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17 Oct 2017
00:33Artistcan anyone pls check/confirm: this link (used in 2 articles as reference) leads to a page which says "There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, or search the related logs ..."
00:35Caspy7Artist: confirmed
00:35Noahsame here. Missing page. Which 2 articles have linked there?
00:35Artistgreat ...
00:50NoahArtist: apparently the page used to exist but suffered some kind of database error. I'll ask the server devs to take a look at this
00:51NoahI'm getting: "Database error - A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software."
00:51ArtistNoah: thanks. The first time I called the page I got the very same error message, but on the next tries it gave me the above mentioned text.
00:53ArtistSince I had problems a few hours ago with the preview and submit function, I wasn't sure if I had to blame my own system for this error message.
00:53NoahArtist: exactly. Same here. Once I uncapitalize the 'W' in "Win64" though, it gives the database error once again ;)
00:55Artistvery funny, Scotty ...
00:55NoahI've learned our wiki is very sensitive about capitals in the urls. Often times showing a "this page doesn't exist" text if you have something incorrectly capitalized or uncapitalized in the url :P
00:56Artisthmmm, should suit me fine, I am very sensitive about capitals, too :D
00:57Artistbut since we are talking about articles and references, it might be better to sort it out with the server devs as suggested
00:57Noahlol / yes, indeed. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. I expect a response tomorrow due to the late american hour :)
00:59Artistok, I'll leave both articles as they are for the time being. Thanks for taking actions.
01:01Artistand of course thanks to Caspy7, too
05:26smorelehi there !
05:26smorelewhat's up?
07:53Noahmorning smorele :)
16:17philippTyler: perhaps bug 1370791 caused the weirdness
16:18firebot FIXED, New tab button (+) disappears when disabling a tool that is positioned in front of it
16:18Tylerperhaps. It was weird. I was able to fix it and didn't have time to dig in further :/
16:29Noahso many weird things with a month to go before release? Consider me scared :P
16:29NoahWe need a hard freeze for 57 stuff then polish the hell out of it. They may say they've already done that but I don't believe it
16:30j605that bug is weird
16:30hostmastera lot of people arn't going to be happy when extensions just stop working
16:30j605and not that easy to trigger
16:30hostmastereg, lastpass and tampermonkey
16:31j605lastpass just released their beta for 57
16:31hostmasterye, but its a beta
16:31hostmasternot stable
16:31j605tampermonkey works for me in nightly
16:32hostmasteridk why I keep getting the two confused
16:32j605hostmaster: their post said the beta addon would be upgraded to stable by that time
16:32j605they want to test it with 57 and 58 users first
16:32Noahhostmaster: lol yeah. Many worried about Greasemonkey. Also NoScript - tons of people & security freaks love that one.
16:33Noahj605: are you using the Lastpass beta?
16:33j605no, I don't use lastpass but I read their post
16:34NoahI never used Lastpass either. I didn't trust it to keep my passwords secure :P
16:34j605this is what I use,
16:34NoahI think it's one of those addons that will have to die. It's become too bloated & hurts the browser's performance. I mean the addon is 14MB!!!
16:35NoahNice. I think Bitwarden is the new lightweight password manager everyone is switching to
16:35j605I am not switching to anything. pass has been rock solid and it needs no more updates
16:36j605do you use one Noah?
16:36j605I wouldn't evangelize though
16:37Noahj605: awesome / lol I should but I force & challenge myself to memorize my passwords. Obviously I can't remember them all so I make as little new accounts as possible :P
16:38Noahsince I believe every password manager & cloud can be hacked. But they can never hack my mind ;)
16:39alex_mayorgaOr can they?
16:39alex_mayorgaWhat if our minds themselves are a hack?
16:50guigsHey there sumo!
16:51guigsI am seeing some questions about web extensions. People are going to be angry, however there are still thougse that are happy about the change.
16:51guigsif there are any examples that need an escalation path, I am happy to help with that.
16:52guigsThere is also a document that has guides on how to respond to user and when not to respond if you need them *just a reminder.
