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13 Sep 2017
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16:14Kylek14Audience of 3 technically :P
16:58Kylek14What are we telling people about flash player freeze/unresponsiveness issue that's cropped up lately?
17:13alex_mayorgaKylek14: "Please uninstall Flash."?
17:22Kylek14I would love to but that's not a viable fix. Older sites like to use flash to display video content and the webinar provider my company uses is also experiencing the same issue. Internally we tested disabled async but i wouldn't tell people to disable it. I've just noticed a good amount of "flash not working" cropping up on the support forums
17:26Caspy7Kylek14: this is windows? 32 or 64 bit?
17:28alex_mayorgaKylek14: For company stuff the general rule is, use IE11 in compatibility mode...
17:29Kylek14yup. 32-bit windows, Flash 26/27. Internally disabling async quite literally fixed the issue for the time being. But like I said, I'm not going to throw that out there as an actual solution for folks on the Support forums.
17:41NoahKylek14: that's the only solution at the moment (disaling the async stuff) until they can come up with a better fix
17:42Kylek14oh boy. alright
17:42Caspy7Noah: this is referring to the Flash async setting? Can you share the pref so I can make a note?
17:43NoahCaspy7: Kylek14: I'll double check my notes to make sure
17:43Caspy7I seem to remember something shared on twitter by webcompat but can't find it anymore
17:45Caspy7mm, not finding it now
17:45Noahyeah, Kohei (the master of ) mentioned these solutions:
17:45NoahThere are a couple of workarounds IIUC: * Enable hardware acceleration via Flash Player's Settings: * Switch to the 64-bit version of Firefox (re-install the browser) * Change the dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled pref to false (not recommended)
17:47Noahah he posted it here:
17:47Noahminus those solutions
17:48NoahKylek14: ^ Enabling HWA in Flash's settings might be a good workaround
17:49Noahalso installing 64-bit Firefox
17:49Kylek14hmm..... alright give me a few here to test that
17:50Noahcool. Let us know if that really works. Much thanks!
17:50Kylek14Eh, in my field not exactly an option. Most of them call it FoxFire
17:51NoahxD xD I painfully have experienced that myself
17:52Noahwith the 2nd most popular mispronounciation being "Mozzarella Firefox". At least they get the Firefox part right though :P
17:54Kylek14That's a new one
17:54Caspy7Kylek14: is Flash's hardware acceleration indeed disabled? If so, how did it get that way?
17:55Kylek14havent tried yet. give me a minute, at work :D
17:59SeburoKylek14: Hello. Welcome to SUMO. :-)
17:59Kylek14I've been here :P
17:59Kylek14Just haven't been around for awhile
18:03SeburoNo worries. :-)
18:03Kylek14HWA is already enabled. soooo, that's a no-go
18:03Caspy7hardware acceleration
18:03Seburooh, of course, sorry
18:04Caspy7Kylek14: curious, is installing 64 bit an option? It happens in place and requires no other changes than the install
18:04Caspy7(I was confused why HWA would have been disabled)
18:05Kylek14on my PC it was disabled for testing purposes, but for another co-workers it was enabled by default. same result
18:06Kylek14unfortunately I can't install 64-bit flash as we're all running webinars :)
18:07Kylek14trying it on my surface right now
18:08Caspy7Kylek14: wait, what about 64 bit flash? All you should need to do is reinstall the browser with 64 bit firefox
18:10Kylek141 sec
18:18Kylek14interestingly enough. Updated flash with 64-bit Firefox hasn't frozen yet
18:21NoahKylek14: what version of Windows are your work pcs running?
18:21Kylek14Win7 Professional SP1
18:26Noahyup, that's what I was expecting :)
18:26Kylek14@Noah scratch that. Firefox says it's 32 bit..... all i did was re-install the browser then. Wen't to install the 64-bit one, was taking forever, cancelled and it took me to the "Your download was interrupted" where it installed 32-bit
18:27Noahouch. I can grab you direct installer link, not that stub installer BS. I really hate the stub installer. Well, ALL stub installers in general :P
18:29Kylek14regardless, a re-install appears to have fixed it..interesting
18:32NoahKylek14: what sites were you using for your flash performance testing?
