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17 Apr 2017
11:27edo79zgLol looks like without pinging people its impossible to catch someone in here
12:15Tonnesyup.. there's also a reduced flow, maybe because contributors lost their interest for a particular reason
14:40tadhi Seburo
14:40Seburotad: Hiya. Enjoying the bank holiday?
14:40tadNot particularly. I prefer having something to do. Yourself?
14:41SeburoI have a fair bit to do, and have had a very busy weekend. But it has been fun and I have managed to get some golf in, so I am happy.
14:44tadgood to hear!
16:00jhonatasrmHi o/
16:02Seburojhonatasrm: Hi o/
16:04jhonatasrmSeburo: hey Seburo o/... Are you ok ?
16:04Seburojhonatasrm: Hi. I am fine. Did you have a good weekend?
16:05jhonatasrmSeburo: Yes Yes ... too much chocolate *-----*
16:06jhonatasrmSeburo: and you ?
16:06SeburoIt has been good, the weather has been okay and I have got a fair bit done.
16:10jhonatasrmthat is good :D
17:42Noahedo79zg: ping!
17:42Noaheverytime I'm ready to reply to you, you're already gone :P
17:43Noahedo79zg: I have an answer for you concerning the Croatia team. Please read it here:
17:45Noahyou can also join Ves.per for 30 min L10n meetings in his Vidyo room every Tuesday & Wednesday at the times listed at the top of the google doc
17:45Noahthose are his open office hours and you can ask him anything
18:55guigsNoah: did you have other users you need help with? (password resets, abuse reports etc)
18:55guigsI feel like there might have been some from over the weekend.
18:56Noahguigs: hmm was there any reports in irc over the weekend or something else that lead you to think that?
18:57NoahI can't think of any right now but I'll do a round of searching to make sure
18:58guigsNoah: I did not see any in the support forum, but wanted to check in with you since you caught a few two weeks ago :-P
19:00Noahguigs: ah cool :D i definitely use my powers to see if anyone else slipped thru the cracks and let you know ;)
19:00Noah*I'll definitely...
19:00cynthiapereiraNoah: guigs: I have an issue related with brazilian user (password reset).
19:00cynthiapereiraIs it a bug?
19:01guigscynthiapereira: not sure, can you share the account name?
19:01Noahcynthiapereira: it's a strange issue that can be fixed by a admin manually sending a pass reset
19:02cynthiapereiraguigs: Sure, 1 sec.
19:02NoahI still think it's a bug but not sure how to fix it for everyone at once. Seems to only affect the old accounts that were migrated
19:02guigsNoah: I'm curious if it is an issue aside from the migration password reset.
19:03cynthiapereiraguigs: herbertmoreno1 or ID 1007484
19:04Noahguigs: yup, you could be right. I removed Scott from the CC list b/c I heard he wasn't involved with us anymore but maybe we could file a Lithium ticket and then see if they investigate why it's happening :)
19:04Noah*if they can
19:05cynthiapereiraNoah: The account is new, created in Feb.
19:05guigsNoah: cynthiapereira Can we start a thread in the moderators forum to start tracking the users it is happening to (like an incident report)
19:06guigsOne of the users I believe was wwwolf
19:11guigscynthiapereira: I am going to send the user a manual password reset, can you let them know I am sending it to the account the email is associated with?
19:12cynthiapereiraguigs: Yes, thank you!
19:25Noahguigs: sure, great idea
19:29guigscynthiapereira: email sent
21:25guigsNoah: I found another user having issues, did you already create a post for tracking these account issues?
21:28Noahguigs: drafting it as we speak. almost ready :)
21:33Noahguigs: done!
21:40guigsNoah: thank you, I added the two I am working on, and a note to grab me with @guigs
21:41guigsI hope this helps streamline login issues, I know that it is currently hard for users to find help with this.
21:43Noahguigs: np! I think it will. I just hate how clutter the forums kind of look. I miss our clean Kitsune design :P Made finding stuff easier in my opinion
21:45guigshey Noah, we are working on a post moderm to address some headaches that are easier to fix. Could I pm you about some of the suggestions you might have for making it more simple?
21:47Noahguigs: sure!
22:25guigsIs anyone from mozillahispano online?
22:27Caspy7alex_mayorga: is that you? ^
22:39NoahNukeador: ^ Are you still involved with MozillaHispano? I always think of you first when I hear that phrase
22:48guigs I can send an email too if they are not online.
22:51Artisthi guigs: I updated the spreadsheet. Maybe you could have a look at it the next days
22:52guigsArtist: excellent! Yes I can take a look at the end of day or tomorrow after the post mordem discussion.
22:52Artistguigs: just don't call it post mortem :D
22:52guigsArtist: "statement of improvement" ?
22:53guigsI am open to suggestions :-)
22:53Artistno, I'd call it "statement of impoverment" :D
22:55guigsCaspy7: what would you call a document that is keeping track of improvements from an open ended, online conversation?
22:55Caspy7oh, ha, I was just misspelling statement on purpose rather than engaging :)
22:56Artistwell, I was misspelling, too. I wanted to call it "statement of impoverishment" ^^
22:56Caspy7right, saw that
22:58Artistguigs: who'd be the best person to contact for adding another sub category on the main help page?
22:58guigsArtist: which page?
22:58guigsI can tell you if you throw a link
22:59Artistcan I quickly PM you on this?
22:59guigsArtist yes of course!
18 Apr 2017
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