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12 Jul 2017
06:34timcalways so quiet here during the day. I think I need to recruit more Aussie/Kiwi sumoers! :)
07:23Noahtimc: hehe what up Tim? longtime :D
07:23timcHey Noah :) Not a lot.
07:24timcyeah back between projects at work again so have some spare time to give to sumo.
07:24Noahall the aussies/kiwi guys are hiding in #fxa - literally half the Firefox Accounts team are from down under ;)
07:24Noahnice! well welcome back
07:25timcthen I saw we were back on kitsune and thought i'd poke my head in to IRC
07:26Noahyup, it's nice to have her back
07:27Noahoh yeah, we also still have aus.compgeek lurking here too :)
12:34Caspy7bit of a PR issue here
12:34Caspy7which leads me to ask about the relevancy of the accusation(s) and what ways it can be mitigated
12:35philippwell it's undeniable that GA is used on that page
12:36Caspy7philipp: right, so then is that a privacy or security intrusion?
12:36Caspy7I assume they're being used to collect metrics like visits or whatever
12:38philippimho mozilla should respect the dnt flag and don't use GA if a user has set it
12:38philippbut it's not doing that the moment as it looks
12:39Caspy7philipp: I hadn't even seen DNT being brought up, but maybe I skimmed or missed it
12:40philippthe discover addons panel is basically just an extension of AMO, so it's not really surprising that it uses GA as do most other mozilla web properties as well
12:42philippimho it's a bit of a storm in the waterglass - it was picked up by a german tech blogger with quite a wide following, but tomorrow the outraged netizens will move on^^
12:43Caspy7philipp: still, would nice nice to have a post or set answer to say to help calm things with facts. Like that this isn't a security or privacy threat
12:45philippit is a privacy issue and mozilla will be receptive to reasonable discussions/proposals:
12:48Caspy7thanks for the link
12:55timcagree with philipp here... the mob and their pitchforks will move on to the next thing/target tomorrow. Although I do agree that it should hook in to the telemetry option they can set (or have it's own option) - eg.
12:55timcwb noah :)
12:57Caspy7timc: the mob and their pitchforks may move on tomorrow, but these types of blowups will chip away at trust in Mozilla and Firefox in people's minds. This type of post rises to the top of /r/firefox for a day and the ghacks makes a post (and someone else maybe runs with that). So I don't like having no ready and reasonable response (especially as I'm tagged with some authority on r/firefox)
14:26timc@Caspy7 this might help ->
14:28Caspy7thanks, yeah, I saw that
14:28Caspy7wait, no, I didn't see that exact comment previously
14:28Caspy7saw the post
14:32timcpushes the point that its de-identified aggregate data only.
14:33timcx amount of people hovered over this addon, but then didnt install it, X amount of people did etc etc
14:34timcnothing really interesting for anyone either than the devs
14:34timcother than*
14:40Caspy7timc: maybe it's in part because I'm tired and don't have the motivation or clarity to do so, but I'm kinda burned on that reddit post now. I'm getting downvoted heavily and all replies on the "other side" are getting mondo upvotes
14:40Caspy7dunno if it's people with multiple accounts or what
14:40Caspy7feels like stewing anger
14:52timcI get what you mean, can make you feel a whole lot of "meh" when that happens. Downvotes are just someone else's opinion. Possibly someone with alt accounts, thats beside the point... main thing is don't let it get to you.
14:53timcThis will blow over REALLY quickly, just watch.
14:53timcLooking at /r/firefox there isn't much other content anyway... people are probably just bored.
14:54timcanyways... almost 1am here. Time for bed. All the best with it :)
14:55philippgood night :-)
15:05NoahHuh. So that thing about Google Analytics in the Addons panel really did flare up into something. Honestly I thought hardly anyone would notice/care :P
15:08Caspy7I have a detector about these things sometimes ;)
15:08Noahplus GA is GA. some sites actually fail to load or load really slowly if you block it :P
15:19NoahCaspy7: you put up an admirable fight. I think some sort of reasonable response is being crafted by Marketing/Addons team as I saw a request for a official response to this answer
15:20Noahbut this probably won't satisfy hardcore privacy advocates & people who hate Google anyway :P
15:20Noah*to this question
15:48Caspy7aaand now I'm pissed at Wikipedia
15:48Caspy7for deciding that *today* was the day to ask for donations
15:50Noahb/c Net Neutrality protests?
15:57Caspy7Noah: today's the big day for that, but instead they're running their donations campaign. Of all days. I don't think that's a coincidence. And no, no mention of net neutrality
16:01Caspy7Noah: someone just posted this in #firefox on freenode " Seriously? "
16:02vespermeeting coming up:
16:04vesperstarting in a few minutes
16:04vesperhi jhonatasrm and Tonnes!
