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17 Jul 2017
06:46timc*tumbleweed rolls by*
14:27SeburoHello SUMO
14:38alex_mayorgaHola SuMo! =)
14:38Seburoalex_mayorga: Hi
14:39alex_mayorgaSeburo: Hola! How are things?
14:39Seburoalex_mayorga: I am okay. I have the day off work so am using the time to get some jobs done. How are things there?
14:41alex_mayorgaBaby is asleep so I get to finis some technical architecture docs for the day job...
14:44timcHi guys - finally I have some people to talk to. Was so quiet in here :)
14:46Seburotimc: Hiya. Apologies for the crickets and tumbleweed. Welcome to SUMO. :-)
14:46timcIt's OK - I'm in Australia, so I'm used to being the only one awake most of the time :)
14:47SeburoSUMO wise it might be fairly quiet, but the Sync team have a few people out that way.
14:48timcyeah I usually lurk in there too :)
14:48SeburoSo what do you do for SUMO?
14:58timca little bit of everything. If I see something I can do I usually jump in and help out. I've been around for a while, doing everything from live support chats to forum posts to confirming kitsune bugs. Haven't been around for awhile, usually jump on here if I'm in between projects at work and have some spare time.
14:58timcNoah :)
14:58timcHow about you Seburo ?
15:03Seburotimc: I mainly spend my time helping used on the forum.
15:06timcawesome! I had a look at some of the unanswered questions earlier and realised I'm so out of the loop, a lot of them I had no clue about lol. So I've been trying to get a local copy of Kitsune running to see if I'm able to fix some of the quick and easy bugs that are open until we decide what's happening with the support forums.
15:10Seburotimc: You may want to drop madalina a note about fixing bugs on kitsune. The list is going to be triaged so you do not want to fix the wrong ones, but I am sure you help will be very valuable and welcome.
15:42guigsmorning! o/
15:45philipphey rachel
15:46Seburoguigs: Afternoon o/
15:46guigshey philipp
15:46guigshey Seburo
15:46guigsHow are things?
15:47* guigs scrollsback and thinks its pretty cool to meet timc from Australia :-)
15:47SeburoBusy weekend visiting London.
15:48timcHey Rachel :)
16:04jhonatasrmHello o/
16:07Seburojhonatasrm: Hi o/
16:08jhonatasrmSeburo: Hey Seburo :D
16:08jhonatasrmare you ok ?
16:09Seburojhonatasrm: I am fine, just sorting out a few problems. How are you?
16:12jhonatasrmSeburo: I'm ok.. thank you ! :)
17:11SeburoHeading off for food, back later.
17:21guigsjhonatasrm: how does another sumo day next Thurs, Fri sound?
17:23jhonatasrmguigs: Hello :)
17:25jhonatasrmsounds good
17:25jhonatasrmWe're planning a SUMO & L10n Week o/
17:28jhonatasrmguigs: It starts Wednesday :D
18:31* SolidSnake waves at timc
18:33Noahtimc: ^ that's me btw. My bouncer ;)
18:33NoahI have 1, possibly 2 easy Kitsune bugs you might be able to fix :D
18:36Noahbug 1181627
18:36firebot NEW, Show clearer warning when editing current revisions while pending ones exist (and when clicking loca
18:36* Tonnes wakes up
18:36Tonnesyeah please do :)
18:37Tonneslet's just change the color to red
18:37NoahTonnes: also I see your issue with the period on the Focus description. But why do you say it occurs twice?
18:39TonnesNoah: the string occures twice in pontoon, once for the main page, the other one for asking a question, I think
18:39Noahaha! That looks to be true
18:41TonnesD..!, 3rd time this month my session restore gets screwed up, glad to have found bug 1375974
18:41firebot UNCONFIRMED, Could not write session state file
19:12Seburorolandtanglao: Hiya. Without mentioning the topic, I hope you saw my email. Fingers crossed we can get this resolved swiftly.
19:42NoahTonnes: forgot to ask, have you experimented with the 64-bit Nightly or 64-bit release build yet? Might help with your sessionrestore issues. *Maybe* :P
19:44TonnesNoah: my win is 32-bit...
