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18 Apr 2017
08:01vesperhm, running in to small vidyo issues, but connecting into my room right now
19:35jhonatasrmSeburo: Hi o/
19:35Seburojhonatasrm: Hello
19:35jhonatasrmSeburo: are you ok ? :D
19:36Seburojhonatasrm: I am fine, just trying to fill in some forms right now.
19:36jhonatasrmSeburo: wooow... I know, hahahaaha"
19:36jhonatasrmme too :hm:
19:37jhonatasrmbut I have to leave ..right now :/
19:37jhonatasrmsee ya o/
19:58Seburonoah: Hi. Need a hand with something, can you drop me a PM when you are free?
20:29madalina_noah philipp seburo
20:29madalina_guess what
20:29Seburomadalina_: Hi o/
20:29madalina_we're rolling back temporarily
20:30madalina_more details in a bit
20:30madalina_but unfortunately we have to
20:30SeburoOh, okay (hope it is temporarily, and that I can still work on a few Lithium KB articles in the mean time)
20:35philippi'd rather prefer for good ^^
20:36Noahmadalina: ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!
20:36Noahfirebot table flip
20:36firebotNoah: (
20:37Noahfirebot table flip
20:37firebotNoah: (
20:37Seburofirebot drop mike
20:37firebotSeburo: Sorry, I've no idea what 'drop mike' might be.
20:37Seburofirebot drop mic
20:37firebotSeburo: Sorry, I've no idea what 'drop mic' might be.
20:37* Seburo gives up
20:38madalina_:) Seburo
20:38madalina_it's temporarily folks, let's not get our hopes up
20:39madalina_but at least something will work for a while
20:39SeburoRecommend leaving contributor profiles on Lithium.
20:39madalina_we should still be able to access the lithium site from a different url
20:39madalina_yes, we're not migrating anything
20:40madalina_just have point to Kitsune until we fix this mess
20:40Seburo\o/ (Really, I thought SUMO staff enjoyed doing migrations..... ) ;-)
20:40madalina_yeah, it's my favourite past time activity lately
20:41SeburoSeriously, I do know how exhausting this is. Really glad we will be able to continue to work on Lithium in the mean time.
20:43madalina_guigs and I are working on communication to be posted on the forums soon
20:43madalina_we're looking at a roll back tomorrow morning Pacific time
20:44madalina_meanwhile we should try answering as many questions as possible
20:44philippyap, hopefully in time before the firefox 53 where we'd expect new questions coming in and where it would be important that we can answer them uninterrupted
20:45madalina_yes philipp that's the plan
20:45madalina_answer everything before ff 53 launches, then roll back then once 53 is out start answering on Kitsune
20:46SeburoGood plan.
20:47madalina_guys, I apologise, i will not be able to hang out on irc too much now as we need to set this stuff up. but do ping if anything urgent
20:47madalina_and thanks for being so awesome
20:47SeburoWill responses to questions already in Lithium go back to users post rollback?
20:47madalina_you keep me from going insane
20:47madalina_seburo not sure i follow?
20:47Seburomadalina_: SUMO staff are the awesome ones in this project. :-)
20:47philippSeburo: post-rollback-rollback?
20:48SeburoIn the temp rollback period, if there is an unanswered question in Lithium that I (for example) answer, will the user get an email about it?
20:49madalina_we're hiding the AAQ for lithium right now so no new questions should be coming in until rollback and we will focus on the stuff that is already there
20:49madalina_seburo good question, not sure. will investigate
20:50NoahSeburo: sure, you can PM me
20:50Seburook, no problem.
20:50Noahfirebot time in Berlin
20:50firebotNoah: It is 10:50pm in Berlin, Germany
20:50Noahmadalina: you're hardcore ;)
20:51madalina_heh, since this whole thing started, sleepless nights is my default
20:51Noahanddd I just saw your message about pinging on urgent things hehe sorry about that :)
20:51madalina_i'm trying to catch up with you!
20:52* Seburo expects a session at MozFest this year about how "Expresso powers the open web"
20:52Noahwith any luck you'll be back to sleeping no time ;)
20:52Noah*in no time
21:47SeburoI am turning in for the night. Bye.
21:55safwanSo kitsune is coming back for sometime?
21:56safwanNoah: ^^
21:56philippyes, it still seems to be more reliable atm
21:56safwan:D Awesome!
21:57* safwan thinking of the past kitsune days!
21:58philippsafwan: it was also awesome thanks to you! :-D
21:58safwanphilipp: I would keep kitsune development running but got too much busy with Job life and university life
21:59safwanrunning means in fork of mine
22:00philippsure, not all the work should be put on the shoulders of contributors, but it was nice to have an open source platform at least where everyone could contribute code if they wanted
22:01safwanFeel free to ping me anytime if anyone face any problem while turning kitsune on
22:02philippwill go to sleep now
22:04safwanbensternthal: I just informed that the SUMO is moving towards kitsune for sometime
22:07bensternthalyah you are correct
22:07safwanbensternthal: Do you have any idea when the transition will happen and how long it will take?
22:07safwanI mean how long it will live?
22:08bensternthaldepends on how fast things on the new platform get fixed
22:09safwanbensternthal: Oh. Ok. Cool!
22:09safwanbensternthal: What things were broken in the platform?
22:16bensternthalsafwan kitsune supported a few specific url structures, lithium did not support these out of the box.
22:16bensternthalcan talk more later.. im trying to co-ordinate a few things :)
22:16safwanOh. ok. no problem
22:16safwanLet me know when you are free
22:17bensternthallikely.. tomorrow :)
22:27Tonnesyay :) (btw, everyone wants this to be for good)
22:28sancusyay kitsune
22:39safwanTonnes: Yap
22:41Tonnes(...except for one person perhaps ;) )
22:42safwanha ha ha
23:07Noahsafwan: I was going to ping you but I didn't want to spoil the surprise. Plus I have to see actually happen first ;) :P
23:08NoahTonnes: :D
23:10safwanNoah: yeah!
23:10safwanI am waiting for another 14 hours
23:12guigsDoes any one have access to change the irc welcome message?
23:12guigsWe should probably add a link to the kitsune rollback announcement.
23:13guigsNoah, I think you do, can you add this link:
23:38Noahguigs: ^ done! ;)
23:38guigsNoah: Thank you kindly !
19 Apr 2017
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