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16 Apr 2017
10:13Tonnes -> dead link (menu)
21:03satdavguigs: ping
21:04satdavvesper: Hi you about or any admins
21:05satdavIs anyone about from the admin team
21:05satdavtad: hey you about or Topal or Logan or noah even
21:06satdavsafwan: Hey do you know why I have lost all of my permissions on the new site
21:20satdavpmcclard: Hi you about
21:20safwansatdav: The new site is going through a transition
21:20satdavTyler: hi you about
21:20safwanI don't think any of the admin are available
21:20satdavsafwan: how do I get the permissions back I had on the old site
21:21satdavTyler is showing as avalible as not marked as away
21:21safwansatdav: You can shoot a mail to guigs or madalina
21:21safwanor post in the forum
21:21satdavsafwan: got a link to the forums
21:21safwansatdav: Did you have permission to the new site?
21:22satdavsafwan: I have a login
21:22satdavbut I cant edit kb articles
21:22safwanthen you should ask jsavage
21:22satdavI did not have permission when it was in beta
21:23satdavHow can I tell if I am a contributor on it
21:23safwansatdav: email guigs and joni
21:23satdavsafwan: here you go
21:24safwansatdav: I do not have much idea about new site
21:24safwanjust giving my 2 centa
21:25satdavemailed them
21:25satdavdoes the USA get monday off
21:25satdavas the UK gets it as a holiday
21:27Tylersatdav: why are you pinging me?
21:27satdavTyler: as you are a admin well you are still listed as a staff menber
21:29Tylersatdav: look at your calendar. Please save irc pings on the weekend for emergencies
21:30satdavTyler: I am a non staff
21:30satdavI dont know if the USA gets it the UK gets it
21:30Caspy7satdav: notably, it's Easter in the US. People are with the family, etc
21:30satdavtomorrow off
21:30satdavYes same here Caspy7 but some buisness dont get tomorrow off
21:30Caspy7well, it's Sunday anyway
21:30TylerIt's sunday
21:31Caspy7we're not talking about tomorrow, we're talking about today
21:31Caspy7which is both Sunday and Easter in the US
21:31satdavyes do you get it tomorrow
21:31tadsatdav: hi
21:31Tylersatdav: when you ping me on IRC, it sends a notification to my phone. You pinged me on the weekend, which should be used for emergencies unless I'm already on irc
21:31satdavCaspy7: I understand that but also their should be people about when you have changed to the new system
21:32satdavTy.ler: according to this you were online
21:33tadWe moved to the new system some time ago, satdav. I'm afraid gone are the days where IRC offline and online meant something.
21:33tadYou pinged me earlier. Can I help you?
21:33Tylersatdav: if I'm not actively chatting in irc, on the weekend, please only ping for emergencies
21:34satdavtad: if you are away set it as /away
21:34tadsatdav: this isn't constructive. Can I help you?
21:34tadthis is becoming trollish.
21:35satdavtad: it was a permissions issue with my account on SuMo
21:35Tylersatdav: use common sense
21:37tadsatdav: okay, for future reference I can't help with those issues. they're also best served in an email regardless.
21:37satdavI have sent a email to the persons
21:38tadOkay. Then await their response.
21:38satdavI will be waiting for them to response
21:39tadPersonally I am okay with being pinged on weekends, I am not an employee and have not got set hours. but please understand that when you're working with staff, they are employees with normal working hours (not weekends, and definitely not holidays)
21:40satdavtad: some staff work the weekends
21:40tadIRC has evolved into a tool that pages these people when you highlight them, so just be conscious of that. If it's not an emergency, they probably want to save their weekends.
22:41safwansatdav: there are people at #moc who are awake 24/7 BTW
22:51satdavYes I know
17 Apr 2017
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