16:53j605But people who are outraging against addons disappearing are the minority. For example, my parents are using Firefox with not even one addon but they aren't vocal
16:53j605guigs: good idea
16:53philippguigs: i was surprised that this kind of reply worked
16:57guigsphilipp, what is malvertizing?
16:57guigsIs that malware advertisments?
16:58philippyes, malicious code/exploits that spread via advertising networks
16:59Caspy7I take it we're talking about malvertisements
17:01j605I get creeped out by most of those antivirus addons that MITM all connections
17:07Caspy7j605: yeah, AVs need to stay out of the browser completely
17:07Noahalex_mayorga: philipp: lol
17:08hostmasterye, kaspersky keeps on adding the extension even tho I have it disabled in kaspersky
17:09hostmasterso I removed it via regedit lol
17:09guigshostmaster: really? wow.
17:09j605Caspy7: great!
17:10hostmasterI think it got added back because of that it got updated, since the update date for it was oct 14th
17:10guigshostmaster: Is that even on 57 with extensions blocklisting?
17:10guigsThat makes sense.
17:11hostmasterwell, idk about blocklisting, but I'm on 57 due to beta
17:11alex_mayorgahostmaster: Uninstall AV, click carefully, live happy ;-)
17:11Noahj605: me too. I've said for years Mozilla needs to take a stand & publically shame these AV companies for these nasty tactics. Which result in certificate errors in our browser. People always blame us without understanding the AVs don't need to insert themselves that deeply in their browser to do their job
17:11Caspy7guigs: malware has become a serious problem in ad networks, but they don't really care that much (why should they? it's profitable) You can read more about it here if you like
17:12Noahsolution: Block all ads! That'll teach 'em! ;)
17:13j605don't we do that already :P
17:14NoahWell Tracking Protection does a good job but doesn't catch them all :P
17:14NoahI keep hearing it's supposed to get turned on by default but I don't believe it
17:14alex_mayorgaThat's what uBlock Origin is there or a good hosts file...
17:14Noahthey always back out of plans like that at the last minute
17:15hostmasteruBlock Origin is nice
17:15* alex_mayorga wonders if there's a DNS service that actively blocks ads he can put on his home router...
17:15hostmasterI remember once I disabled it and had more errors in the console then when it was enabled lol
17:16Noahalex_mayorga: there's OpenDNS ;) I think it has ad blocking
17:17j605or install the hosts file in the router
17:17j605android ads still get through though
17:17alex_mayorgaj605: How to do that? Do you knwo?
17:19hostmasterI think it depends on the router, iirc mine doesn't have that feature
17:20j605first flash LEDE or openwrt
17:20j605then upload the hosts file or scp the file and enjoy
17:23j605I don't have space in my router to copy the file though :(
17:23j605this is what I used to copy,
17:24hostmasteriirc ublock origin also has an option to load from StevenBlack's host file
17:25Noahis StevenBlack a famous security guy?
17:25* alex_mayorga remembers he needs a real router to put in front of the fiber thingie his provider put.
17:27j605Noah: don't think so,
17:53Noahhmm regular software guy then :)
17:53NoahArtist: that Win64 wiki article reappeared early this morning. I think the server sorted itself out :P
17:55ArtistNoah: it doesn't show up when I reload the page. But maybe I have to try the link again
17:55Noahfrogonia: you know what you have to do know :P
17:57ArtistNoah: yep. Strange though that reloading the page doesn't sort it out. But the link works and that's all that counts.
17:58NoahArtist: phew! Was worried there for a moment :) Which page is the one not working when reloading it?
18:00ArtistI had it on since we tried back and forth last night and reloading doesn't do anything at all.
18:00NoahArtist: ah yes, I was worried you were trying that one ;) That one doesn't work here either. I believe it was a typo by whoever submitted it
18:00Artisthm, the captial story again :D
18:00Noahalthough works & I believe that's the one that was intended to be used :P
18:00Noahlol almost
18:01Noahbah! *
18:01Artistups, I'm mixing letters, which is a bad sign ...