18:32NoahI know there are tons, just assuming you're testing a popular one
18:33Kylek14Just our webinar provider (
18:33Noahah thanks
18:34NoahKylek14: if you decide to test/need the 64-bit version later, the direct/full installer is here:
18:34Kylek14I have a co-worker re-installing Firefox to see if that fixes it for them as well. If that's the case, I'll just advise a re-install to fix it in the Support Forum and for clients at work.
18:35Kylek14also thanks! I'll grab that now actually
18:36Kylek14....or not... Work firewall just false-positived that link as a trojan....
18:36Kylek14oh well, i have the 64-bit from firefox/all
18:36Kylek14that'll work
18:39Noahyup, the firefox/all page has the same full installer links. It took me a while to find that page embarrassingly. I should know it by heart now. I was following the links on the redesigned download page & wasn't clicking the right one :P
18:40Kylek14hey, after being away for a year, everything is changing on me and I'm not liking it. lol. Can't seem to find anything anymore.
18:41NoahKylek14: crap! Mcafee?
18:42Noahlol I know the feeling. Even for us veterans a whole bunch of changes are coming & it's getting hard to keep track of them all xD
18:42Kylek14Nah. Sonicwall --> "
18:42Kylek14Gateway Anti-Virus Alert
18:42Kylek14This request is blocked by the Firewall Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: (Cloud Id: 58202059) Upx-46 (Trojan)
18:43Noahjeez. I'll explore contacting them to say that it's a false positive. Sadly there's a few companies that do this almost everytime we release an update :/
18:43Kylek14i mean, its just that direct link you sent me. Might be because the link came through IRC?
18:47NoahKylek14: ah good point. I guess your IT guys/Sysadmins ain't playin' around :P
18:49Kylek14i mean, I can watch Twitch/netflix, etc. at work. Soooo. I'll be real honest, I'd be surprised if half of them knew what IRC was
18:50Noahlmao that busts that theory then xD
18:51NoahKylek14: I put the direct link in a pastebin to see if it triggers the AV again:
18:52Kylek14must be the way the links are formatted between your direct link and the firefox/all link
18:55Noahyeah, bet you're right. Also ran a multi AV scanner check just to be sure:
18:55Noah0/62 AVs flagged it as a virus/trojan
18:56Kylek14huh. well then
19:09Seburorolandtanglao: Thank you for the answer to my question, appreciate it. :-)
19:10rolandtanglaomy pleasure as always Seburo :-)
19:16NoahKylek14: ha! ClamAV actually did a false-positive on it too. Flagged it the same as SonicWall: PUA.Win.Packer.Upx-46
19:17Kylek14it's an antivirus
19:18SeburoYeah, but not one I have heard great reviews of.
19:19Kylek14I wonder why..... :thinking:
19:22Kylek14its interesting that it gets falsely flagged as a PUA
19:22NoahI believe it's a Linux only AV. At least it was back in the day. Ah, now it has a Windows version :P
19:24SeburoNoah: I think it is almost Linuxs only AV. Not sure there are many others. Clam is tricky to install, I have not been able to make it work.
19:24Kylek14Why on earth do you need AV for linux?
19:24NoahAnd a Mac version made by a 3rd party: but you have to pay for it :/
19:25Noahah didn't realize it was hard to install. Back in the day it was popular b/c it was a "open source antivirus engine" :)
19:25Kylek14Don't install/download/run shady software. You'll never need an AV ever
19:25NoahKylek14: probably for the paranoid & those who run as root :P
19:26SeburoKylek14: There are a few malware variants (about 5), but the bigger risk is passing on windows malware. Personally, I do not use anti-malware any more.
19:26Kylek14wait....people actually run as root?
19:27Noahif it has ransomware protection that'd be a bonus. I'm scared Linux will suffer a exploit one day that ransomware will go crazy with. But I'm sure the devs would patch it quick but then you'd still need to update :X
19:28NoahAlways assume there's dumb or "Pff! It'll never happen to me" people out there ;)
19:28SeburoPff! It will never happen to me.
