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15 Jul 2017
00:03NoahCaspy7: awesome, thank you for the link :)
00:03Noahis Antabaka a mod for the /Firefox subreddit?
00:04Caspy7Noah: full disclosure, I'm half asleep and strugling to consentrate so I haven't read all of it
00:04Caspy7but the guy who was posting was off base
00:04Caspy7yes, he's a mod
00:04Noahah yes he is. One more click to his profile explained that to me :)
00:04Caspy7when the username is highlighted green that means someone is "posting as a mod"
00:05Caspy7they don't have to post as mods, but it's sort of putting on a hat
00:05NoahNo ability to lock threads? Hmm well I just hope he doesn't delete anymore. Leads people to think he's hiding something
00:05Noahah thanks. Never knew that
00:07Noah&quot;But leaving a post up that has a completely inaccurate title, in this case purporting that Firefox itself contacts Google on start up, would only lead to people believing it to be true. Many users never read comment threads.&quot; <- I can&#39;t argue with that too much. I&#39;ll support the thread deletion in this case
00:07Caspy7Noah: this is a frequent thing that I want to rant about
00:08Caspy7it&#39;s a chronic reddit thing
00:08Caspy7reddit allows very long titles and the things that get upvoted basically put all the content in the title
00:08Caspy7so you can just put in whatever and most people never read or research
00:09Caspy7&quot;Mozilla molests little boys. Proof inside!&quot;
00:09Noahomg that&#39;s horrible
09:33hostmasterhas anyone had any issues with firefox randomly greying out context menu items?
10:12Tonnesnot me
10:13Tonnesseen empty menus due to hw accel enabled tho
10:43linuxmodder_only time I&#39;ve seen funky monkey bussiness happening
10:50Tonnesnote: the above was with an Intel G41 chipset that&#39;s blocked for (parts of) hwa, D2D - Not disabling it in FF causes empty menus here, and it happens for each new profile cuz it&#39;s enabled
10:50Tonnesat least the setting
10:51TonnesI don&#39;t think grayed out items is a hwa issue though
10:51Tonneschecked the browser console?
11:45SolidSnakehostmaster: I&#39;ve seen others with this issue on Reddit. It looks like it&#39;s turning into a problem more people are seeing
11:49hostmasterI tried disabling and increased the process limit to 3, I&#39;ll see if that helps
11:49hostmasteralso (browser console)
11:51hostmasterah, tho it makes sense that more people are seeing it, since I&#39;m on beta and that&#39;s not that far away from stable
11:55Tonnesby greying out, do you mean grey and unclickable menu options?
11:55Tonnes(but readable)
11:57hostmasterye, it looks like that
11:57hostmasterbut when I click on it, it works fine
12:12Tonnesjust some display issue then
12:28Noahhostmaster: how often do you see the problem? Next time it happens press Ctrl+Shift+J and reopen the right-click menu & click on one of the greyed out things. Some related errors should popup into the Brower Console
12:28Noahfor that idea. Also saw a Firefox dev ask the same question ;)
12:29Noahre: &quot;checked the browser console?&quot;
12:29Tonnes:) hi
12:31Noahoops. I&#39;m blind. She posted a browser screenshot already :P
12:31Noah*browser console
12:56Tonneswhoah.. SSE 2 error message for Linux = hardcoded in English, and not localizable? (
12:58Tonneshmm beta
13:02Caspy7Noah: many forks of FxOS do you know of?
13:06Tonnesanyoen able to run a localized moz privided release 53 or up on linux?
13:08Caspy7Noah: here&#39;s a new feature phone based on &quot;KAI OS&quot; apparently a fork of FxOS
13:08Tonnesor: where the find the above error message in release&#39;s source>??
13:08Caspy7Tonnes: I see some sort of &quot;fox search&quot; or something pop up every now and again, maybe use that?
13:09Caspy7sorry, I can&#39;t think of the name of the domain or URL exactly... some sort of code search for Firefox
13:10Caspy7Tonnes: <-- maybe try this
13:10Caspy7that&#39;s what I was alluding to
13:10Tonnesha ok, thanks, never heard of it
13:12Tonnessimilar to dxr tho ;)
13:13Caspy7I&#39;m no code monkey
13:14TonnesI&#39;d like to be sure this strig is hardcoded so it doesn;t need to get localized in the support article. Beta source contains harcoded text 9see above) but cetral does not and only contains the installer strings that probably don&#39;t apply
13:14* Tonnes is about to make a cigarette from what&#39;s stuck under some keyboard keys
13:15Tonneswish my non P4 system was able to run linux after all :)
13:16NoahTonnes: have you used Transvision before? You can use that to find strings in the source
13:17NoahTonnes: <- it&#39;s very handy ;)
13:17Tonnesof course, that&#39;s the starting point, but localizable strings do not contain this one
13:17Noahah nevermind then
13:17Tonnesuse it daily for everything including product l10n :)
13:18NoahCaspy7: wow! That&#39;s the first fork I heard of. Besides the one that was supposed to be worked on by contributors still close to the project
13:18TonnesI&#39;ll just mention it in
13:18Caspy7Noah: just found this
13:19Caspy7I knew of the Panasonic&#39;s TV one, had forgotten the second one (but knew of it once) and just learned of KAI OS
13:21Caspy7Noah: I think what you&#39;re referring to isn&#39;t listed because it&#39;s not considered a fork. The open source name of FxOS was always B2G and now it&#39;s just community run - though I have no idea of its status or development
13:24NoahAh thanks. Same here, no idea on its status
13:25Noahapparently KAI OS will get Whatsapp to run on their OS which I would consider extremely impressive since Mozilla couldn&#39;t get any major app players to build apps for them
13:26Noahstill why I think FxOS failed: No apps
15:54Tonnes3rd time thismonth ff f*s up my session restore.. i wonder why that didn;t turn up in the forum
17:25Tonnesphilipp: what makes you believe this is not a symantec issue, or are you just trying to exclude other causes? never heard of cairo->skia changes causing crashes btw
17:27philippi am kind of approaching it from the other way - the crash stack is clearly related to graphics
17:28philippi don&#39;t see any indication that it would be linked to symantec
17:30Caspy7on the other hand, Symantec is horrible and you should probably get it off your system :)
17:31TonnesIPSEng32.dll = syamntec, clear to me
17:32philippwell if it&#39;s on your work laptop that&#39;s out of your possibility
17:32philippTonnes: that doesn&#39;t mean anything unless it&#39;s in the crashing thread
17:32Tonneswe&#39;ll see
17:33Tonneshe could juist disable the service (I did it on my work laptop)
17:33Tonnes(shhhht) I have also come to the point of not entirely trusting what cor-el writes depsite his godlike status
17:35philippwell at this point everything is just trial and error
17:37Caspy7philipp: so the idea is something like: even though a dll shows up in a crash report that doesn&#39;t make it a cause - unless it&#39;s in the crashing thread
17:38philippCaspy7: YES
17:38philippshowing up in red in the modules list is no indication that it would or wouldn&#39;t be related to the crash
17:41Caspy7Tonnes: I trust philipp&#39;s expertise here
17:42Tonnesme too but I don&#39;t trust symantec ;)
17:45philippin those cases i usually check the correlations of this crash signature (or if it is less popular and no correlations got generated, i hand pick a couple of reports and take a look) if a particular dll is always involved... doesn&#39;t seem to be the case here
17:47philippstill think it&#39;s a font corruption issue even though they have dismissed that (without thorough testing)
16 Jul 2017
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