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17 May 2017
16:01vespermeeting going live in a few minutes:
16:46vesperhanging in my room on vidyo if anyone wants to drop by ;]
16:48Caspy7anyone know what chan for firefox build drivers?
16:50vesperCaspy7: I'd start by asking in #firefox, but I guess you already have?
16:52Caspy7vesper: yes, that's where the question is being initially asked
16:52Caspy7was thinking there was some specific channel for build drivers
16:52Caspy7ah, think #releng
18:30Seburoback shortly
19:03* Seburo listens to the crickets
20:03guigsHi there
20:03guigsBit late, but the crickets finally went to sleep :)
20:03Seburolol. Hiya o/
20:04guigsTyler: Do you know where I can find more information on how to access a user's about:support info in the browser from a webpage?
20:04guigsSeburo: hey o/
20:04guigsSeburo: I have the calendar for marketing for the all hands, did you have any questions about it? I remember you are quite the planner/
20:05guigsI also am not sure about the Firefox team availability, as their doors are closed this time.
20:05Tylerguigs: you can't unless that website is a privileged one
20:05TylerAFAIK SUMO and Input were the only two allowed to access about:support
20:05guigsTyler: is it by domain? I am wondering if would work on the Lihtium stage site
20:06guigsTyler and if not, who can I ask for permission?
20:06Tylerguigs: I doubt we could get approval. It would require a hard-coded change in firefox
20:06Seburo^ for kitsune UA/plugins?
20:06TylerI can try to dig up the bug
20:06guigsTyler: ty, sorry to bug you, I was digging up the user agent info for the platform again :0)
20:07Tylerno worries!
20:07guigsSeburo yes
20:08Seburoguigs: Fx homeroom is in lock down? Where is it going to be? Alcatraz? I would like to see the schedule, but worth noting there could be a contributor meeting on Tuesday morning.
20:08guigsSeburo: thank you for the heads up, and that would be quite the lock down :-/
20:08guigsThey better start training for a swimming marathon :-)
20:10SeburoThere are some people there who I want to meet and who want to catch up with me. Work on the escape tunnel will start soon. :-)
20:11Tylerguigs: I can't find the bug :/
20:11SeburoQuickest route between the two hotels :-
20:11Tylerbut it was a fairly involved process. Kadir might remember what it took
20:11guigsTyler: ty, I can start there, do you remember which firefox team worked on it?
20:11guigsMaybe I can loop them in as well?
20:11TylerI don't, sorry
20:12guigsTyler: challenge accepted, than k you for your help!
20:12guigsI had no idea about the domain permissions :-!
20:12Tyleryeah, I seriously doubt we could get approval for a domain not ontrolled entirely by us
20:25Seburophilipp: Hiya. Can you have a look at the crash reports on this one?
20:27guigsseburo more like:
20:29SeburoIf only Steve McQueen had a segway.....
20:29philippSeburo: those crash reports will just be a symptom
20:29philippmaybe bug 1363332?
20:30firebot NEW, Crash in shutdownhang | NtDeviceIoControlFile due to Bitdefender Antivirus
20:31Seburophilipp: Shall I recommend that the user updates Bitdefender?
20:32philippat least establish if it's their security software
20:32philippand if it is, then yes recommend updating signatures or else bug their support
20:33SeburoOk, thanks, will do.
20:44SeburoSegways are cool.
21:12SeburoI am turning in for the night. Bye :-)
21:58Noahguigs: I remember that bug ;) I'll try to get it to you in a bit. Our main blocker to even getting it up & running ourselves was a lengthy & annoying internal privacy review
21:59NoahI thought the length of time they took to do it was wayyyy too long. Over a year or possibly even 2 years. It probably because our legal dept. got involved as well
22:00Noahconsidering what information were collecting to help a user wasn't very damaging or invasive considering that made sure to not to collect certain about:config prefs and that the process was totally opt-in, I really got mad about how long we were hung on up that for
22:00Noahanyway that's my flashback venting on that :P
22:04Noahhopefully we have some success on this issue considering we were tossed out of the org basically. Make Lithium sign whatever userdata privacy confidentiality agreements we need them to and speed this up [anything less than a year would be music to my ears]. If they violate the the confidentiality agreement or are hacked/have a data breach, we make them pay a fine to Mozilla
18 May 2017
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