19:28Kylek14I've heard about passing malware to Windows PCs but I've never had that issue before
19:29Kylek14I mean, technically doesn't linux suffer from an exploit with all the malware running on Android phones?
19:29SeburoSeriosuly, I download software from reputable places and am reasonably sensible online. I feel okay without it.
19:29Kylek14so...apparantly #everythingoldisnewagain is an actual channel that I was able to join......
19:29Noahthat's true. Although I guess there's some people out there who say Android isn't pure Linux. It's a fork of it or something :P
19:30SeburoThe malware on Linux could be more to do with the packages running on it, thus making Android a bigger target than (for example) NixOS.
19:31Kylek14Bread is all made out of wheat no matter the type :P
19:31Noahyou can get by without an AV on Linux. Although I would just love a strictly Anti-Ransomware-only scanner
19:31SeburoLinux sits under both. I tend to think of Android as being like a distro.
19:32NoahI really wish Ransomware protection could be built-in to all OSes. Probably tricky as hell but there has to be a damn solution to it out there besides constantly backing up your drives
19:33Kylek14the protection is the route apple is going. Completely walled garden with no way to disable it
19:34Kylek14i think it's the latest version of OSX but on one of the recent ones they made it so you can't disable Gatekeeper
19:34Noahwow, interesting
19:36SeburoWhat is Gatekeeper? Sounds like a AD&D character.
19:36Kylek14whoops. Correction: You can disable Gatekeeper in Sierra, but you can only do it via commandline
19:36Kylek14so 95% of the population can't disable it
19:37Kylek14Seburo: It's apple's solution to prevent rogue apps from installing on your computer
19:38SeburoOh right, okay.
19:39Noahand I just learned Cisco Systems is the one who owns ClamAV since 2013. Lots of companies scooping up the AV/anti-malware programs out there
19:40Kylek14i dont know why, I haven't used one since Highschool
19:40NoahI always thought Mozilla would eventually create its own open source AV scanner :P
19:41SeburoNoah: ha ha ha :-|
19:41Kylek14How to respond?
19:42hostmasterInb4 Mozilla AV
19:42SeburoKylek14: I can take that one if you want. :-)
19:42NoahKylek14: probably for performance reasons & less headaches debugging conflicting AV vs. AV/anti-malware issues & weird connection issues. At least that's why I stopped using them :P
19:43Noahall the free AVs kept becoming more bloated & bloated. Using more memory & just being a drag on the sytem overall as it tries to monitor everything. No such thing as a lightweight scanner anymore :/
19:43SeburoKylek14: You might want to use the crashes common response.
19:43Kylek14Seburo: You're welcome to take it, I just wanna respond and be like "FYI: You can disable 'FORCED' updates here....where it's always been...since the dawn of time... Now, have you tried running a virus scan?"
19:43hostmasterTry asking them what addons they're using, how many/which tabs they have open, and if it still happens in safe kode
19:43hostmaster*safe mode
19:44Noahhostmaster: lol! It's only a matter of time ;) Maybe we'll partner with a famous/popular AV company so we don't have to start from scratch :D
19:44Seburohostmaster: True, we will get that information from the crash report.
19:48Kylek14oops. Seb posted it before me :P
19:51SeburoKylek14: (sorry, my bad)
19:51Kylek14you're good
19:51Kylek14i just followed you up with a "you could also try safemode"
20:05johannhhey, I need an in-product link for
20:05firebotBug 1359289 ASSIGNED, Add "Learn more" link next to Safe Browsing options in about:preferences
20:05johannhis someone around who can make one?
