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15 May 2017
01:22hostmaster lol
15:27giorgoshey folks, we plan about 10 minutes of downtime the next hours to do a database switch
15:28Costenslayergiorgos, thanks for letting us know
16:14giorgosvesper: madalina ^
16:15giorgosrolandtanglao: ^
16:15rolandtanglaowhen exactly giorgos?
16:15vespergiorgos: ack
16:15giorgosstill gathering the team, i'd say within the hour
16:17rolandtanglaohow about 930a.m. giorgos?
16:17giorgosthat's what we just got scheduled on
16:38John99Sumo is down for me I get a 302 then
16:41CostenslayerJohn99, planned maintanence
16:44John99Costenslayer: thanks Would be nice to have advance notice if it is planned.
16:45Caspy7John99: it's still loading for me and says at the top: "IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Our website will be undergoing a database update that may take it offline for a short period later today. This is a planned and temporary outage. Thank you for your understanding."
16:45CostenslayerJohn99, there doing a database thing should take to long
16:49John99Thanks for the replies. I see no announcement on open tabs some from only minutes or hours ago
16:50John99But they fail with an unformatted page if updated
16:51CostenslayerJohn99, what browser are you useing ? tryed inprivet tap ?
16:52giorgosfyi the maintenance is done, everything is running smoothly
16:52Costenslayerthanks giorgos
16:52John99Not too important right now will come back later & see if cache clearing & DNS flush helps.
16:53Costenslayervesper, ^^ sumos back
16:53John99OK back up and with an announcement.
17:22bensternthalvesper you ok to remove the announcement/banner?
17:22bensternthalmaintenance be done
17:24bensternthalvesper actually i can just do it... :)
16 May 2017
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