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11 Aug 2017
00:03Noahj605: I made the other thread a duplicate since the 1st one had more info:
00:20guigsCaspy7: ty!
00:23Caspy7that post title and delivery is a bit deceptive, not that Moz's message is any better. There's no actual enforced limitation, it's just that many users don't like suddenly losing their favicons from history/tabs/bookmarks
00:31Caspy7I wonder if all the issues so far have been windows only
00:58Noahandrewtruong: guigs:
09:27j605just putting it here, I was following up on this question from yesterday: and I can't get the website to recognize that I have flash installed. This link loads the magazine that is a flash application
09:28j605it works in chrome for me. I have even disabled block flash for obtrusive content in the options page to load it always and even then it doesn't work
13:33philipphi, are you waime from the sumo forum?
13:52j605I am jagan605 in that thread
13:53philippj605: oops sorry, i was targetting that to Waihekekid who briefly showed up here
13:56philippbut i can tell that the page is working and detecting flesh in a fresh firefox profile, so maybe it's something like noscript or an adblocker interfering here
14:00j605yeah, it loads in an empty profile but not in safe mode
14:00j605I've had one more site behaving like that
14:01philipphave you set firefox to store no history (aka permanent private browsing mode)?
14:04philippthink i see the same issue in everyday profile... strange
16:11guigshey philipp did you hear back from the person who had kapersky installed?
16:18philippguigs: sorry, can you point me to the thread in question
16:19guigssure one sec
16:19philippthere are far too many people with K problems *g*
16:19Caspy7anyone know how I can turn previous.jsonlz4 into sessionstore.js ?
16:19Caspy7just lost me some tabs
16:24philipprename it to sessionstore.jsonlz4 and put it in the root folder of your profile while firefox is closed
16:24philippassuming you're on nightly
16:24Caspy7philipp: sweet, thanks
16:26Caspy7philipp: do you know if this will also work in 56?
16:27philippyes, should be the same for 56 - bug 934967
16:27firebot FIXED, [Session Restore] Read/write data with lz4
16:27Caspy7philipp: sweet, thanks, I'll go give it a try now...and see if my old instructions on reddit are still editable
16:28philippguigs: no, but i haven't really followed up there either - at that time i was more "fishing" for any possible leads...
16:29Caspy7philipp: duh, I'm an idiot, I missed the fact that there's a sessionstore.js file and a sessionstore.jsonlz4 file and the former is old and the latter is new
16:30philippyeah, i also just learned about that thanks to your question^^
16:31philippthe .js ones apparently are just leftovers from before the change
16:32Caspy7yes, assumed that
16:33Caspy7philipp: it worked fine
16:39YetAnotherHey folks, I've been trying to look, but I'm apparently overlooking it.
16:39YetAnotherWhere do I edit settings for the firefox context (right-click) menu?
16:39YetAnotherIt seems my font text within the firefox context menu has turned white on the light gray background.
17:30guigsHi YetAnother, can you share a screenshot of which menu and version of Firefox you are running?
18:13Seburorolandtanglao: Hi. Can you drop me a PM when you get the chance? Need a hand checking something as part of an ongoing discussion. :-)
18:29NoahSeburo: have you run into any problems with Focus lately? Just curious if you saw any new issues on the beta builds
18:31SeburoNoah: Hiya. Nothing new recently. :-)
18:33Noahsweet, glad to hear it!
18:36NoahArtist: Remember when you were wondering why healthreport was stating you have 14 active addons? Was that on nightly? And have your weird page loading issues/SEC_ERROR_LIBRARY_FAILURE errors subsided?
18:37NoahI think those might be the secret system addons like Activity Stream, Send, Pocket, Screenshots, WebCompat, FormAutoFill, FlyWeb and more :P
18:39ArtistHi Noah, I'd be glad if those were the mysterious add-ons. And yes, it was on nightly. The error message disappeared after refreshing, but I had some other issue today with the fx55 test, when it claimed google was not trustworthy
18:41Artistnot that this claim has a certain amount of truth, it should have not stopped me from loading about:config
18:43Artistoh, I meant that it doesn't have a certain ...
18:59SeburoHiya. Here for the meeting. :-)
19:01Seburobwinton: Hi. Have you time for a couple of photon related questions?
19:02SeburoWhen is the search bar due to go?
19:09Seburobwinton: ^
19:10bwintonI don't know. Lemme see if I can find out.
19:12Seburook. The other questions is kind of linked to my email query about the Sync folder. Post Fx57, will the "Show your bookmarks" icon leave the toolbar?
19:12bwinton(By "go", you mean "Put in the customization panel instead of the toolbar on new profiles", right?)
19:12bwinton(Like, we're not totally removing it, and people will still be able to add it back if they want.)
19:13bwintonFor the bookmarks icon, I would say "probably".
