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11 Sep 2017
02:34timcguigs: thanks for the PM - i'll check that out today.
02:36timcEveryone having a great weekend? - I was at Vidcon Australia for the last 2 days, my first ever con... and had an amazing time.
03:19linuxmoddermine was decent got my ham license finally
03:19linuxmoddershould see my kn4?? call in uls by midday
03:19linuxmoddertimc, ^
05:16timcoh wow - congrats linuxmodder :)
15:15alex_mayorgaBridges no more...
16:58guigshostmaster: that is a tag meant for Czech = Cs
16:59guigsWhen I edited it, I could not delete characters. It might be a bug.
16:59guigslinuxmodder: Congradulations!!! ham lisence obtained.
17:00Seburo(coming in late) Congratulations!
17:00guigsHey Seburo, happy evening!
17:00Seburoguigs: Hiya. Hows things?
17:01guigsSeburo: I am running at windows xp speed, but hoping I am a linux server :-)
17:01guigsSeburo: how are you?
17:02SeburoSorry to hear that, hope you get better soon. :-) I am a little mozstressed, but have goals and hope to meet them. Sorry I have not given the 57 sample questions my full attention, it is on the list for this week.
17:11guigsSeburo: not to worry , I think I may have a few more to add to it for this friday :-)
17:55Seburoguigs: Looks like this could be a good weekly meeting. Lots of Sync stuff.
18:46guigsWelcome sumo |o/ o/ |0 \o \o/
18:50Tylerso, maybe someone can help, but why is so hard to find in search and in the article link auto-completer thingy
18:51TylerIf you search for "update firefox" that article isn't even on the list
18:59Seburoo \
18:59SeburoTyler: Hiya. I tend to search for ""update firefox support " and it turns up.
19:00TylerSeburo: yeah other strings get it, but searching for "update" and "update firefox" (which feel like common strings) fail. not sure if it's a failure of search or what is going on
19:01Seburoupdate firefox gives me that article as the first result.
19:02Tylerhmm, that's strange. kitsune must just hate me then
19:02SeburoApologies, you are searching on Kitsune...?
19:03Tylereven logged out, with filters set to "Firefox" and "help articles only" it isn't on the first page
19:03TylerSeburo: yeah, kitsune search. were you on google?
19:03SeburoThat kind of makes it more wrong.
19:03Tylerah yeah, search engines work fine. It's kitsune that's borked
19:04SeburoI think we should migrate to a new platform....
19:04* Seburo runs and hides
19:04TylerSeburo: can we just use reddit? and wiki pages?
19:05Seburoin Kitsune, if you search for " update firefox latest " it is the second result.
19:05TylerSeburo: yeah, including "latest" always gets it returned near the top.
19:06Tylerbut "update" should be enough
19:06Seburoupdate still gives you that page as the second option
19:08TylerSeburo: not the default view, but you're right, it does, sorry, I should have been more clear. "Update" doesn't work on the link auto completer, "Update firefox" fails on search (and I still think "update" fails because you get a bunch of forum posts rather than an article :P)
19:10Seburo" update " with " Help articles only " selected. But I know what you are getting at and understand what you mean. I guess with the level of content there is, it is either feast or famine.
19:11philippmay need to ask joni if there is a hidden field that can boost an article's listing
19:12SeburoOf course! There is hidden text that is used for searching.
19:12Seburophilipp: (Hello! Long time no news, hope all is well.)
19:14SeburoWell, maybe not quite hidden, but it probably plays a part.
19:14philippyep all is well, i enjoyed my summer vacation and am only slowly ramping up moz activities again :-)
19:18Caspy7philipp: hey, thanks for the assist on reddit. Do you have any idea what was going on with that crashy situation?
19:19Seburophilipp: Something I have noticed about Mozilla is how it ramps up the autumn. I have almost finished work from SF, but am getting ready for 57 in SUMO, MozFest and am testing a few things.
19:19philippCaspy7: i think it's the same bug as here:
19:20philippSeburo: do you have any breathing space if i'd ask you to put another thing to your list?
19:21Seburophilipp: Sure, what's up?
19:22philippif i remember right you once filed a bug to get a misleading/trademark abusing addon blocklisted...
19:22philippthere's another candidate at
19:22Seburophilipp: Will do it now.
19:23philippgreat, thnx
19:24Caspy7ok, so fixed 19 days ago
19:24firebotBug 1386957 FIXED, Update libcubeb to revision 0e103884
19:33Seburophilipp: bug 1398905
19:33firebot UNCONFIRMED, Malicious addon "privacyassistant" needs blocklisting
19:39Seburophilipp: No problem, glad I could help.
19:42Seburophilipp: I was going to ask, do you have a link to your crash guide handy? I saved myself a copy, but the formatting was a bit wrong so I would like to get a clean copy.
19:44philippdo you mean the google slides?
19:44SeburoYes, if possible.
19:46philipp &
19:50Seburophilipp: Thank you so much, really appreciate it. These are really good resources for contributors. :-)
19:51Caspy7philipp: don't know if this is your area, but there was more negative perception and drama related to Fireshot
19:53Caspy7just saw that rctgamer3 commented there
19:55philipphm, not really my area. but maybe they want to cash in before their legacy addon stops working? (don't know about the backstory other than this reddit)
19:55rctgamer3Caspy7: huh what hi
19:59alex_mayorgaLOL a Chrome question...
20:00Seburoalex_mayorga: lol. Glad to hear that you are okay.
20:09alex_mayorgaSeburo: Yup! Aside from a 2 or 3 power outage yesterday all is well.
20:10Seburoalex_mayorga: Very glad to hear it, I have been a little worried. I hope that all your family and friends are safe.
20:21alex_mayorgaSeburo: Looks like we'll continue wandering this planet or computer simulation for a bit more.
20:21alex_mayorgaSeburo: How's life in the non-European island?
20:22Seburoalex_mayorga: It is not summer any more :-(
20:26Seburo(yes, there is a difference. In summer it is warmer when it is raining....)
20:36SeburoI am done for the night. Hope to catch up later in the week. Bye :-)
21:01alex_mayorgaSeburo: Sleep tight =)
22:17TonnesTyler: there's a bug for Search filed recently, and it came up in another bug iirc
22:17Tonnesbug 1395662
22:17firebot NEW, searching for some words gives only KB hits, not support forum hits. for example "attachment" and "
12 Sep 2017
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