19:44Tonnesbut tbh, I don't see running 64-bit FF as a solution
19:44Noahbah! nevermind then. That answers that xD
19:44Tonnesunless this is solely for testing
19:45NoahI was thinking it'd handle the high memory situation better & be able to write the sessionrestore file more reliably
19:46Tonnestrue.. think this mainly happens on 32 bit
19:46Tonnesbut ntl it should not happen
19:46Noahbut this does leave me w/ the question I had originally: what do you need 614 tabs spread across 6 windows for? ;)
19:46Tonnesthat just happens... :)
19:47* Tonnes can;t remember that many tabs with hte head and yet wants to get back to them other than by bookmarks
19:48Noahas long as you're actively looking at the tabs I can't complain. Just feels like a lot to be needed for every session :)
19:50Tonneswell you know how ot goes with support questions.. also doing other stuff requiring may tabs to be opened
19:51Tonnesupdating kb articles easily requires tens of them
19:52guigshey team, did you see this:
19:52firebotBug 1381572 NEW, [Focus Android] Sign-off for locales on v1.1
19:53guigsNoah I think timc went to sleep, probably back online later this afternoon (aus)
19:54Tonnesspeaking of, I've always found finding tabs a pita in ff.. if only there was a Close Tab option in the top-right list view for instance, or better bookmarks managment, or no habit of opening Options "somewhere" and when closing that tab, ff not returning to the previous one - the latter easily causes one to open the same tab in a new one hence increasing the number
19:55Seburoguigs: Nope, reading it now...
19:59Tonnessign off? what was that again? :)
20:01Noahguigs: yup you're right. I did a firebot time on him & it was 4:30am... ouch! :P
20:04NoahTonnes: 100% agree. Back in the old days, someone made a addon to add close buttons to each item in the "Recently closed tabs" menu but I could never find that addon again :(
20:07Tonnesff could gain from such option
20:09Noahexactly. I may just file a bug for this. I probably did years ago xD
20:10NoahTonnes: also for your duplicate tab problem, this may come in handy ;) -
20:11Tonnesthanks, been thinking of using that
20:15NoahTonnes: please do try it. I'd be interested to see if it can hold up to your standards. Bonus: It has "Filters" options & has a Ctrl+Alt+W hotkey to quickly close all duplicate tabs
20:16TonnesNoah: will do, thanks
20:16Noahhmm according to user reviews, the hotkey may actually be Ctrl+Shift+W
20:16Tonnesbtw, if you close windows one by one, then shut down, restart, how many entries for closed windows is listed max, and is that info stored in the sessionstore.js file too?
20:16Tonnes(think so)
20:17Tonnesoops, ctrl+shift+w is already used by ff
20:17Noahjust tried Ctrl+Shift+W w/o that addon installed & it seems to be a default Fx shortcut that tries to closes all tabs in the window but prompts with a warning beforehand
20:17Noahyes, exactly. you are fast ;)
20:18Tonnesonly occasionally ;)
20:20Noahand he's working on a option for killing dupe tabs across multiple windows -
20:20Noahonly blocker is he's writing the Webextension first
20:20Noah*Webextension version first
20:22NoahTonnes: For max closed windows limit, I believe it is 3. Although you can increase that by changing the value of browser.sessionstore.max_windows_undo
20:22Noahand yes, it should be saved in sessionstore.js and its brother files. That's where I'd expect it to live naturally :)
20:24Noahand it will remember each closed window's full tab history. That's how I remember the feature working back in the day. Which I thought was pretty impressive
20:24Noaheven more impressive if it remembers the back/forward history for each tab in each closed window
20:25Tonnesthey're actually working on minimizing the size aren't they? I could do without all the tab's history tbh
20:26guigsSeburo can you share with me that firefox focus bug one more time?
20:26Tonnesperhaps focus should be on the active tab.. I never understood why FF needs time restoring a tab while its content isn't really loaded
20:26guigsi think we need to start adding those threads to the bug.
20:27Noahguigs: thanks for that bug! very impressive. I had no idea we were shipping Focus in THAT many locales! :)
20:27guigsI know right ;-)
20:27guigs Mozilla is so cool!
20:28guigsNoah: also it looks like in 55 flash is going to be click to play everywhere
20:28guigsand flash will be supported in esr only coming up the end of the year
20:30NoahTonnes: yup, a few years back. Maybe a year or two, they implemented some new prefs to auto-delete old back/foward history and set it to a new default limit. Maybe 8 pages backwards/forwards max. The limit is tweakable via 2 prefs. It definitely helped lower the size of sessionrestore.js & its siblings ;)
20:30Noahguigs: awesome. I'll have to find some flash dominated sites & see how quickly they make the transition to html5 video
20:32Seburoguigs: Hiya. Focus is not on BMO.
20:33guigsSeburo: ah shucks, sorry I forgot about that. Let me see if I can find their bug tracking
20:34Seburoguigs: Not too keen on putting this on a public channel, shall I message you the details?
20:35guigsSeburo: sure not a problem
20:36guigsNoah: I have not forgotten about the swag! Apologies for the delay on that.
20:37TonnesNoah: cool
20:38Noahguigs: no worries! I was going to ask for a small status update on that (b/c I know these things take time): If you were able to reach the cat's owner & see if she was interested? Other than that, please take your time. I know you'll come thru, no doubts! :)
20:50Tonneshow to edit/delete keywords in a kb article? never found that but may be permissions issue
20:50Tonnesfor en-us
20:51SeburoTonnes: Will have a look.
20:52guigsNoah: I did not reach out to the cat owner, I will do that today.
