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6 Aug 2017
02:03SolidSnakebhavishya: you're in luck, I was just asking someone about that earlier :P
02:07SolidSnakebhavishya: This is the right place. I'd join this room on Monday, the main people will be back. But you can also email - I believe he has more information about this :)
04:16pauljtbhavishya: SolidSnake yep 2017 not launched yet soon!! (Monday I hope)
05:06SolidSnakepaul.jt: \o/ thanks for the weekend response! Just looking over 2016's wiki page, that's A LOT for anyone one person to plan & organize. So no rush :)
05:21ryzokukenSolidSnake, was it regarding mwos?
05:21ryzokukensorry, I missed it. Should've used a bouncer.
05:27SolidSnakeryzokuken: yes! no worries hehe The quote was: paul.jt: bhavishya: SolidSnake: yep 2017 not launched yet soon!! (Monday I hope)
05:29ryzokukenso it's gonna launch soon? awesome.
05:32ryzokukenthanks, SolidSnake
05:34SolidSnakeryzokuken: yup! seems like it :D If you don't hear any news in the next week, just email about it. I believe he's organizing it this year
05:34SolidSnakeremove the periods from that email. I put them there to avoid pinging him ;)
05:34ryzokukenoh, okay.
05:35ryzokukenI think emailing them directly would be too obtrusive though.
05:35ryzokukenIRC should be fine.
05:35ryzokukenSolidSnake, are you into some security projects yourself?
05:36ryzokukendamn, I was there till you said: <SolidSnake> ulfr: mgoodwin: ^ Is that event not happening because of the big changes happening to Firefox?
05:37ryzokukenI should&#39;ve sticked around for longer.
05:37SolidSnakesure, whatever works for you. I&#39;m a predominantly IRC guy myself but sometimes Mozilla staff are unable to respond due their crazy timezones. As the person I mentioned earlier lives in Melbourne, Australia :P
05:37ryzokukenYeah, someone else told me that too.
05:38SolidSnakeryzokuken: Ah sadly I&#39;m not into any security projects. I like & appreciate security a lot though! So I lurk here and learn about new threats from the general chatter here. And maybe to report some new threat I&#39;ve found myself :)
05:40SolidSnakeso when you mentioned you had a tons of your seniors participated in this event every year, I thought that was awesome so I tried to a little digging/investigating for you
05:42SolidSnakeryzokuken: If you&#39;re curious about what was said after:
05:43SolidSnakeanother person popped in wondering about the same thing funny enough
05:50ryzokukenSolidSnake, cool
05:50ryzokukenthanks for the paste
05:51ryzokukenthese were my seniors
05:52ryzokukenand these:
05:52ryzokukenand these were the coolest (IMO :P):
05:54ryzokukenwhy don&#39;t *all* the projects have student pages?
05:58SolidSnakewell it&#39;s a lot of work on top of all the event work. I stress out about organizing regular events. I can only imagine what kind of effort goes into something like this :P
05:59ryzokukenyes, I understand :P
05:59ryzokukenSolidSnake, thanks for all the help, really.
05:59ryzokukenIt matters a lot.
05:59SolidSnakeyou&#39;re welcome! Thanks for the links to the students work. Happy to see what they worked on :)
05:59ryzokukenNow that MWoS is confirmed, I will look around for newbie-friendly security projects to get started in my spare time
06:00ryzokukenSolidSnake, do check out the Mozdef VR interface one. It&#39;s the coolest IMO.
06:00ryzokukenMozdef in itself is a grear project.
06:01SolidSnakeI will, thanks for the tip!
7 Aug 2017
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