16:04Tonnesh.i all
16:04Tonneshuh :)
16:04jhonatasrmHi all \o/
16:05jhonatasrmvesper: o/
16:10vesperWalk like an Egyptian! _/()_/
16:18linux-modderStack Exchange had a sizeable banner mentioning support of NN today when I first logged in
16:20linux-modderfyi air is having issues on connect
16:20linux-modderfiring up Vidyo
16:21Noahvesper: there's a last minute thing!
16:21Noahvesper: I'd to introduce my facilitator for the group who's listening in
16:22Noahaudio issues!
16:23vesperNoah: you just don't want us to swoon listening to you, understood
16:40yalam96vesper, what room is the party happening in?
16:40vesperthe SUMO room
16:40vesperparty? ;]
16:40vespermaybe it's a different one
16:40vesperI'm in the wrong room!
16:41vesperyalam96: are you a radio host?
16:41vesperyou sure do look like you could run a radio show :D
16:50linux-modderlost audio and connect will watch it on air moz later
16:51yalam96back to fixing all the things i broke
19:15SeburoHello SUMO
19:24* Seburo watching SUMO team meeting
19:34* Noah waves at Seburo
19:34NoahI'm sure you'll find it *very* interesting ;)
19:35* Seburo expects JGL to pop up in the meeting.
19:36Noahbahahahaha I was actually daydreaming about me masterminding a JGL appearance at the next All Hands xD
19:36alex_mayorgaHola! Is there a way to do in Firefox?
19:38NoahAnd TIL JGL is jewish. Hmm never would've guessed
19:38Seburoalex_mayorga: Hiya. Firefox should present a pop up message to allow push messages.
19:39NoahSeburo: try
19:39Noahyeah, I'm betting FB is not properly displaying that popup... b/c it's Firefox & not Chrome
19:40Noahalex_mayorga: try
19:41* Seburo not a Facebook user.
19:43NoahNeither am I ;)
19:48alex_mayorgaNoah: That's from someone that don't want them, I have the opposite case.
19:48alex_mayorgaA user that wants them...
19:59guigsSeburo would you be interested in starting a thread about nightly in the contributor forums?
20:00Seburoguigs: hiya. Erm...err...maybe...(?)
20:01guigsSeburo: I think it might be very interesting since 57 is hitting nightly in August.
20:02guigswe don't really have any contributor documentation around it, though I may think we might get more questions, what are you thoughts on this?
20:09Seburoguigs: lots of thoughts, just not quite sure how to put them down.
20:24Seburoguigs: When do you need to know by?
20:32Noahalex_mayorga: maybe see if you have the opposite values of those prefs at least?
20:44Noahalex_mayorga: nevermind, it's a intentional joint decision by Firefox devs & Facebook. See
20:44firebotBug 1296721 ASSIGNED, Support for push notifications in Facebook
20:44Noahthe last comment does say though it's ready for primetime but there still seems to be a delay...
20:45Noah5-25-17 - Bryan Clark: FB has been notified and this should roll out soon. Will update when it does.
20:50alex_mayorgaNoah: Yup! Read up that far.
20:50Noahso it was supposedly to be in enabled in Fx 53 but :P
20:53alex_mayorgaShall I poke the bug?
20:56Noahalex_mayorga: I'll drop a comment in there and ask if we're waiting until 57 or is the blocker just Facebook turning it on ;)
20:56Caspy7ah, the naive card, nice
20:57Noahyes, exactly :D
20:58Seburoalex_mayorga: You really need to watch Starship Troopers. :-)
20:59alex_mayorgaSeburo: Do I?
20:59Seburoalex_mayorga: Seriously big bugs that should not be poked.
20:59alex_mayorgaSeburo: I barely watch any TV these days. Just "The Octonauts", fine BBC show BTW.
21:00Seburoalex_mayorga: Possibly the greatest piece of television ever made.
21:05Seburofirebot seen mkohler
21:05firebotmkohler was last seen 35 days and 1 hour ago, saying 'I'm not sure if I parse that sentence correctly ' in
21:05Seburothanks firebot
21:10alex_mayorgaSeburo: Given you're the resident Sync guru I hope you can answer this one.
21:10alex_mayorgaCan the e-mail for a Sync account be changed?
21:10* Seburo looks for somewhere to hide
21:11Seburoalex_mayorga: Unfortunately there's no way to change or recover the email address associated with a Sync account. You would need to create a new account.
21:11Seburo^ kb article text.
21:14alex_mayorgaSeburo: KB link?
21:14alex_mayorgaSeburo: Please.
21:17alex_mayorgaSeburo: Gracias! You're a gentleman and a scholar =)
21:17Seburoalex_mayorga: I am just a simple Mozillian trying to make his way in the world.
21:17Seburo(paraphrasing Jango Fett from Star Wars along the way)
22:34SeburoNeed sleep, back in a couple of days. Bye :-)
13 Jul 2017
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