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15 Apr 2017
02:19wafflescrowbot, tell canaltinova thanks for updating the test expectations :)
02:19crowbotok, but I won't enjoy it :(
09:30hirocould someone around delegate+ to this PR?
09:30crowbotPR #16470: Canvas font handling -
10:43travis-ciServo failed to build with Rust nightly: CC nox, SimonSapin
11:19emiliohiro: done, sorry for the delay!
11:20hiroemilio: np, thanks!
11:21emiliocrowbot: tell bholley is intentional? That bit could potentially drop snapshots OMT IIUC
11:21crowbotthere's a phone right next to you, but okay
12:01SimonSapinnox: r?
12:01crowbotPR #16473: Upgrade to rustc 1.18.0-nightly (5f13a3b54 2017-04-15) -
12:43crowbotcanaltinova: waffles said thanks for updating the test expectations :)
16:28GankroIs there a good way to save two different release builds of servo for comparison?
17:17wafflescanaltinova, you did the position stuff, right?
17:17wafflesI mean, the code that lives in values/foo/
17:17canaltinovawaffles: mostly, I guess
17:17canaltinovaI rewrote it actually
17:18wafflesthen, I'm rewriting it again :p
17:18canaltinovawhat's the problem? :)
17:18waffles> 141 insertions(+), 512 deletions(-)
17:18wafflesmission complete
17:18canaltinovanice :)
17:18wafflescanaltinova, oh, I was making things generic as a part of #16444
17:18crowbotPR #16444: WIP: Extract generic types out into a new module -
17:19wafflesI never really wanted to touch position
17:19wafflesbut I had to
17:19wafflesthen ended up cleaning everything!
17:19wafflesmeh, what a weekenhd
17:20canaltinovait was one of my early PRs, then I had to add support for position-{x,y}. I'm not proud of files :)
17:20wafflescanaltinova, all we need is that it "works"
17:21canaltinova*these files
17:21canaltinovawaffles: heh :)
17:21wafflesand it still does, that's fine
17:21wafflesthis is just me going crazy :p
17:52sadmanskcan anyone explain to be in a few words what "PREFS" is used for??
18:00sadmanskgot it nvm
19:07pyfisch_hi, in the CSS not(...) selector contents are defined as a list of complex selectors while the spec says it should be a single simple selector.
19:08pyfisch_ this is accepted by servo but not by Firefox because it uses a selector group
19:24pyfisch_it is because the new working draft allows it
21:04crowbotok, but just this once.
21:04KiChjangcrowbot, no, you will listen to me always, otherwise you get no botsnack
21:04* crowbot beams
21:04KiChjangthat's my boy
23:06SimonSapinGankro: not exactly saving, but I use `git worktree` to work on multiple branches/builds at the same time. Theres also `./mach package` which I think is used for Nightly builds
23:06Gankrooh god not git tree nonsense
23:07SimonSapineh, its just multiple checkouts with a shared db
23:08GankroSimonSapin: you have to fix my index when I corrupt it
23:08SimonSapinGankro: looks like `./mach package` copies the executable, the resources directory, and browser.html
23:10SimonSapinGankro: re worktree, you can also do fully separate clones
23:10GankroSimonSapin: yeah that's what I was thinking of doing; just seemed like mach was 95% of the way to just supporting it natively
23:11GankroSimonSapin: where does the result of package get dumped? `help` doesn't seem to say
23:11SimonSapinbut depending on what you need, copying target/release/servo and resources/ might be enough
23:13* SimonSapin reads python/servo/
23:13SimonSapinGankro: in target/
23:13Gankrook, ty
23:15SimonSapinit also says when you run it :)
23:17KiChjangSimonSapin, is it true that the buildbots all run the same mach commands that we all know and love?
23:34SimonSapinKiChjang: see etc/ci/buildbot_steps.yml
16 Apr 2017
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