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10 Aug 2017
00:11guigsanyone want to retweet this?
00:24Noahandrewtruong: ^ ;)
01:03Tonnes thanks again
01:19Artistgreat, just got the notice "You have no right to edit this page" ...
01:20NoahTonnes: I'll be watching him ;)
01:20NoahArtist: where? Just on a regular article?
01:20Artistanyone elso having issues with Sumo? Like preview denied or such things?
01:20ArtistNoah: yes
01:20TonnesNoah: good :)
01:21Tonnesas with that other question last week or so, I'm eager to post a reply. Did you cope with that one btw?
01:23NoahTonnes: can you link me to it? I might have
01:23Tonnesbtw if it was my forum, I'd lock or delete such threads immediately. or mark as solution (and wait for the user to explode) ;)
01:23Tonnesoops need to search
01:23NoahArtist: Hmm just tested editing an en-us article and pressed preview content/changes many times and no error messages so far
01:24NoahTonnes: lol
01:26ArtistNoah: I had been close to explosion status, had tried the preview function for at least half an hour because I wanted to check before I submitted the edit. No way, it simply showed me the changes. When I decided to submit without preview it rejected with the note "You have no right ..."
01:26Tonnesthanks Tyler ;)
01:28ArtistNoah: then I got so angry that I hammered "submit" for about a minute (at least it felt like it) and to my surprise I can see it on the version history. I'll check if the preview works on another article
01:44Tonnesha, tab mix plus, my findings too ;)
01:48NoahArtist: ouch! I'd be mad too. I'd also probably copy & save my article edits somewhere else then reload the article and try editing it again. Let me know if this is a reoccuring issue
01:50ArtistNoah: I was suspicious when it would not let me preview the edits, so I actually did save the edits not in Sumo's own save-function, but a text editor before I went berserk ^^
01:51Artistbut something still is not quite right, I will shut down the whole system and take it off the router for a while, hopefully that will sort out whatever the problem is/was
01:53Artistbetter to use this (system-friendly) method than get the toolbox and fetch a hammer
01:53TonnesNoah: mind adding that he could simply use the tab mix plus dev version that solves it (which he could have found out himself too)?
01:53Tonnesdon't say I said it :)
05:54SeburoHappy SUMO Day!
06:01Artisthi Seburo, could you pls run a quick check - I can't load sumo articles on nightly, try and reload it
06:01Artistdoes it work with you or do you get an error code?
06:02SeburoThat page opens fine for me. What error code are you getting?
06:03ArtistSEC_ERROR_LIBRARY_FAILURE but it works on beta, it's just nightly that has the problem
06:03SeburoI am on Nightly.
06:04Artistand I have the problem on all sites, even media gallery and stuff. I have shut the system down already, took it off the router and now I am stuck
06:05SeburoHmmm....have you tried a Refresh?
06:06Artistnot yet, wanted to check with someone to see if the problem lies on my side or whether it was a general problem.
06:08Artistthanks for checking, i will continue with beta, then try with refresh and a new profile.
06:08SeburoI believe there are some rumoured issues with 55, but Nightly is fine (for me at least).
06:09Artistyes, I have heard about the fx55 issues, and nightly worked fine until a few hours ago when it would not let me edit anything. Since then it is playing up.
06:10NoahArtist: Is this on your work laptop?
06:10Artisthi Noah - still not asleep yet ^^. And yes, it is the work laptop
06:11Artistmaybe a fresh version of nightly would do the trick
06:13Artistoh, it mentiones something like an issue with
06:15SeburoThat is something to do with the health report.
06:16Artistyes, but I can't even show the health report
06:16Artisttherefore I think a fresh copy might help
06:17NoahArtist: hmm I think I know what bug this is but you would only see it on a slightly older version of nightly. Can you see which date of Nightly you have in the About dialog? :)
06:18Artisthave loaded the latest nightly a few hours ago, not sure if I can check now, since it is completely stuck, might have to hard crash it ...
06:20Noahyou might be seeing bug 1388370 but that was supposedly fixes a few nights ago
06:20firebot NEW, No pages are rendered / Shutdownhang crashes with aetpkss1.dll PKCS#11 module in Firefox 55
06:21Artistwhere should I see that number exactly - can't load about:health and stuff
06:30NoahArtist: oh not the number specifically, just that you might be seeing the symptoms of this bug :P
06:31Artistok, misunderstanding. I gave it a refresh and now it seems to work again. Let's see for how long :D. But something appears a bit weird to me, healthreport states I have 14 active add-ons, which certainly is not true, in fact I have no active add-ons at all.
06:32NoahArtist: could it be looking at your release Firefox profile? :X
06:32Noaha quick way to check is by looking in about:profiles
06:32Artistno, beta and nightly run on separate profiles (-no-remote ...)
