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16 May 2017
08:02vesperhey there! I'm hanging around in my vidyo room clicking around, in case anyone wants to chat or say hi ;-)
08:50Noahvesper: hi! Not able to join vidyo atm but hopefully I'll be able to crash one of your Live w/ Vesper! shows soon :)
08:57vesperNoah: hey :-) you'll get a front row seat ;-)
09:21Noah:D I should help you craft a monologue ;)
16:18jhonatasrmHi o/
17:19guigsphilipp: do they take notes in that channel meeting?
17:19philippguigs: yes
17:20philippthe live notes are at and end up at later on
17:22guigsphilipp: ty, there was a user last week that was experiencing crashes similar to the removeChild bug, I missed the bug number. I hope you are well :-)
17:23philippguigs: was he on nightly?
17:24guigs52.03 to the 53 update I believe - it was during the switch from lithium to kitsune, philipp would you like the thread link?
17:28philippsure, no promises though ^^
17:51philippis anybody here running on macos 10.12?
17:51philipp(not meant to be a trick question^^)
17:52philippif yes, do you crash when visiting ...?
18:45Noahphilipp: I think guigs might be running OS X. Is the 10.12 the latest tho?
18:45Noahphilipp: Seburo: also hello o/ :)
18:46SeburoNoah: Hiya
18:46guigsHi there, I can help right after I am done meeting with cynthia
18:48SeburoNoah: Latest is 10.12.4.
18:49Seburophilipp: Hiya
18:49philippjust had a "You cannot send messages to #sumo." message in the past few mins when trying to post here^^
18:49philippnot sure what i did wrong
18:50Seburophilipp: I had one of those a couple of weeks ago in #firefox, just a passing issue.
18:51SeburoCrumbs, my question got mentioned (not answered.....) in the Monthly meeting.
18:53Noahphilipp: hmm did it mention something about too many capital letters? Otherwise that sounds weird. Haven't got one of those yet for the record. I have run into the annoying capitals error in #firefox tho
18:54philipphmm, don't think i was trying to shout in here, but never mind it's really looking like an intermittend issue
18:55Noahit's not enabled here \o/
18:55Noahthanks for the heads up though. I probably would have panicked if I got that error thinking "what have I done now?" :P
19:01Noahphilipp: also have you run into or heard of issue where notifications aren't working on mac when using 53? Had someone come in here saying that 52.0.2 was the last version where it worked. He also tested 53 in Win 10 to make sure & confirmed it worked there
19:02Noahtest site he provided, just press the "Authorize" button:
19:03philippoh, no heard that for the first time, did they file a bug?
19:04philippif it's easily reproducible on that site, mozregression should help narrowing this down and finding the culprit
19:04Noahno, they had to run. I was gonna investigate it a little more before reporting it. Maybe gu.igs could be our tiebreaker if she can reproduce it :)
19:05Noahindeed. I'll do a quick bugzilla search and see if it was filed already. He reported in on 4/30
19:07alex_mayorgaphilipp: Maybe irrelevant, but no crash for on Nightly with Win10.
19:11philippalex_mayorga: yap, it's about bug 1359624
19:11firebot NEW, Crash in libsystem_kernel.dylib@0x19d42 called from nsAuthSambaNTLM::SpawnNTLMAuthHelper()
19:11philippwhich is only happening on osx 10.12
19:11philippas far as it's possible to see from crash statistics
19:14Noahhostmaster: hmm are you on Windows or Mac? :)
19:21Noahah noted. Thanks!
19:45Noahhostmaster: loved that tweet you found too! xD
19:45Noahfor the curious:
19:46Noahtranslates to "Clearing browser history" :)
19:47SeburoVery funny
19:53SeburoWe have a new typeface. :-)
19:56Seburocaspy7: Black screens in Fennec tend to be a memory issue. Clearing the app cache should help. This assumes it was a legit build from Google Play.
19:57Caspy7Seburo: thanks...I'm in a lot of pain as well as very tired right now if you want to reply :) otherwise I may try later
19:58Caspy7(not thinking very articulately)
19:58SeburoCaspy7: Sorry to hear that. I do not have a Reddit account and do not know the process there, so I think it best left to the expert.
17 May 2017
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