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24 Mar 2017
00:00pcwaltongw: along with some low-res rasterization on CPU to efficiently handle large solid regions of color
00:00pcwaltonshould slot into WR quite nicely
00:00pcwaltonno compute shader required, the only thing I should require is signed framebuffers
00:00gwpcwalton: interesting!
00:01pcwaltongw: it seems quite fast (~10x faster than CPU perhaps)
00:02xidornemilio: oh, hmmm, I guess we can get rid of it
00:02pcwaltongw: the reason it seems to perform well that its a hybrid approach that combines the best of CPU and GPU CPU to generate solid regions (by sorting active edge lists) and GPU to do all the raw blitting
00:03emilioxidorn: cool, should I file a bug?
00:03xidornemilio: there doesn't seem to be any real usage of this pseudo-class in addons either
00:03pcwaltonit doesnt actually rasterize anything on CPU it just generates low-res per-scanline active edge lists and hands those to GPU
00:03xidornemilio: yes, please
00:03emilioxidorn: cool, will do
00:05gwpcwalton: sounds like a promising idea
00:05* gw runs an errand
00:22WindowsBunnyColonypcwalton: Sounds exciting
01:17hiroSomeone, please stamp 'delegate+' to the above PR.
01:47xidornManishearth: is there any reason why RefPtr cannot DerefMut?
01:48xidornI see Deref for {RefPtr, UniqueRefPtr}, but DerefMut only for UniqueRefPtr
01:55bz_nosslYou'd want the thing threadsafe, right?
01:56bz_nosslAt least with UniqueRefPtr you can be sure you own it...
01:59xidornbz_nossl: your owning it doesn't mean it wouldn't be mutated I guess?
01:59xidornbut... hmmm
01:59* bz_nossl is not sure there's a principled thing going on here, just guessing. ;)
02:00xidornbz: but it should be safe for my case where the refptr is wrapped in a Locked
02:00xidornbut probably we need something to ensure it wouldn't be abused...
24 Mar 2017
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