20:07philippjohannh: hey, jsavage (content manager) isn't on irc unfortunately - you may find her on slack
20:09philippoops, i see she's already need-info'd on the bug
20:09johannhphilipp: yup, I thought I might speed this up by asking here since it's a contributor bug
20:09Noahjohannh: yes, everything that philipp said. Is there a deadline on when you need it by or is "anytime before 57" good enough? :P
20:10johannhmaking 57 would obviously be nice but it's not critical in any way
20:10* johannh tries to avoid slack :(
20:11philipppmcclard: could you help?^
20:11Seburojohannh: (nothing at all wrong with asking here, glad you thought of us in SUMO) :-)
20:11Noahjohannh: lol I thought Slack had more love than irc in Moco :P
20:11Noahsince it's "pretty IRC" basically
20:12Seburo(but with fewer contributors... lol)
20:12Noahexactly ;)
20:12johannhyeah my reason for boycotting basically, but if there's no other way I'll ask her in IRC ;)
20:13Seburo(not in a nasty secretive way, but in a more-chance-to-get-work-done way)
20:14johannhuh I mean ask her in Slack
20:14Noahjohannh: ah I see the article content is already written so no need for a article. You just need the in-product link. Should be doable by one of our admins. I'll fwd this to both Joni & Michal - our awesome KB admins :)
20:14johannhNoah: ok, thanks!
20:15SeburoSUMO - Where awesomeness comes as standard (tm)
20:15Noahjohannh: np! I'll go the email route, if I fail I'll let you know to go the Slack route ;) hehe
20:16johannhNoah: sounds good!
20:22Kylek14This diggler guy is rubbing me the wrong way
20:23SeburoKylek14: ..?
20:24Kylek14The way he's writing his responses. Meh.
20:24SeburoKylek14: Yeah. Shall I join in?
20:25Kylek14I'm responding to him and basically saying "But did you check the crash logs?"
20:26SeburoYup, good idea.
20:26Seburohe has PM me... lol
20:27Kylek14wait. wut?
20:28SeburoDoes not effect your answer. They want the rogue question removed. I will make use of the opportunity to ask them to chill out a little.
20:29Kylek14Will do
20:43SeburoKylek14: Nicely done. :-)
20:44Kylek14thanks :)
20:46guigs^Looks like an awesome team here^
20:49SeburoSUMO - making really cool, look really easy.
20:50Kylek14mmmm.....we need to work on that slogan a little bit
20:51SeburoTrue, it does sound like advertising for a fridge.
20:52SeburoCrumbs. Someone already has Seburo as a user name on GitHub.
20:53Kylek14i know that pain all too well. Imagine how many Kylek14's there are on the internet
20:59SeburoPicking user names is hard.
21:33Noah^ for boycotting Slack ;)
21:39Seburoguigs: Hiya. I added some answers to the 57 questions. Looks a lot less like I have dropped the work and run away now. :-)
21:40cynthiapereiraHi team o/
21:41guigsSeburo ty!
21:41guigsI am hoping to follow up with Jason about the slack access on Friday.
21:41Seburocynthiapereira: Hi o/
21:41guigseven though we are boycotting it... :-)
21:41cynthiapereiraSeburo: Can you share the doc here again?
21:41Seburoguigs: ok, cool (we are boycotting it?)
21:42Seburocynthiapereira: Which doc?
21:43cynthiapereiraSeburo: 57 questions, I have some questions to add
21:44Seburocynthiapereira: sent you a PM with the link
21:44cynthiapereiraSeburo: ty!
21:48guigsSeburo: Noah mentioned that, I was just kidding. My apologies it did not translate well in irc.
21:48guigshey andreip o/
21:48guigsHow do you like social support?
21:48Seburoguigs: no worries, I thought that might be the case. :-)
21:54cynthiapereiraJhonatas will do a workshop about social support today by vidyo. Everybody are invited to participate (and maybe learn a little bit of Portuguese) ;-)
21:55SeburoI saw his article on Discourse. I have to go now, but I hope the workshop goes well :-)
21:58SeburoTake care everyone, will be here for the meeting on Friday. Bye :-)
22:03Noahguigs: lol I got the joke ;)
22:04guigsNoah I am working on a list of keywords that define common issues for social support, would you like me to share that with you?
22:05Noahguigs: yes please
22:05Noahthanks for following up on our Slack access also. There's supposed to be a big announcement this week from Slack about a new feature that makes it easier for Mozilla to allow guests or whatever they're calling special case users who want acces to Slack. So fingers crossed for that :)
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