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16 Mar 2017
00:13Caspy7is there a known trend of Firefox Android showing white on all pages with 52?
03:24NoahCaspy7: one of our social support helpers reported: "I have more people with black screens or non playing video's. Turning off HWA hasn't resolved it yet. Any other ideas? Also involves a Mac."
03:24Noahso not quite but kinda close
03:25Caspy7Noah: well, that's desktop
03:25Noahyes, I was about to say that too :P
03:25Noahbut I like to think they're loosely related
03:25Caspy7are they all macs? for that instance?
03:25NoahI'll do so more digging to see if it's mac only
03:25Noah*some more
03:26Caspy7this may be the type of thing to bring up to the media guys
03:26Caspy7and/or graphics
03:30Noahyup. checking bugzilla to see if anything has been filed yet
03:45NoahCaspy7: btw does Amazon Video still use Silverlight to serve streaming video? I think remember you had a subscription
03:46Caspy7I'd have to check, haven't used the browser for that in a long time
03:46Caspy7last I knew they were using...widevine I thinkg
03:59Caspy7Noah: native (H.264 probably) and widevine
04:12NoahCaspy7: ah thanks for checking! I was worried they were still behind
04:13Caspy7they've been doing widevine for a while
04:13Caspy7and before that primetime with Firefox even
04:13NoahI just need to check on Hulu & Netflix next. And possibly HBGO. Curious to see if all the big streamers have got their act together
04:14Noahoh nice
04:14NoahNetflix I know has that useragent problem with us
04:14Caspy7Noah: only for linux
04:14Caspy7how Amazon has their shit together on all that and not Netflix Heaven only knows
04:15Caspy7Netflix is also widevine by default
04:15Noahlol yeah
04:15Caspy7their only deal is Linux, where they haven't flipped the switch for some reason so chrome must be spoofed
04:16Caspy7Last I knew Hulu was Flash, but that was a while ago
04:16Caspy7unsure about HBO
04:16Caspy7why are you looking at all this? that I think about it...Hulu was doing *something* with DRM when I tested w/ media guys...
04:18Caspy7ugh, looks like Hulu may have dropped *all* free streaming. Like, there's not even sponsored w/ ads or Superbowl commercials or nuthin
04:19Caspy7there's a free week trial you can do
04:20Caspy7even preview clips of shows require the free trial
04:21Caspy7Noah: notably, it does look like there's DRM, so probably just widevine
04:23Caspy7when we were testing previously, they had DRM + Flash on the page for some reason - not that that made sense as they are incompatible
04:23Caspy7only one was actually being used
10:29wsmwkdo we know whether TB and FF daily question rate on new SUMO is as high as it was on old SUMO?
10:33philipphi wsmwk, in march there are on average 67 firefox questions per day / 21 for tb.
10:34wsmwkthat seems low for tb
10:34philippthe firefox amount feels on par or slightly below of what we had on kitsune
10:34wsmwkbut I do not actually have the numbers for old sumo
10:35philippyou're a mod? this would be the stats section for TB:
12:51madalinahey Seburo
16:06madalinasumo platform starting soon:
16:30Costenslayervesper, could we limit user upload amount
16:30Costenslayermust me a prommition thing
17:04ahuntIs anyone here familiar with the sumo redirect system? I.e. the redirect?
17:04ahuntOn Android all our links redirect to English, regardless of actual locale - i.e. links like
17:04ahuntSo Im wondering whether were doing completely the wrong thing when constructing the URL, or if theres some other issue?
