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14 Jul 2017
06:31hostmasteris anyone else having firefox grey out all the context menu options in the toolbar?
12:22Caspy7Yes another angry complaint from a ALSA user
12:22Caspy7maybe there could be some sort of "apologist" page explaining the change
12:23Caspy7may not make everyone happy, but at least it would be an answer
18:48alex_mayorga on which the user asks for my mobile number for troubleshooting
19:13Tonnesalex_mayorga: ask his/her number instead? :)
19:15philippor credit card :-P
19:16Tonnesyeah! we could use that ;)
19:26Tonnesbtw i don't see an issue. he can check the Selection option, right?
19:27Tonnesoh that's your schot
19:28Tonnesdriver limitation (mac...)? I'd revert to a previous ff version in order to prove it's ff
19:32Tonnesalex_mayorga: -> Ocultar detalles ?
19:33Tonnesha, already suggested
19:49Tonnesfirebot seen someone
19:49firebotsomeone was last seen 127 days and 49 minutes ago, saying 'nothing interesting' in #introduction.
19:49Tonnesfirebot seen selim
19:49firebotselim was last seen 1 year and 65 days ago, saying 'guigs I've just created and deleted a thread. Everything works fine.' in #sumo.
20:06Seburojustin_pocket: Welcome to the SUMO channel. ;-)
20:07justin_pocketHey there! Thanks for the welcome :)
20:08Seburojustin_pocket: No problem. Hopefully you are seeing a bit more activity now.
20:09justin_pocketYep indeed. I think I finally beat the IRC learning curve
20:13Caspy7don't for get /me and important firebot commands
20:13Caspy7firebot: open the podbay doors
20:13firebotCaspy7: Sorry, I've no idea what 'open the podbay doors' might be.
20:13Caspy7firebot: open the pod bay doors
20:13firebotCaspy7: I'm afraid I cant do that
20:13* justin_pocket googles firebot
20:14Caspy7he's our own personal helper
20:14Seburofirebot seen caspy7
20:14firebotcaspy7 was last seen 22 seconds ago, saying 'he's our own personal helper' in #sumo.
20:14Seburothanks firebot
20:14firebotsure thing Seburo
20:14justin_pocketfirebot I could use a cup of coffee
20:14Caspy7also helps out with bug numbers
20:14firebotjustin_pocket: Sorry, I've no idea what 'I could use a cup of coffee' might be.
20:15Noahand is great for determining timezones ;)
20:15Noahfirebot time in london
20:15firebotNoah: It is 9:15pm in London, UK
20:15Noahworks for most countries and even cities
20:15justin_pocketVery cool.
20:16Caspy7just say bug 98491
20:16firebot WONTFIX, Vending machine on the 2nd floor has raised prices by $0.05
20:16SeburoJust do not tell the Emerging Technologies that we already have AI. That's how disaster films start.
20:16Noahyup, don't know what we'd do without this bot :P It's kinda like Siri before Siri
20:17SeburoIts more like the original Terminator, still able to beat the ones that followed it. No news yet on whether it will be running for Governor.
20:17justin_pocketThat bug is from 16 years ago! I wonder what the prices are _now_...
20:17NoahEmerging Technologies building Skynet? Better not happen!
20:18Seburonoah: ;-)
20:19Caspy7there's a couple good old bugs, bug 122411 bug 52094
20:19firebot WONTFIX, grey Mozilla does not have a kitchen sink
20:19firebot FIXED, hyatt hyatt should give ben $50
20:20hostmaster lol
20:21NoahA crowbar fixes lots of things ;) xD
20:24SeburoTalking of crowbars, what is peoples preferred method to move their profile into a different version of Firefox?
20:30Caspy7Seburo: depends what version we're talking about. + or - ?
20:31SeburoCaspy7: Moving from Release to Nightly? Copy/rename profile folder, copy contents of backed up profile folder or something else.
20:31NoahSeburo: you can copy basically the entire thing over. Although you may want to create a custom portable prefs.js file with hand picked prefs preset. This way you avoid bringing over some prefs that are not used anymore & your addons will auto rebuild the ones they need anyway
20:32Caspy7Seburo: going up versions is no sweat, you just want to make sure to have a copy is all?
20:32Caspy7I'd make a new profile, open the folder for it, shut down firefox, copy the files from your original profile folder into the new one (delete the current files)
20:33SeburoCaspy7: I need to recomend a method to someone and want to make it easy. I tend to copy across the backed up folder, rename it to the same as the new folder then delete the newly created folder.
20:33SeburoI think I will recommend that they overwrite the newly created profile with the contents of their old one.
20:35Noahyes, sounds good. But for hardcore nerds will like to delete & then copy. Ensuring there's no corrupted files from overwrites. Probably rare anyway
20:35Noah*we like
20:35Caspy7Seburo: I would probably recommend deleting all files first. Just in case.
20:35Caspy7no discrepancies between the two
20:38Caspy7your call of course, not the end of the world
20:40SeburoTrue, had not thought of that, will add that to my notes, thanks. Just one of those things I do not tend to do myself too often.
21:30Tonnesjust copy all profile folder contents allright, delete everything first (i.e. only keep the new profile folder _name_)
21:33Seburotonnes: Sorry about that, laptop randomly crashed. Yes, that is what i have used in my notes.
22:42SeburoHave a good weekend everyone, bye :-)
23:15umbridgeTyrranosaurus Rex
23:39Caspy7going to bed soon, but a little vindication
15 Jul 2017
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