20:53SeburoTonnes: You might want to ask Alice, I do not know how to do this, but chances are she does. :-)
20:53TonnesSeburo: ok, thanks :)
20:54andrewtruongTonnes: I believe it's a permissions things. Did you need something changed?
20:55andrewtruongIf you have the permission, it should be under "edit description" and right before the 'save description' button.
20:56Tonnesandrewtruong: think so too, could never do that before. Yeah I wanted to submit an edit to How to install an add-on in TB so wondered once again. Can ask wsmwk though when asking for review..
20:56andrewtruongnvm.. wrong instructions
20:57andrewtruongIt's under edit content, first item
20:57Tonnesabove search result summary?
20:57Tonnesha, expected it, not for me :)
20:57Tonnesthanks tho
20:59NoahSeburo: becareful with the keywords though, I remember Joni telling me & others to excercise caution with it b/c it can change the way the article shows up in search results
21:00NoahI'll shoot her a email asking about how that works exactly
21:00SeburoNoah: I also do not have permission to change them. Not something I need to worry about. Happy to leave it to the experts.
21:01andrewtruongIf the word is already in the article, you don't use it in the keywords section
21:01Noahah I think that might've been it
21:01andrewtruongeg. article is about cache, you can write "cash" in keywords as that's how people commonly spell it
21:01guigsAnother update mean we might want to have a release post for the iOS updates before the launch at the end of this week.
21:01guigs^what are thoughts on this
21:03SeburoNot a lot of time.
21:03Tonnesyeah.. I think this is intentional and fixed in some bug (keywords). this is just about removing "ADD-ONS" as a keyword. Asked wsmwk to look at it
21:04Seburoguigs: Do we know what is in the Fx iOS update?
21:05andrewtruongTonnes: yup, that keyword should be removed
21:05guigsSeburo: potentially, I have to re-confirm 'do not tweet' info
21:05Seburoguigs: ok
21:06Tonnesspeaking of iOS release, how come I spot articles such as that was never moved from Administration nor set RFL? There's more of them and it doesn't make me happy (unless there is a good reason)
21:08andrewtruongTonnes: looks like articles like those show up on first run when Firefox for iOS is updated. That article is RFL. Are there others not RFL?
21:08Tonnessee the bottom of or for instance
21:09Tonnesas long as it's in Administration, it does not show up on the dashboard so no wonder it only has 2 translations
21:12andrewtruongdefinitely something you should ask Joni
21:13Tonnesafraid so
21:13guigsFor the firefox 57 advocates stuff, can I sticky a new forum post will all the info to get involved?
21:17SeburoSure, go for it.
21:23guigsHey Rincewind!
21:37Rincewindgood morning
22:16SeburoI am turning in for the night. Take care, chat soon, bye :-)
22:37Tonnesis there some policy about doing remote access in order to help users, in some rare cases?
22:48Tonnesguigs: ^ ?
23:08guigsTonnes: I don't think so, there was an experiment in the past to use Firefox Hello to schedule a screenshare with users
23:08guigsHalf the time they did not show up or did not follow up on the request.
23:14Tonnesfeel tempted sometimes .. Teamviewer or something could be of help sometimes
23:24Caspy7guigs, Tonnes: perhaps the caution about something like teamviewer is training users to trust people who suggest teamviewer?
23:24guigsI think there was a recent security issue with teamviewer as well
23:26guigsAlmost a year ago now:
23:26guigsYou may want to use two-factor authentication.
23:26Tonnesone could start it without installing it, right? also used it for my job occasionally (though not advised, but in case customers didn't want to pay for other sw)
23:29Tonnesstupid MS morons sending user back to us after they break ff:
23:30* Tonnes never got the hang of those people's skills
23:45guigsTonnes why does that question link no longer exist?
23:45Tonnesthere's an = in the link
23:45guigsI thought we did not delete threads? I have deleted one before, so that is probably something that needs to be discussed.
23:46guigs`ack ^ ty!
23:46Tonnesdid we?
23:46guigsFirefox ESR is on version 52, they are on an unsupported version of Firefox
23:47Tonnes"I was using Firefox 52.0.2esr and it was working fine. I got a Microsoft Update and after that it would not open after being launched."
23:48guigsthat is weird, that would suggest that update down-graded Firefox?
23:48guigsI doubt that happened.
23:48Tonneswhy so?
23:49guigsAll the updates are managed by Mozilla servers, but then again why would they push an outdated Firefox version?
23:49Tonnesseen similar issues after Creators Update.. Wouldn't be surpsised if they did this on purpose
23:50guigsI think we need the microsoft update patch identifier.
23:50Tonnesshe got a MS update for XP, probably
23:50Tonnesyes sort of
23:51TonnesI;m eager to find out what happens to an XP here and see what happens but would rather do remote help - perhaps I can't resproduce :)
18 Jul 2017
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