17:06ahuntAnd on a related note: can I find the list of official redirects somewhere? (Currently, we have the following hardcoded for the default-browser linnk in the app, which seems wrong: )
17:30vesperahunt: please add you stuff to the tracker bug -
17:30firebotBug 1324400 NEW, [tracker] Redirects
17:30vesperwe're working on these now
17:31vesperjsavage: more redirect fun above... :-)
17:47Tonnesvesper: for bug 1337752 (or any other): will that be a list of yet to localize strings, or would you be able to provide a(nother) list that holds translations provided by lithium? Asking because I see several terms that don't match our wordings/style and I'm afraid we won't be able to fix those (and they will not be on that list)
17:47firebot NEW, Unlocalizable strings
17:48Tonnesi.e. thinking of some override structure when possible
17:49vesperhi Tonnes - for now, please report anything that's broken or should be changed here:
17:49vesperand I'll take it from there; the pontoon setup is still not ready, sorry
17:49TonnesI don't read G docs :)
17:52Tonnescould also rephrase the question: do you know where e.g. the "Keep me signed in" or "Contributors" localization comes from?
17:57vesperTonnes: the strings are provided by Lithium
17:58vesperand they had their own packages provided by... a translation agency, perhaps? That's my guess
17:58TonnesOK was afraid of that. can ee override them?
17:58vesperyes, you can - that's why I need the current string's location (URL where you see it), what it says, and what it should say
18:00Tonnesthat will provide me some workload and I'm afraid it isn't a proper solution.. Can't we just make sure all strings we see are included in pontoon?
18:02vesperThat's what I'm working on here:
18:02firebotBug 1340095 NEW, Please add new repository to the existing SUMO project
18:03vesperbut we also have other outstanding issues that have priority over this - e.g. all product redirects need fixing
18:03vesperso I have a workload that I can't just drop on other people, sorry
18:03Tonnesyes, but I don't want that to be about "strings not residing in Lithium itself", rather everything
18:05vesperI'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "everything"
18:06vesperthe strings we got from Lithium include their whole backend, too - we don't want to localize that
18:06vesperit's over 16000 strings altogether - nobody's got time for that
18:06Tonnesjust all we see, like previously. Not enitirely uinex[pected, we're suffering the issue of Lithium providing "some" strings of their own that we can't get a hold of or fix to match our style and wording
18:06Tonnesthis is something different than opening the repository
18:10TonnesI'd be happy to know where the 2 above reside. if that wiould mean the Lithium strings need to be fixed, I may want to volunteer, but I doubt that will be possible or accepted, hence the override option
18:12vesperTonnes: We can override their strings on our site. Just tell me which strings and what they should be. For now, we can't open the string localization tool on the platform to all users. That's why we want to have them in Pontoon - it's a tool people know.
18:14Tonnespontoon itself is not an issue, I just want to know which strings can and cannot be overridden. It's useless to browse and search myself and mention spots where I see "some", it's not a solution, as you may understand
18:16NoahTonnes: how should "Keep me signed in" & "Contributors" be translated in Dutch? I can add those to the gdoc
18:17vesperTonnes: all strings that you see can be overriden
18:17Noahbeat me to asking :D
18:17Tonnes"Mij aangemeld houden" and "Medewerkers" resp.
18:18TonnesOK, so all of them will be in Pontoon?
18:18vesperTonnes: yes, that is the plan
18:18Tonnesthat answers my question :)
18:18vesperand then I want to trick Lithium Devs into reading from our pontoon repos instead of their crappy setup files
18:19vesperthat don't really make any sense in the long run
18:19Tonnesnow that rocks
18:19vesperand that's a cry of the far future, I'm afraid
18:20vesperbut we'll see how much Madalina can push them
19:02Noahyo Seburo
19:03SeburoNoah: Hello. Welcome to recovery from data loss day! \o/
19:03NoahCaspy7: seems that black screen issue is not limited to macs
19:03Seburo(Hallmark are probably makings cards for it as we speak.)
19:04Caspy7Noah: most frequently, black boxes on the screen are from GPU/driver issues
19:04Caspy7or, yes, entire screen possibly
19:04SeburoUsed to be linked to hardware acceleration...?
19:04* Noah nods
19:05NoahSeburo: are you fully recovered? :)
19:06Noahstill surprised that your previous bookmarkbackup file was empty. makes me wonder how large the timegap between the backups in that folder were
19:07SeburoNoah: Not yet. I have lost data, which is annoying, but it seems that the bookmarks I have lost were things I needed to clear back anyway. All too often I bookmark something and never get round to using or reading it.
