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11 Jul 2017
07:41ShizenAnyone watching live?
07:42ShizenThis does not appear to be a IRC setup to discuss sumo the fat person wrestling sport
07:42Shizenbut instead some sort of organization...
07:43philippSUpport.Mozilla.Org :-)
07:43linux-modderShizen, yes sumo in this channel's context is SUpport MOzilla
07:43ShizenWell... I feel compelled to just start ranting about Sumo the sport anyway
07:43Shizenjust to give you guys a change of pace
07:43linux-modderthe support forums and knowledgebase provided by Mozilla
07:43linux-modderShizen, Don't
07:44* Shizen wasn't going to, geez
08:17Noahawww man! I was looking forward to some technical insight about sumo wrestling
08:46linuxmodder_Noah, ircs:// maybe ?
08:47Noah2nice. I bet that's where he went ;)
15:46jhonatasrmhello o/
15:50guigshello :)
16:01Tonnessay, if anyone clicks "I have this problem too" does that mean logged in users are subscribed to the thread and receive emails when others follow up?
16:01TonnesAlso, when not logged in, does that button work? (Haven't tried in order to prevent false positives - emails would of course not apply)
18:11linux-modderany other security nuts in the channel presently or regularly that would mind a soundboard chat in the coming weeks on startup best practices and ideas for secure infra/logic for new startups? I'm trying to finalize a few talks with local university fall term and redhat mid term if so hit me up in here or at with times or ideas ( mind you I'm gearing this toward not to stig/cis/cc complaint logic flow )
20:02guigsHey sumo!
20:04Noahlinux-modder: I think that would be great to ask in #security - should have some interested & more knowledgeable people there
20:04Noahhey Rachel o/
20:04guigsTonnes: I will experiment for you , I am answerng a question, but I will click I have the issue too before to see if I get a notification.
20:04jhonatasrmHey o/
20:04guigshey Noah!
20:10Seburoguigs: Hiya. I think that Happy112 is back... :-)
20:10guigshey jhonatasrm !
20:10NoahTonnes: excellent work knocking down the TB 52 default option! sorry for letting that slip :)
20:10guigsSeburo \o/
20:10Noahdouble \o/
20:13Seburo(I didn't do anything, just mentioning it)
20:16SeburoIs tomorrow the net neutrality protest day?
20:32SolidSnakeSeburo: yup
20:33* Seburo waits for the "why can't I get into Amazon" questions... ;-)
20:34Noahlol is the traffic on the site that bad? I haven't checked yet
20:36SeburoI think it is one of the sites that will have a protest message tomorrow.
21:06guigsTonnes you actually have to click for updates:
21:06guigsIt does not subscribe automatically, I did not try as a un-logged-in user yet
21:07guigsNoah: what is this net neutrality protest day?
21:08Seburoguigs: Something that John Oliver kicked off...
21:10Noahinteresting. I thought it was organized by the EFF or something. At least that's what I expected :P
21:11SeburoSome group called "Mozilla" is organising it. Never heard of them...
21:16Tonnesguigs: thnx - Noah: np
21:19Tonnescan not-logged-in users click the button? Just curious.. I wondered if anyone can increase that counter, and get no updates of the thread
21:36NoahTonnes: you can click the button while logged out. Just tested twice with 2 separate browsers
21:37Noahbut you can not artifically increase the counter from the same brower within the same browsing session. The button disappears after clicking it ;)
21:37NoahTonnes: you are welcome to test it in my test thread here:
21:38TonnesNoah: aaah good, thanks
21:38Seburo(turning in for the night, back later in the week, bye :-) )
21:38Noahnight Seburo o/
21:39Seburobye o/
21:41Tonneshmm clicking it twoce shows an error message, that shouldbe OK. And clearing cookies allows to click another time ;)
21:44Noahahhh sneaky move Tonnes ;)
21:44NoahBtw did it open a popup for you when you click the button?
21:45Tonnesafter clicking a 2nd time, yes
21:46Tonnesprobably by design because it can't show the dialog guigs showed, nor hide the button
21:46Tonnesor so
21:48TonnesI was merely curious about valid co-surfers suffering the same issue and who gets notified in case of a solution
21:51Noahunderstood. I remember testing this back in the day but only remembering that it could be clicked & not much else
21:51NoahTonnes: so you do not see this dialog when logged out? I guess you only get that if you're logged in then :)
21:52Tonnesnope / right
21:53Noahthanks. mystery solved ;)
21:53Tonnesnew bug: show "subscribed" users suffering an issue in a reported question :)
21:55Tonnesoh it shows an error the 2nd time, not that popup like you asked above
21:55Tonneswhen not logged in
12 Jul 2017
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