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8 Aug 2017
02:41huzaifasabillings: no drafts yet?
04:02pauljtah damn it
04:02pauljtY U do this google groups...
05:05glob|awaypauljt: is there a list for just the newsletters?
05:06pauljtglob|away: nope. its quarterly. but I always post it to
05:06pauljtso you could watch that page for edits
05:07pauljti considered spamming it dev-platform as well, but it seems excessive ?
05:08glob|awaypauljt: i don't think once per quarter would be excessive, and i totally think it would be of interest to dev-platform :)
05:08glob|awaypauljt: if you didn
05:09glob|awaypauljt: if you didn't have problems with formatting i wouldn't have known about the newsletter at all
05:09pauljtyeh fair enough
05:09pauljti guess there aren't that many people sub'd to dev-security
05:09pauljtwill do
06:48Caspy7The following page is loading on Release and Beta but not Nightly. It gives a security error
07:02ajaCaspy: 3DES disabled in Nightly now?
07:02ajaCaspy7: 3DES disabled in Nightly now?
10:29kpcyrdpauljt: any chance the file system restrictions mentioned in the mail are based on ?
10:32pauljtkpcyrd: i dont think so - but I've not looked at gaol yet. the sandbox in Firefox is the Chromium sandbox under the hood (or parts of it, since we _used_ to share an IPC layer)
10:33pauljtkpcyrd: so for windows that means
10:33pauljt( we are at "level 3" now )
10:34pauljtOSX is
10:35pauljtI assume gaol is seccomp, so that would be the same as for linux
10:35pauljtas for Firefox for linux i mean
10:36pauljtyeh it is
10:37pauljtthe equiv for Firefox is
13:10bhavishya_Any updates on MWoS 17 ?
18:52ryzokukenany news regarding mwos?
21:37Caspy7This is from February, so presumably it is known
21:37Caspy7"AnC or ASLR^Cache demonstration in Firefox"
9 Aug 2017
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