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12 Aug 2017
00:46Caspy7I gotta say, it seems like /r/firefox has been a lot more active
00:46Caspy7and more nightly users too
01:34NoahCaspy7: maybe the anti-Google/Chrome campaign is working/growing
01:36Caspy7Noah: I believe it's mainly from hype/excitement surrounding 57
01:37Caspy7Noah: sorry, what campaign?
01:43NoahCaspy7: remember that billboard Firefox put up about Chrome's spying? "Big browser is watching"
01:45Caspy7Noah: sure. That's not exactly widespread though.
01:45Noahthere's been more advertising like that by marketing I believe. And a HIT Record social media video campaign by the guy from 3rd Rock from the Sun, Joseph Gordon Levitt
01:45Noahand more things I'm probably not aware of :P
01:46Noahbut marketing is definitely spreading a message of "Google is spying. We're not" so that's what I'm attributing to part of the increase interest
01:46* Caspy7 nods
01:47Noahthe Google Analytics crying let me know people were starting to seriously care hehe
14:44Caspy7philipp: I'm genuinely wondering if Sean chose the wrong icon file by mistake
14:45philipp"it's the weekend - probably nobody will notice" :-)
15:21philippCaspy7: or an advanced ploy to distract users from their no longer working legacy addons...
15:21Caspy7some 5 dimensional chess right there
15:22philippwho could be mad at a sleeping feline
15:58Caspy7philipp: alright, so the current icon update is intentional
22:44Caspy7Noah: ping
22:51NoahCaspy7: pong
22:51Caspy7gonna PM you
13 Aug 2017
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