rolandtanglaoi agree it&#39;s not up to sumo folks to set priority on Firefox bugs!
17:12Noahyup, I&#39;m pretty much like you rolandtanglao. I only use Blocker, Critical & Enhancement. And sometimes Major when I didn&#39;t want to piss any devs off by prematurely marking something as Critical :P
17:13Noahrolandtanglao: I&#39;ve been passed a secret link that only you be able to access:
17:13Noahlet me know if that has what you need :)
17:24mhoyeNoah: I&#39;m not sure I understand the question, but:
17:24mhoyeNoah: Are you asking, &quot;should Sumo adopt similar conventions to flag bugs as developers?
17:25mhoyeI think that in general, it is very helpful if we use the same words to mean the same things, as much as possible, across the organization.
17:31mhoyeAnd I say that because if &quot;P2&quot; means &quot;important but not critical&quot; to one group of people and &quot;meh, whatevs&quot; to another, then we can expect to take delivery of a big shipment of fail soon enough.
17:47rolandtanglaomhoye: yes please
17:48rolandtanglaomhoye: are priority and severity conventions written down somewhere? if so please post a link :-)!
17:48rolandtanglaowe in sumo would like to use the same conventions as firefox mhoye (if that&#39;s possible)
17:49rolandtanglaoand/or are the words written somewhere mhoye?
17:49mhoyehaha, &quot;firefox mhoye&quot;
17:50rolandtanglaoNoah: that mana link: has nothing to do with severity and words and bugzilla conventions like priority
17:50mhoyelike, here&#39;s your alternative, slightly less helpful version of nightly
17:50rolandtanglaogo &quot;firefox mhoye&quot; go :-)
17:50mhoyeemceeaich: ^^^^
17:50* mhoye summons an emceeaich
17:51mhoyethe emceeaich I should say.
17:51rolandtanglaogo &quot;the emceeaich&quot; go -)
17:51* emceeaich materializes mumbling something about Amber and trumps.
17:51rolandtanglaojust kidding, love to hear from moar people
17:52mhoyeemceeaich: my first two laptops were named graywandir and werewindle, respectively.
17:52mhoyeemceeaich: <--- that exists, and it is almost certainly horribly broken.
17:53mhoyedated 2011, so... yeah, ugh
17:53emceeaichwow, yeah
17:53rolandtanglaoyeah i figured it was out of date
17:53emceeaichI think I have a cleanup
17:55emceeaichoh, that&#39;s for main branch bugzilla, those pages need a disclaimer
17:56emceeaichlet me ask in #wiki if there&#39;s a bulk edit we can do to add that
17:56emceeaichour instance is BMO on the wiki
18:00emceeaichmore things to fix!
18:19Seburomhoye: Hi Mike. Saw this> , really like it.
18:34mhoyeSeburo: If you delete &quot;linux.html&quot; from that URL, you&#39;ll be able to see a bunch of others.
18:35mhoyeSeburo: Those are only mockups, everything subject to change, etc, but: yeah, they look fantastic.
18:36Seburomhoye: Appreciate that always in motion the future is, but am glad to see the mobile bookmarks folder in the drop down menus (I was involved in that coming to Fx54). :-)
18:39mhoyeThere&#39;s a lot of really excellent work here - I haven&#39;t seen this kind of disciplined, in-depth collaboration across the organization before.
18:42mhoyeThis isn&#39;t a reskin; the designers are picking primitives based on we can blow on to the screen faster, animation speed curves based on human factors research about perceived speed...
18:42Seburomhoye: Really? I have - when we pack away MozFest. It&#39;s like something out of the A-Team. :-)
18:43mhoyeSeburo: I love it when a plan comes together.
18:44SeburoYeah, I saw that in the Weekly meeting a few weeks back. The UI changes will hit the headlines because they are visible, but they cap the code changes underneath.
18:44SpikeUKSeburo: - it&#39;s the promise of bear when it&#39;s done :)
18:44SpikeUKbeer even
18:45SeburoWe paws for beer.
18:46SeburoMore like we have a team of different people that are thrown together, work hard on an event which is hard to describe and build a great team along the way.
18:50mhoyehold on I want to hear more about the bear
18:50mhoyei didn&#39;t sign up for that
18:55Seburomhoye: If we work hard over the weekend and pack the event away swiftly, we get beer. If we are lazy, do nothing and do not bother tidying up the event, a bear is released. Hence the reason why new volunteers are recruited every year - amazing how many we lose.
18:56SpikeUKClose Seburo -very close ;-)
18:56mhoyeIt&#39;s good to have incentives in both directions.
18:58Seburomhoye: Yup. Just try not to think about what will be in the cage in the corner of the Fx homeroom in SF and focus on the beer.
19:19Noahrolandtanglao: sorry about that mana link! I asked the question clearly but I guess it ws still misunderstood. Also the link url didn&#39;t look right to me but I was optimistic it might be :P
19:19Noah*was still
19:44rolandtanglaono problem Noah
19:45rolandtanglaoi&#39;ll ask around Noah
20:15Noahcool. I&#39;ll keep digging on the off-chance I get lucky
20:15SeburoNoah: What are you trying to find?
20:16Noahguigs: do you still need those troubleshooting info API bugs? I found them :)
20:17guigsNoah: I am definitely interested if you have the links, and way to go!
20:30safwanAny thunderbird guy?
20:31Seburosafwan: Hi. How can we help?
20:31safwanSeburo: lol
20:31safwanSeburo: Just asking if any Thunderbird people here.
20:32safwanI have read that
20:32safwanThey are moving from moco infra
20:32Seburosafwan: I use Thunderbird, I might be able to help.
20:32safwanSo just asking whats their plan for support platform
20:32safwanSeburo: Its not about any support question
20:35SeburoI think that support will probably stay with SUMO for a good while yet.
20:43rolandtanglaosafwan_: seburo if you want to ask the thunderbird team about support, i&#39;d email the tb-planning mailing list and/or irc the folks in #tb-support-crew
20:43rolandtanglaothunderbird future support plans i mean
20:44SeburoThanks, I did not know about that IRC channel.
20:52rolandtanglaoso many channels so little time :-)
20:53Seburolol. Btw, I have the font now, so will see if I can send you some badge ideas soon. When is the deadline?
21:04SeburoIt is late here, I am turning in. Bye :-)
21:43Noahguigs: bah! my client didn&#39;t alert me you replied. Sorry for the wait. The bug links are bug 862203 & bug 1079563
21:43firebot NEW In-product about:support API
21:43firebot FIXED, markh give access to about:support data to specific whitelisted Mozilla websites
23:36Noahrolandtanglao: aha! I found something that&#39;s been collaborated on by various devs from different teams to define what the Priority field means for them - it&#39;s nothing huge or earthshattering but looks very decent :D
23:37Noahand bonus it&#39;s recent! from July 2016 ;)
23:40kbrosnanthat is fairly old
23:41kbrosnanthere is a fairly standardized 1/3/5 priority for core, firefox and toolkit
23:46Noahrolandtanglao: I&#39;ll email you a copy of that of course so you have it permanently. As I know irc is ephemeral for you ;)
23:46Noahkbrosnan: oh really? please do share! :D
19 May 2017
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