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29 Apr 2017
13:09Caspy7tad: you in?
13:10tadCaspy7: in?
13:10tadCaspy7: what am I looking at?
13:10Caspy7tad: spammer I think
13:11tadCaspy7: hehe, look at the link. it's a SUMO meeting
13:11Caspy7tad: ah. I don't usually click on links which are obfuscated and I have no context for
13:12Caspy7they say "sketchy" to me
13:13Caspy7that's precisely what spammers do is just drop tiny links into channels for people to click on
13:13tadaha, yeah. no worries.
13:56j99test from another machine
13:56John99Reply from android
13:57John99OK both work
29 Apr 2017
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