06:33Noahit will tell you which profile is in use, cool feature I wish I used more :P
06:33Noahawesome. you are very well versed in the arts of running multiple profiles simultaneously
06:34ArtistI know about:profiles and just checked to make you happy :D, as I said, it uses my NightlyPM profile
06:34Noahbut that's the only thing that would explain I think. Unless it is counting the unused system addons hiding in the main Firefox program folder
06:35Noah\o/ glad to hear it. I'm always paranoid I've messed up the shortcut's target path and am using the wrong profile. So I double check :P
06:36SeburoI have to go and finish breakfast before going to "work" where I am trying to get more RAM for our desktop virtual profiles. Given the average IQ of my colleagues I would not be surprised to see a live sheep at my desk. :-| Back later for more SUMO day fun! :-)
06:37NoahSeburo: you're making think of mutton pie as well xD
06:37ArtistSeburo: is not counting sheep something you do when you want to go to sleep?
06:38Noah*Shepard's pie :P
06:39ArtistSheepards pie :D
06:39SeburoTrue, but sleeping at your desk just leaves you with keyboard face.... Bye :-)
06:40NoahArtist: Oh take a peek here:
06:41NoahI believe that user is using a work computer that installs some special certificates. And so I thought the same might be happening on yours ;)
06:43Artistyes, but he is talking about 55. That should not effect the nightly. But I will keep an eye on it, if it starts playing up again, it will get wiped and I start a new round with a new profile
06:44Artistand Noah: here is one for you (challenging Rachel for bad jokes):
06:44Artistmy PC only got buttons, so I cannot open ZIP-files
06:45Noahha! I totally imagine a support user saying that xD
06:45Noah*I can
06:47Artistthis was almost how I felt when I could not open tabs in nightly :D
06:49Artiststrange how much one can get used to nightly and then get the screaming heewees when it does not work
06:52Noahyup. Welcome to my world ;) In these cases, I would roll back to the previous night's build. It's also why I kept updates off and manually updated every few days ;)
06:53Artistactually it is the very first time I had issues with nightly, what a bummer ...
06:54Artistso instead of counting sheep like Seburo (^^) I was counting the tabs with the error code
06:57ArtistI still wonder what happened, because it started quite innocent with refusing the preview on articles, then it would not let me submit. But during that time I still could load other tabs. Seems like it worked itself into a frenzy during the next few hours
07:44Noahyes, from a comment I read in bug report I linked earlier, it took a while to manifest for a user who was testing an older nightly as well
07:51Artiston second thought - somewhere I read that the windows update could have played a role creating issues. And just about the time my incidents started, the windows notice popped up. I did not run the update straight away, but maybe it was doing things in the background
09:44vesperhappy SUMO Day, everyone!
09:44vesperhere to help if there's anything I can do for you
09:44vesperother than that, you'll find me in the l10n pile ;-) --->
12:46linuxmoddervesper, welcome
12:46linuxmodderany chance you midn or are good with forum questions ?
12:48vesperlinuxmodder: try me ;] although I'm more of a language than troubleshooting expert
12:56linuxmodderlook at KB article translations in the queu then maybe
12:57linuxmodderone example
12:57linuxmoddercan be any mozilla product does not have to be ff, I do most of my help on tbird myself
16:56Tonnesodd question: I can't recall what happened to no longer supported NPAPI plugins. Should they still be listed in Add-ons > Plugins, or were they removed entirely?
17:19Tonnes? ^
17:23NoahTonnes: Eh blacklisted I believe or shut out in a reverse style by requiring the plugin to be present on a whitelist. If it's not on the whitelist, it doesn't get added to pluginreg.dat. That's my rough idea of how I think it works :P
17:23Noahphilipp: Tyler: ^ sound about right? :)
17:24TylerNoah: I'm not sure lol. Sorry
17:24philippme neither
17:25philippbut they shouldn't be present in about:plugins
17:25NoahTyler: lol no worries. points for honesty! xD
17:27Tonnesthanks, I wonder if it could still be listed there if it's old. I really can't recall as I didn't use any except Flash, and the "Missing something" line indicates they would be removed automatically
17:40NoahTonnes: I think they simply stop scanning for the plugins now. They would scan known plugin locations then add them to pluginreg.dat which would then show them in Add-ons > Plugins
17:42NoahAnd when they ripped out NPAPI plugin code & hacks to fix weird plugin problems, the plugins wouldn't work anymore. :P In bug 1269807 they say: "The code to support other plugins will be removed, including removing hacks to work around known bugs in those plugins."
17:42firebot FIXED, Remove support for all NPAPI plugins (except Flash)
17:42TonnesNoah: right.. it's no big deal, I just wondered if an NPAPI plugin other than Flash could still be listed in 54 even though it may have moved to a webextension meanwhile
17:42Tonnesbut thanks :)
17:42guigsOk who is ready for SUMO day?
