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17 Mar 2017
00:01guigsSeburo: sorry I panicked there for a moment
00:01guigsSeburo: in the product Firefox Help takes you to the KB
00:01guigshowever there is no place to ask a question on that page
00:02Seburoguigs: No worries.
00:02Seburoguigs: ah, I see your point. :-) Nightly Help takes me to
00:02guigsthis might be a great senario for roland's aaq, however, in the short term do we add a link on each tile of the kb to ask a question in your thread
00:03guigsI think that is what is wanted, however it looks like there are more than that use case.
00:03SeburoMaybe not each tile of the KB, just the landing pages like the link ^. "Choose a section or ask the Community."
00:03guigswsmwk, pointed this out for thunderbird as well, ty btw~
00:04SeburoNo problem, hope it helps.
00:18Seburonight :-)
03:41guigsAre there any users from Australia or Asia around?
03:42Caspy7guigs: I think glob is Australian...he's in #firefox
03:43guigsCaspy7: neat, I always wondered since being in the same time zone kinda limits your internet time :-)
03:43guigsCaspy7: how are things in sumo/reddit?
03:44Caspy7I what I can with the energy I can. Probably end up more time in #firefox
03:46guigsThat makes sense :-)
03:47guigsCaspy7: have a good night anyway!
03:47Caspy7thanks, you too
04:15NoahCaspy7: I forgot to thank you for the extra knowledge you dropped about the big streamers [Hulu, Netflix, AmazonVideo, etc.] yesterday. thanks I was always very curious about this but failed to find the time to investigate
04:17Noahyour screenshot is also the first time I've ever seen the DRM status icon
04:21Caspy7Noah: oh, I guess you don't have netflix?
04:26Caspy7Noah: go to scroll down and click on the big buck bunny vid, then check the URL bar
04:27NoahCaspy7: I had access thanks to a friend but I couldn't get the password to work that day so we both forgot about it
04:29NoahCaspy7: ah thanks! I saw it
04:30NoahI like how it jiggles around in the url bar hehe
04:49guigsNoah: sounds like an easter egg?
04:52Caspy7Noah: no idea what you're talking about. Does not jiggle for me. Maybe something unique to your setup
05:15NoahCaspy7: lol might be. I'll try to take a recording of it :)
05:15Caspy7be interesting to test in a fresh profile
05:16Noahhmm looks like I could only reproduce it that one time now it acts as you say :P
05:17NoahIt could be the other icons joined late and bounced the icon back and forth hehe
05:18Noahguigs: it was cool when it was working :P
17:46Tonnesanyone using FF aurora and FB?
17:46Tonneseither english or localized
17:57alex_mayorgaHola luchadores de SuMo!
17:58alex_mayorgaA fellow forum member posted that looks like a well intentioned tip. Now my question is how to close the thread in the proper way.
18:00Caspy7Tonnes: I'm using Aurora, but not FB. Is your topic about performance?
18:03TonnesCaspy7: I;m actually looking for some acces key appearing in Page Info only (Permissions) for Local storage, but only on FB
18:04Tonnesprobbaly teh offline storage also mentioned elsewhere in Option/sprefs
18:04Tonnescan;t manage to edit it locally to see how it is affected - it keeps using the old one
18:04Tonnesso was curious for other locales
18:05TonnesOutlook may be another site storing offline data
18:06Caspy7Tonnes: "Maintain Offline Storage" in Permissions? I'm there now, but don't see any info except for the size and option to clear it.
18:07Tonnesyep.. the fun thing is, apparently it only appears when data is actually stored, or so
18:09Caspy7I have 3.1MB stored, but no "access key"
18:11TonnesHmm.. this is about a line that would say "This website is using 3.1. MB", and it would include a button "Clear Storage"
18:11Tonnesnext to Maintain Offline STorage
18:11Tonnesthe issueis that both the string and button use a similar access key
18:14alex_mayorgaNoah: Hola! How do I get to the Spanish version of
18:14* alex_mayorga Lithium searching fu is low
18:16Tonnesalex_mayorga: hi, no idea
18:17Tonnesone of the fun things in aurora/FF l10n is that when changing strings in the .ja file, they don't always show after restart- choosing other profiles is sometimes needed, and even then old values may remain in memory, like now :)
18:18Tonnescan ask in #l10n however
18:25TonnesOk it's clear
18:56Noahalex_mayorga: woo! that one was a little tricky to find but I use my google translate skills to search by one word in spanish for this article ;)
18:57Noahword of the day "Idiomas" and it was the 2nd search result :P
18:59alex_mayorgaNoah: Muchas gracias, seor! =)
19:00Noahalex_mayorga: de nada mi amigo! ;)
19:00alex_mayorgaWe need a language sidebar a'la Wikipedia for these things IMHO.
19:00alex_mayorgamadalina: ^
19:00Noahlol yeah. I was thinking Lithium's search is pretty powerful but it requires you to manually find the article in other languages. Not liking that at all
19:18jhonatasrmalex_mayorga: Noah speaks English, Spanish, Greek :hm: ... and Portuguese maybe :hm:
19:26Noahjhonatasrm: lol! Poquito espanol for sure! ;)
19:27jhonatasrmI knew ! .. hahaha :D
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