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29 Apr 2017
02:41bzbholley: are you around?
02:45bzHow the heck does match_pseudos call get_animation_rule
02:48bzAh, maybe this got changed recently
02:49bzyes, so it did
08:20sewardjbholley: around (at this time?)
08:20bholleysewardj: yes, but only because I couldn't sleep while thinking about this bzero thing
08:20* bholley is investigating the patch
08:20* sewardj is investigating using Linux perf to measure L2 cache misses
08:20sewardjpossibly resulting from cache line conflicts
08:21sewardjbholley: Q: is there a way to wrap a command around the firefox invokation started by &quot;./mach run <testcase>&quot; ?
08:22sewardjmach run --help doesn&#39;t seem useful
08:22bholleysewardj: well, you can do --debugger=foo
08:22sewardjoh, yes, --debugger
08:22bholleysewardj: but I don&#39;t know how much special-casing there is there
08:22sewardjlemme try
08:22bholleysewardj: you can also just invoke the binary
08:22bholleysewardj: rather than using mach
08:23sewardjright, I suppose I don&#39;t need to make a special profile. hmm yes
08:23sewardjexcept I want to disable e10s
08:35bholleysewardj: (definitely doable via a pref - I&#39;m not sure what the mach command passes through)
08:36sewardjbholley: yeah, did it, no problem. The difficulty is making sense of the perf output.
10:38travis-ciServo failed to build with Rust nightly: CC nox, SimonSapin
11:59noxAgain. :o
12:15noxManishearth: Instead of using git-cinnabar, I can just use mozilla/gecko-dev from GH, no?
12:37paulfor a 3rd party project using Servo, I need to set a dependency on servo. It works if I use a local path like this:
12:37paulbut how can I point to servo/servo.git components/servo without using a local checkout?
12:38paulI was hoping for `libservo = { git = &quot;;, path = &quot;./components/servo&quot; }` to work, but it doesn&#39;t
12:40noxpaul: libservo = { git = &quot;; } ?
12:44paulnox: I&#39;m not understand the impression that it is working. `use servo::*` doesn&#39;t appear to resolve to anything. Whereas, when I use path=&quot;../servo/components/servo&quot;, it works.
12:44noxAFAIK this is supposed to work, at least.
12:58paulnox: well I don&#39;t what I did wrong, but it indeed works.
12:58paulsorry for the noise
13:50SimonSapinnox: gecko-dev does not allow you to push to try or reviewboard
13:51noxSimonSapin: Ugh.
15:12noxSimonSapin: But to push to try, isn&#39;t it a matter of requesting /<PR number> on some nondescript VPN-gated IP?
15:12SimonSapinthere are no PRs or VPNs involved
15:12noxSimonSapin: I&#39;m as confused as you.
15:12noxSimonSapin: Manishearth told me that.
15:12SimonSapintry is a mercurial server
15:13noxtry geckotry?
15:13SimonSapinyou connect to it with an SSH public/private key pair
15:13SimonSapintry in the context of gecko is gecko try
15:13SimonSapinI assume were still talking about geckodev / m-c ?
15:14SimonSapinis that Manishs machine?
15:14noxAh, maybe.
15:15SimonSapinI *think* thats a hack Manish made to fetch a servo/servo PR, cherry-pick on top of m-c, and push to gecko try
15:16SimonSapinbut the &quot;usual&quot; m-c workflow is that you push to gecko try yourself
15:16SimonSapinits a mercurial server, git-cinnabar allows you to push to it from git
15:16noxOk. is a read-only mirror
15:17SimonSapinnox: anyway, if you want to build stylo I recommend following these instructions
15:17noxYeah I saw that.
15:18noxThere were more than 2 commands, so I closed the tab by reflex.
15:18SimonSapinand / to get push access
15:20SimonSapinnox: level 1access is try and reviewboard, level 3 is landing things
15:20noxWow Ygg01 is on fire.
29 Apr 2017
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