17:42Noahyup, it's a good question. Which is causing to dig up real-time answers for the both of us ;)
17:43Noahlol o/
17:43guigsLooks like sumo day started 2 days ago
17:43Noahit sure did xD
17:43guigsAnything I can help with?
17:43Tonnesmine's almost over ;)
17:45guigsTonnes ah man I just suited up :-X
17:45guigsX = bowtie
17:46NoahGuigs Bond, License to blast Firefox problems away ;)
17:47guigsNoah I met a guy named James Bond last weekend, it was awesome.
17:48guigsok sorry for the madness, what about this bookmark loss issue?
17:51guigsNoah I added you to the list
17:51guigsand Tonnes
17:51Noahwhoop! Thanks! I always forgot to do that :D
17:52Noahguigs: Hoping 55.0.1 magically solves the bookmarks loss issue but I doubt it :X
17:57guigs^dito, looks like it ended up being a crash regression.
17:57philippbookmarks issue is a mystery and not solvable at this point. affected users could downgrade to 54.0.1 to get their stuff back, so the data isn't lost
17:58philippall other normal troubleshooting options do not work (new profile, portable firefox version, windows safemode). apparently it's something in a user's windows account causing the oddity
17:59guigsphilipp seems like it was favicons?
17:59firebotBug 1388584 NEW, New Version 55, constantly freezes, not responding, bookmarks lost, all bookmark commands do not fun
17:59philippi think if you get the feeling that a reporter is fairly technically minded you can also point them directly to the bug report - maybe they can contribute a piece to the puzzle
17:59guigsphilipp ah is that like a windows admin vs a windows guest?
18:00guigsAgreed, I will double check the follow up from yesterday....
18:00philippguigs: not per se - had people in admin mode and people in limited accounts reporting the same issue
18:00philippbut it's somehow tied to the account
18:01philippat this point it is still in consideration if updates to 55.0.1 should be unthrottled despite this unsolved issue
18:08Tonnesguigs: wasn't really neccessary (not that active today), but thanks
18:14Noahguigs: lol did you really meet a guy named James Bond? Yes I am that guillible sometimes. But there's tons of "James Bond"s on LinkedIn so it's that farfetched :D
18:14Noah*not that farfetched
18:17Noahphilipp: Thanks for the details on the bookmarks loss issue. Last Q: Is Windows the only afffected OS? And if so, is it limited to Win 10?
18:18philippit certainly happens on 7+8 as well - regardless of 32bit/64bit
18:19Noahinteresting. I wonder what Mak thinks about this. Or whoever our lead bookmarks dev is now
18:19philippi'm fairly sure that it will be windows only - i suspect it's some strange win filesystems permissions thingy biting us
18:19philippmak is enjoying his vacation right now :-)
18:19NoahIt would be nice to grab a sample of the new bookmarks file after a upgrade it's probably corrupted somehow :P
18:20philippno it's not corrupted - firefox somehow isn't able to initialize the places db
18:20philippdata is all still there in the file
18:21NoahHah! 2 huge issues and both their respective devs are on vacation. One would think the bugs can sense PTO xD
18:21Noahthe mystery deepens!
18:24* Noah also submits Philipp's CV to Mozilla ;)
18:25philippthey should already know me by now :-P
18:26SeburoHappy SUMO Day!
18:28* Noah throws confetti in Paul's direction
18:29NoahI almost was read to blame bug 1386401 - but it never happened. Along with the cryptic message from Mak: "We can wait until I'm back from PTO :p" lol
18:29firebot NEW, Upgrade to SQLite 3.20.0
18:41guigsNoah yes I did :-)
18:42guigsHey Seburo o/
18:43Seburoguigs: Hiya o/
18:43guigsI'm hanging out in the sumo room if anyone wants to answer questions together.
18:49SeburoWill be there soon, just trying to resolve some unhappy stuff first.
18:53andrewtruongI guess I be there later today if y'all will still be lingering around
19:02andrewtruonganybody want to give this a try:
19:08Noahandrewtruong: Confirmed bug: - Found via: Bug 1387344
19:08firebot UNCONFIRMED, No Youtube thumbnail in High contrast black mode
19:08Noah* Bug 1383518 actually
19:08firebot NEW, Uploading thumbnails to youtube, picture to not working in Developer Edition (55 branch
19:09guigswindows 10 was on the 1st
19:09guigsthis might be the same thing
19:10andrewtruongNoah: thanks.. how do I link and tell the user we're looking into it when last reply on the bug was 10 days ago.