19:14bwintonOh, it looks like that might have already happened
19:14firebotBug 1383009 FIXED, Add flexible spaces around the URL and search bar by default and replace the bookmarks button with t
19:14SeburoYes, spot on...and answered! Just trying to figure out where the Mobile bookmarks folder would fit in a 57 world.
19:15SeburoWow, that is today's nightly. My toolbar has changed.
19:17SeburoA few spacing issues now...and aforementioned "Show your bookmarks" has been moved to customise.
19:26Seburobwinton: Wow, big changes. Is that Photon just about finalised?
19:27bwintonI wouldn't say so. There's still a bunch of stuff we want to do, and seven weeks before it hits Beta :)
19:27guigsHey there seburo, any updates on that war room on your side?
19:27bwintonFor the searchbar, there's an ongoing conversation, no ETA.
19:28bwintonWe would like to move it to the customize panel by default, but between us people get, uh, let's say "hinky" when you talk about removing the thing that drives most of Mozilla's revenue. ;)
19:30SeburoAh, right, okay. Still a little concerned about mobile bookmarks, but I will see what the Sync team wants to do.
19:32Seburoguigs: Hiya. I responded to the email, but I think we need to think about who, from across the organisation, outside of SUMO, needs to also be in it. If we see 55 type issue, we are going to need to get hold of the right people very quickly.
19:33guigsI agree, there were two teams in mind - marketing/pr and the developers that were talked about at the All Hands.
19:33guigsSeburo, are there other teams that come to mind? perhaps locale forums?
19:36SeburoThat is a good idea, we do not want people to feel isolated in small communities that have a question or issue that only they can see - especially if it is an l10n bug. But would that be a war room issue or one for SUMO IRC?
19:39guigsGreat question, I was hoping to discuss that further with you as well. I was hoping to get the 4 emails we send to different teams about a pressing issue to be in the same chatroom.
19:40Seburo4 emails...?
19:40guigsEssentially I want to minimize the time it takes to get a response for a user issue.
19:41guigsIt would a room for escalation, the # of emails is irrelevant.
19:44SeburoLet's pretend we had a war room in place for 55. We already are experienced and knowledgeable about the product, but faced with the issues we are seeing, which teams/people would we look to for help? For 57 that "experiance" element comes from SUMO using nightly and (hopefully) a marketing FAQ with the right language. But in the event of problems with 57, who would we turn to for help?
19:50Noahbwinton: are you/we allowed to talk about the new logo now? :P
19:52bwintonNoah: I believe the new Nightly logo is fairly public.
19:52Noahwhat plans for a release version? ;)
19:52bwintonAny other potential new logos haven't been talked about yet. :)
19:52bwinton(But are landing soon, I think.)
19:52Noahah that's what I meant. thank you :D
19:53* Noah will create a Fight Club-esque sticker for the new logo talks ;)
19:54Noahbwinton: I also just realized our new Library icon (|||
19:54* j605 remembers the logo in subreddit is supposed to be very close to the real deal
19:55bwintonNoah: |||\ :D
19:55Noahbwinton: I also just realized our new Library icon ( |||\ ) looks just like the one on Edge. Although there's means something else related to e-books. Are we worried about any confusion between those two? :P
19:55Noahlol yes! Hit enter by accident, my bad
19:57NoahI think they call it "Books":
19:57bwintonHuh. I see different icons for library and reading list And no, given the newness and relatively low market share of Edge, we're not overly concerned about confusion.
19:58SeburoThere is also the benefit of a common design. The hamburger menu started somewhere (probably a McDonalds....).
20:00guigsSeburo I believe those interested in helping would be in that room.
20:02Seburoguigs: Will we need to approach people to join that room?
20:02guigsSeburo: promotion ideally.
20:03guigsI already invited a few Pr, marketing and release to the room.
20:03guigsI just need to get the community in there and a conversation going.
20:04Seburo\o/ But we do not want to turn into a "chat" area, do not want to waste staff time.
20:05guigsOk Seburo "A hot topic that has to do with support of Firefox"
20:07SeburoYeah, sounds good. Should we also get a community forum topic/g doc opened to capture what we think the questions would be that we would find a FAQ handy to answer?
20:09guigsSeburo: we would have to create one.
20:12Seburoguigs: SUMO community could write the questions, for marketing to give us a hand getting the tone/language right for answers?
20:18guigsSeburo: I don't know. It depends on the audience no?
20:19guigsI would say the support community knows best how to support users, and pr is good at catching anything that might affect the brand?
20:20Seburoguigs: Very true. :-)
20:23Seburoguigs: Do we need to think about KB articles?
20:23guigsMaybe not until the release gets closer, that is what I think.
20:25SeburoSo I guess SUMO is just about on track for 57?
20:31guigsSo far so good "-D
20:31guigsGood meeting!
20:32guigsThank you bwinton and Seburo!
20:34SeburoNo problem, just hope it helps us to be ready. :-)
21:03SeburoI am turning in for the night. Take care and have a great weekend. Bye :-)
22:14philippbookmarks mystery close to being solved? :-)
12 Aug 2017
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