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12 Sep 2017
00:21hostmasterguigs: huh, when I go to edit the tag name, it doesn't show the text, but it acts like the text is still there
00:22guigshostmaster: weird, it shows blank for me, I will get a screenshot.
00:22hostmasterye, it shows blank, but you can still edit the text like its there
00:25guigsIt should be blank, I set it to hidden ;/
00:26guigsCSCSCS is that showing for you in the sidebar?
00:26guigsI hit delete, but it just says that there is a tag that already exists. I think I need to request to remove the tag, there is no trash icon.
00:46guigshostmaster: sorry for the delay. When I do that, it adds what I type to the front of the tag, now its csdcscCSCSC
00:46guigsI dislike saying, this but I will see if it does that in another browser.
00:49guigshostmaster: I renamed it to 'ignore', maybe we can use it for another purpose ;-)
00:49guigsIt is browser specific.
16:25alex_mayorgaphilipp: Hola! What to do with ?
16:25alex_mayorgaphilipp: Good'old "File a bug"?
16:27philippalex_mayorga: hi, what's the background to this?
16:27philippsome user comments say they were just updating their nvidia graphics driver while this happened (in which case it's more of a one time event and we might not care)
17:00alex_mayorgaphilipp: this user says Firefox crashes like that while watching a video.
17:00alex_mayorgaphilipp: Do you know which UTC is for a crash's "Date Processed"
17:01philippyes, all times in crash stats should be utc
17:17alex_mayorgaphilipp: Filed anyhow =)
17:17firebotBug 1399187 NEW, Add UTC information for crash "Date Processed" and "Install Time"
17:17alex_mayorgaphilipp: That crash might be video playback too...
17:18philippsory, stuck in a meeting right now - will take a closer look afterwards
17:24alex_mayorgaphilipp: No worries, I've pulled the "Safe Mode" card in that question for now...
17:37philippanother avenue to suggest is disabling in about:config
18:12Noahhey philipp 0/ - Has relman been tracking a issue where youtube fails to load videos and results in a white page?
18:13philippno, that sounds new to me
18:13Noahactually I phrased that a bit wrong. Fx will actually crash while attempting to load youtube :P
18:13philippthere are issues with nvidia gpus on win10 creators update that turns the whole page are white (or black sometimes)
18:13Noahgrabbed a crash report for you though ;)
18:14NoahFirefox 55.0.3 Crash Report [@ IPCError-browser | ShutDownKill ]
18:15Noahfound it via
18:15Noahuser has given up on further troubleshooting & insists staying on 54 until we fix it. But who could blame them though? :P
18:16Noah32bit Firefox on a 64bit Windows 10
18:17Noahah thanks for the Nvidia gpu info. Would the solution there be to update the Nvidia drivers?
18:21philippNoah: if the user doesn't want to troubleshoot i'd give up - the particular [@ IPCError-browser | ShutDownKill] signature is a catch all for a content process that is still running in the background for 5 secs after the user has closed a tab
18:22philippi only see a handful of crashes with a crashing thread stack on release, so it's probably not worth further looking into it
18:32Tonnesblame Win 10 - OS update should not break apps
18:33Tonnesand shutdown kills have been "normal" in dev/nightlies for the past.. 3... 4 months
18:37Noahphilipp: awesome, thanks. I was worried it was a trending issue. Would really suck if this made it to 57. But I'll keep looking if more sightings of this popup
18:38NoahTonnes: ah thanks. So it's normal to get crash reports for those shutdown kills? Seems like it'd clog up the about:crashes area pretty fast :P
18:39Noahphilipp: For that Nvidia gpus turn pages white or black issue: Would the solution there be to update the Nvidia drivers?
18:40philippafaik it was happening up to the latest releases
18:40philippthe driver was crashing and we aren't able to properly recover from that state
18:43Noahouch. So no workarounds I take it? Not even disabling HWA?
18:44TonnesNoah: for nightlies, yes, and it clogs it up allright
18:44philippNoah: it's a long bug and i've lost the overview: bug 1163440
18:45firebot REOPENED, random graphics corruption "screen turns black"
19:04Noahthanks guys
19:06Noahphilipp: Does Relman have a bug query or etherpad for tracking latest trending bugs/regressions?
19:12philippNoah: what they are mostly tracking stuff that's tagged as regression
19:13philippin terms of crashes, marcia and i report them at the channel meetings and hope that action is taken on them afterwards :-)
19:13Noahah got it, thanks :D
19:14Noahphilipp: Update on that Youtube crasher. Seems I missed a hidden tweet in that Twitter thread: " The latest AMD display driver (version 17.9.1) released yesterday seems to solve the problem."
19:14Noahfingers crossed that actually solved the issue
19:14philippoh good - update all the things
19:14Noah - Sept. 8th
19:15Noahlol exactly
19:49guigsNoah: is that for the youtube specific crashes? I saw a thread about that in the forums last week.
19:49guigsI will go back and check the about:support drivers
19:52guigs Noah
19:54guigsNevermind, that one had an nvidia graphics card.
19:59Noahguigs: yeah, the person said they were getting crashes on other sites too but especially frequently on Youtube. But I first took it as being a Youtube only specific crash
13 Sep 2017
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