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13 Aug 2017
17:52Tonnesalex_mayorga: bug 1389950 is not a bug - w.m.o pages hardly ever use localized images and this is one of them
17:52firebot NEW, and sub-pages have English screen captures
17:55alex_mayorgaTonnes pmo asked Juan and I to file the bug.
17:56Tonnesok, so it would be a feature request, and I expect little chance to get it done for the reason above ;)
18:31alex_mayorgaTonnes: I believe the screen captures are going away with the new style. See for example.
18:32Tonnesyeah, possibly
18:33Tonnesfrankly and from the head, I can't think of any w.m.o page containing localized images
14 Aug 2017
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