19:07Noahwell a little surprised since I have heard people complain about our backups not having all their bookmarks :P
19:07SeburoYes, I need to do a full backup, but all the important stuff has survived.
19:08Noah&quot;All too often I bookmark something and never get round to using or reading it.&quot; <- hahaha, that is the exact definition of me! That&#39;s why over 10 years ago, and I kid you not, I banned myself from creating bookmarks xD
19:10SeburoBookmarks are useful (much better than keeping 400-600 tabs open) but so easy for the filing to get out of control.
19:10NoahI was bookmarking every interesting looking news story I came across, it was a real bad addiction. Made worse by the fact I never went back to read and clear those bookmarks. So banning them in the first place was my only option :)
19:11SeburoI do the same with Moz stuff. So many useful sites...that you never go back to...
19:20Noahhehe xD
19:21Caspy7I only bookmark things now not when it&#39;s something I plan to return to and actually read (that&#39;s not going to happen) but if it&#39;s something I need as a reference in the future
19:21Caspy7mainly for support purposes
19:22Caspy7but also other purposes
19:22Caspy7so I can pull them up easily by typing in the location bar
19:22Noahthat makes total sense
19:23SeburoI need to move to a &quot;toolkit&quot; approach, where bookmarks are for &quot;tools&quot; to be used.
19:23Caspy7for instance there&#39;s a post on Facebook that details lots of the scumbag things the we know FB is doing. That comes up sometimes
20:00Seburo Crumbs.
20:16Caspy7Seburo: ?? what&#39;s your issue?
20:16lasr21_Hello SUMO friends
20:16lasr21_since is no longer avalibale with page is the correct to send the people interested on SUMO
20:16SeburoCaspy7: A bug I filed is the one Mike is discussing. Wow.
20:17Seburolasr21_: Hi. I will find the new one. Hold on...
20:17Caspy7ah, cool
20:19Seburolasr21_: I think it might be guigs? ^
20:22lasr21_Thanks :)
20:23lasr21_Is there somewhere page like this ? or only the GDoc?
20:26guigslasr21_: yes, its just not public yet.
20:26guigslasr21_: the current band-aid was that form.
20:27guigslasr21_: if you want I can add you to the proper permissions and send over all the material in an email if you have a username in you can share?
20:28guigslasr21_: it is my fault I have been a bottleneck in new contributors adding them to the new platform.
20:28lasr21_Thanks, also i as checking this issue
20:28guigsI am adding it to my daily checklist to check the respondants, again sorry about this
20:28lasr21_I making submitting the pull request
20:29guigslasr21_: thank you for the heads up, that will increase the traffic.
20:32lasr21_I just noticed that all the link in that go the SUMO are dead :S
20:33lasr21_guigs the band-aid could be send everyone the form?
20:41Seburoguigs: Thanks for filing the bug about the badges. I know it is not &quot;end of world&quot;, but I appreciate it.
20:54guigsSeburo: not a problem, I still need to clean up the list of roles.
20:55Seburoguigs: After which the badges will appear?
20:55guigslasr21_: are you asking if that is the solution to send everyone to the form? I don&#39;t think that is a good long term solution.
20:56lasr21_a short term solution?
20:59guigslasr21_: I just talked to Joni about it, please feel free to point them to that form.
21:00guigsI just have to clean up the automatic response to include all the correct links to resources. This will help the onboarding go a bit smoother until we have the get involved pages back up.
21:01guigsI am all for personalized messages, but any self service is helpful here.
21:02guigslasr21_: please correct me if I am wrong, are you a contributor in the forums, can I add your username so you can see the contributor resources there?
22:13SeburoI am turning in. Bye :-)
23:30guigspmcclard: when did the aaq link disappear on the front page?
23:58Seburoguigs: erm...err...I think it is still there...?
17 Mar 2017
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