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15 Mar 2017
00:00Caspy7also, I have a better inkling of what Photon may be...
00:01Noahanother interesting thing I'm reading about is people complaining about the new captive portal dectection thing we have. Apparently it's sending pings every 3-4 secs per visited url
00:01Noahat least one user is claiming that
00:01Caspy7ah, don't know much about it
00:01Caspy7shouldn't it only send, like, one?
00:02Noahother are asking what the heck is the url where it sends the pings to:
00:03Noahmy thoughts exactly. I'll track down the devs who worked on this and ask them to investigate
00:03Noahfunny note about that url, adding https to it makes it throw a "Your connection is not secure" error & says Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN
00:04Noahso much for Mozilla's plan to make the whole web HTTPS by default :P
00:04Caspy7looks like they chose a domain that's not going to make people suspicious at least
00:05Noahindeed. I kinda wish they made it vs. though
00:05Caspy7well, they didn't intend that page to be visited by the browser redirects you to but other than that we only have 2 subdomains: &
00:06* Caspy7 nods
00:07Caspy7Looks like Page Shot is planned for integration in 54
00:09Noahyup just saw that in the weekly monday meeting. I think it's great, although I hope they have placed warnings that images will not be kept permanently as I don't imagine this service to last too long
00:10Noah2 minimum, 4-5 yrs max then it'll get axed
00:10Noah*2 yrs
00:11NoahI also find it odd the domain where the images live is instead of or
00:11Noahwe need some domain consistency here
00:15Caspy7Noah: the images are already temporary by default
00:16Caspy7it's also not made itself well suited as a image hosting service
00:16Caspy7not sure if there's an expectation that some page shot a person takes it permanent...
00:17Noahok that's good. hmm is there any info about how long the image will live? Tried to visit but need to have the experiment installed first
00:19firebotBug 1131937 NEW, Dramatically high CPU usage on facebook group page
00:22Caspy7I'll point out that this has been a performance issue for about 5 years now ^
00:22Noah\o/ well at least someone figured out what the heck was happening :P
00:22Caspy7according to the regression range
00:23Noahyup, I do tend to believe it. Had a few bad experiences leaving FB open for too long myself. I blame that on the site and about:blank it or close the tab when I'm not actively viewing it
00:27Caspy7and it might not have happened (as soon) if not for decebalus being so consistently annoying, er, persistent
00:27Caspy7he did regression testing on years old builds
00:28Caspy7back to 2012
00:31Caspy7which helped zero in on the landing of the giant DLBI change
00:31Caspy7whatever that is
00:49Noahooooh well hats off to decebalus then hehehe
00:50* Caspy7 nods
00:53Caspy7still find this frustrating as it is a 5 year old bug that never got caught
00:56Noahyeah, I wasn't happy about the crapload of patches that devs were uplifting into the main release without more testing on nightly. Which basically made it impossible for QA to catch this among other things
00:57guigsThis is the etherpad for tomorrows community meeting:
00:57guigsI have a hunch we have quite a bit to talk about
01:08NoahCaspy7: my theory is that Mozilla devs don't use FB much or for not a long enough session b/c surely they would've noticed and reported the bug
01:09Noahor they could all be using the mobile app vs the actual website
02:28moses_to anyone that can answer: what are we doing with duplicates? Are we locking them like in Kitsune (but they don't go out of view like they did before and stay on the forum) or merging them?
02:34Noahoooh merging them is kind of a nice idea now that I think of it :D
02:34Noahbut then we'd have doubled content in the same thread :P
02:34Noahmoses_: right now we're just locking dupes
02:39moses_Noah: alright. Thanks for the info. One thing I wish Lithium would do is merge the initial reply content on the duplicate thread with the original thread separated by a ---- or something. No clue if that's possible though.
16:00guigsWill be starting the meeting a few minutes after the hour.
16:01guigsThe meeting will not be on airmo today.
16:01guigsSo for those of you that are watching live come join the SUMO vidyo room ;-)
16:09Noahhmm is it just me or is vidyo angry today? keeps saying "low bandwidth" and kicking me off the call
16:27Noahuhh not right now
19:06jhonatasrmI lost the meeting today :( ...