19:12Noahandrewtruong: lol yeah exactly. I'd say you can confirm the issue and our devs are currently investigating. I'd hold off linking to anything b/c the cause hasn't been pinpointed if it's a Fx regression or Google/Youtube being dumb
19:13guigsGood question, we could use this ' I found what is tracking this issue, however I do not know the priority of the fix at this time'
19:13guigsTry this work around =if there is one
19:13guigsthen maybe ask them to look for the bug for updates *scratches head
19:14andrewtruongheh, I told then we're aware and devs are investgating.
19:14andrewtruongthanks guys!
19:14guigssounds good.
19:37guigsNoah did you see this
19:47Noahguigs: yup! Sadly no specific missing bookmarks fixes there :(
19:52SeburoJust found a bug with Fennec. Searching for news brings up a picture of some guy who was on The Apprentice.
19:59guigsSeburo do you know where the apk urls are for ff for android
20:21guigsSo if the stub installer and updates are disabled, you may see a decrease in people loosing bookmarks or updating?
20:24cynthiapereiraHello people! o/
20:25Seburocynthiapereira: Hi o/
20:27cynthiapereiraSeburo: Hey, what's up?
20:27Seburocynthiapereira: Quite a bit. I do have some photos to send you, have not forgotten. :-)
20:27* cynthiapereira joining to sumo day o/
20:28cynthiapereiraSeburo: Awesome! I can't waiting to see :-D
20:38andrewtruongshould I join Vidyo if anybody is still there?
20:41SeburoIf a tree falls over in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
21:17guigshey cynthiapereira we are in the sumo room
21:18guigsSeburo: does this look like it is in linux to you:
21:24linuxmodderguigs, sumo room link pls ? trying to do that directly from vidyo never works for me
21:24guigswill do one sec
21:25cynthiapereiraguigs: omw
21:26guigswould that work?
21:26guigsI feel like that is the wrong one, one sec
21:27linuxmoddernot started is the error
21:27guigsThat is the one
21:33Caspy7FYI, per bug 1358240 EmojiOne is no longer viable from a license standpoint. Looks like there's a possibility that we'll switch to the Twitter font
21:33firebot NEW, Update EmojiOne font to 3.1
21:34guigslinuxmodder: I hope all is well.
21:35guigsCaspy7: could that lead to blurry fonts in 55?
21:35Caspy7no no, this is just a discussion
21:53guigsSorry we missed you linuxmodder, hope all is well.
21:56andrewtruongguigs: seburo:
22:01j605why do you still support xp?
22:03j605anyways I will suggest people with xp to install linux mint or something similar to windows and move on to the latest firefox
22:05j605I am jagan on the video chat
22:05Seburoj605: Hi. Yes, we tend to do the same.
22:11j605I actually found this from some comment:
22:16j605if microsoft doesn't support their own product I don't know how firefox can do it
22:18guigs^true, but I am not sure mozilla can say you don't support a particular plugin or video plugin?
22:24guigscynthiapereira: do you have windows?
22:24guigshey siclemx
22:25guigswelcome to SUMO day 0/
22:25cynthiapereiraguigs: nope, but what you need?
22:25guigshey rolandtanglao we are in sumo vidyo
22:25guigscynthiapereira: nope! nvm I found it :-)
22:27Seburoj605: I was going to ask (and to save asking on vidyo) are you using Arch? Does that use a mozilla build or a distro build of Firefox?
22:28guigsI j605
22:28siclemxguigs :D
22:32j605Seburo: arch has a their own build in the repo
22:33j605but it just compiles firefox with system libs and follows upstream
22:35Seburoj605: Does it have "Arch" in the user agent?
22:36j605I can install and check
22:36j605but IIRC it does not
22:40j605Seburo: right now I am running nightly using mozilla builds
22:41j605compiling takes 3:30 hours so that is not viable
22:41Seburoj605: Ok, thanks. That is interesting. Some of the other repo versions for other distros have the distro name, whereas the Mozilla one uses "linux".
22:42Seburoj605: Glad to hear you are using a Mozilla Nightly build - the best version to use right now. Do not worry about installing a distro version just to check this. Thanks for your help.
22:53j605Seburo: this is the repo firefox user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:54.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/54.0
22:54Seburoj605: Wow, thank you. That looks just like a Mozilla build.
23:11andrewtruongguigs: Noah:
23:39j605weird question :
23:46Noahj605: hopefully still works :P
23:49Caspy7guigs: you *can* downgrade, but it's a dataloss. I think you only lose your favicons. There's also a compatibility between 55 & 56 - the way tab session is stored is different, so if you go "backwards" to 55 you will suddenly get your old tab session
23:50guigs the one I was looking at was 55 -> 54
23:50guigsCaspy7: ^
23:51j605Noah: can you mark this as a duplicate
23:51Caspy7guigs: sorry, my first sentence was for 55 -> 54
23:51Caspy7then I went with "also..."
23:57Noahj605: will do
11 Aug 2017
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