18:01Noahhehe it's possible you copied it from somewhere which had it wrong
18:02Artistif so, it could have been only taken from one of the two articles I mentioned
18:03sorgHi, on macOS, Developer Edition version 57.0b9, when I go to youtube and fullscreen a video, the video thinks its in full screen, but it covers then entire screen except for the dock. It hides the dock. You can see it in this picture: my wallpaper is in the backgronud:
18:03ArtistI mean, I know for sure that I did not type it in letter by letter (far too lazy for such an ordeal)
18:04NoahArtist: exactly! ;) I'll see if I can track down where the oddity surfaced in the first place :P
18:05Artistthat would be nice to know ... if you don't mind tracking it
18:06Noahsorg: Hey! You're 100% correct. That's definitely a bug. Good news is it's being. Actually it's been fixed already. I think they are delaying the fix until version 57 though
18:07sorgGreat, thanks Noah!
18:07Noahsorg: obviously that's a long wait but the workaround we have is to go into your Dock settings & enable "Automatically Show and Hide Dock"
18:08Noahsorg: please test that real quick & let us know if that does the trick :)
18:09sorgIt does fix the problem but I like having the dock visible at all times so I'll just live with the bug till the next version
18:09Noahsorg: Ah thanks! Yeah, I figured but still had to offer up some kind of workaround just in case :P
18:09sorgReally appreciate the help!
18:10Noahif you decide you can't wait anymore, the fix is in the Beta version & the Nightly version too ;)
18:11Noahbah you're on DevEdition. So it should be fixed on there by now. Hmm, I'll ask around. But you should see it there soon!
18:12Caspy7Noah: can you provide a bug for that?
18:12Caspy7bug number
18:12Noahsure, bug 1390125
18:12firebot NEW, javascript fullscreen api for Firefox 52.3.0 in Mac 10.13 beta 5 does not make the window go fullsc
18:12Caspy7woah, been around since 52?
18:13Noahphilipp: ^ Is there a reason why that hasn't been uplifted to DevEdition already? Marcia reports as already working in the beta & nightly versions. Or maybe our friend isn't on the latest DevEd?
18:13philippNoah: i think the fix is by apple and in their 10.13.1 beta
18:13philippfix doesn't come from us :-)
18:14Noahah thanks! Totally missed that :)
18:14Noahsorg: ^ Should be as simple as running your MacOS updates again? ;)
18:17Caspy7that makes more sense
18:17NoahCaspy7: technically since only August 8th if that's really the first version the bug appeared in. Since that's a ESR version, different release dates:
18:18Caspy7that bug says 52, be surprising if it'd been around that long without movement, but the OS was the issue
18:18Noahyup. Glad to see it wasn't our fault for once :P
18:20sorgI'll give it a shot
18:20sorgThanks everyone
18:22NoahCaspy7: Ha! I totally didn't realize who was in his screenshot until now since I was in hardcore support mode :P
18:24Caspy7Noah: sorry, what are you talking about?
18:35SeburoHello SUMO
18:38guigshey Seburo
18:38Seburoguigs: Hiya. You okay?
18:39guigsHi Seburo: fantastic you?
18:40Seburoguigs: Mind is a bit blown, but aside from that, I am okay. :-)
18:40guigsSeburo: what was the cause of the explosion?
18:41Seburoguigs: Multiple mozilla things all at the same time. More of a mozsplosion. :-)
18:46guigsOk Seburo :-)
18:50Seburoguigs: Just seen your note about the common responses tidy up. What did you mean by the "Support section"?
18:52Caspy7Seburo: so...good blown?
18:53SeburoCaspy7: I think so.
19:05Seburonoah: ping
19:06guigsSeburo: I am referring to the section 'Support' in the Army of Awesome common responses
19:06guigsThere are two I am thinking of in the common response article:
19:06guigsThe one that mentions that we are volunteers, and the other that points users to input
19:09Seburoguigs: ah, ok. Thanks. I was mainly thinking of the forum common responses, but you have given me an idea... I will add a response to the thread in the contributor forum.
19:25guigsSeburo: I will be sure to read it :-)
19:26Seburoguigs: ok :-)
19:26Seburonoah: ping
17 Oct 2017
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