19:06jhonatasrmnot was recorded ?
19:14Tonnesnot on airmo I;m afraid
19:15Tonnes[Wed 17:02] guigs The meeting will not be on airmo today.
19:20jhonatasrmyeap, I saw ...
19:20jhonatasrmso ..not was recorded, I think...
19:20Tonnesbtw US (PST) is apparently on DST already, other zones may not (e.g. Europe/CET at the 29th) so beware next week
19:21jhonatasrmty Tonnes
19:53SeburoHello SUMO
19:57jhonatasrmmib_o2afy9: Seburo: Hi o/
20:03Tonneswhoah, polling stations closed here .. time to watch TV and suffer ;)
20:17NoahTonnes: presidential election over there?
20:17Tonnesyeah sort of
20:17Tonnes(luckily) not presidential though as you may know :)
20:18Noahjhonatasrm: the funny part is someone was recording it but I don't if it will be uploaded anywhere :P
20:18Noah*don't know
20:19NoahTonnes: hehe you lucky people
20:19philippa different shade of orange :-)
20:19Tonnesthere's 28 "parties"
20:20Tonnesso any coalition made out of several ones is possible after each election
20:20Tonnesso it's often a hassle afterwards
20:20Tonnesand not what people like to see
20:22jhonatasrmNoah: Really ? OMG Noah :(
20:25Noahjhonatasrm: turn that frown upside down! :P
20:25NoahI think someone will upload it
20:27philipp was too tempting, i couldn't resist^^
20:28jhonatasrmNoah: ...hahahahaha
20:54SeburoTop losing all your bookmarks tip: Take a screenshot of the last data set from the about:sync addon so that you have a record of all the urls.
20:59Noahjhonatasrm: I missed the first half of the meeting. I heard two jokes and some usual sumo things discussed so you didn't miss too much ;)
20:59NoahSeburo: did you just come up with that? b/c that's kinda genius :D
21:00Noahalthough I would prefer if we exported bookmarks into the .html file format like we did ~10 years ago. Much more fool-proof against corruption compared to .json files
21:01Noahphilipp: lol! xD xD
21:01jhonatasrmNoah: aaa... ok :(
21:02SeburoNot so much genius, more desperate attempt at rescuing bookmarks. Sync has gone a bit pear shaped and as I have just found, my last backup is empty. Struggling to rescue data, I have saved a copy of a very recent log in about:sync. Now will start from scratch with a clean profile. \o/
21:02jhonatasrmNoah: If you do upload the record of meeting, please share the link :D
21:03NoahSeburo: you're a modern day McGyver ;)
21:05SeburoNoah: Feel a bit of an idiot for losing them in the first place. :-(
21:10NoahSeburo: for relying on Sync as a backup for your bookmarks? don't beat up yourself over it! Think of it as you reproducing a bug that your Firefox support customers have always complained about ;)
21:11Noahthat's also one of the reasons I don't use Sync. I feel like it can randomly wipe data especially when multiple devices are involved or when adding a new device
21:11SeburoNoah: I do not use Sync as a backup (not that silly), but having seen my bookmarks get screwed up, I thought I could use Sync to repair and rebuild. I still like Sync and will continue to use it.
21:19Noahunderstood :)
21:21SeburoHaving captured that data, I created a new, empty profile in Nightly, signed into Sync and a majority of the bookmarks have come across \o/
21:22NoahSeburo: btw do you need a OCR image to text converter? there's a few free sites for it so you don't have to manually retype all those urls back into the browser :)
21:22Noahoh well then \o/
21:27SeburoNoah: I should be okay thanks. I have it saved as a html. Btw, did you see the Nightly blog?
21:29NoahSeburo: I saw a bit of it. There was a lot in that blog post :P
21:30SeburoNoah: SUMO got a mention towards the end.
21:31* Noah rushes to look
21:32Noahwell done Seburo! :D
21:39SeburoNoah: It was not just me, it was a team effort.
21:52Noahso modest :P
22:01SeburoNoah: It was. :-)
22:07SeburoI am turning in, feel exhausted. Hope to chat soon, bye :-)
16 Mar 2017
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