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20 Mar 2017
11:43hash_0913I'm working on outreachy round 14 Security audit of Firefox code
11:44hash_0913is there anyone who is working on that ?
11:46freddybyes, arroway is. she's not in this IRC channel right now, but I asked her to join
11:46freddybah, now she is.
11:46freddybhash_0913: -^
11:47hash_0913ahhh ... great =D
12:02arrowayfreddyb: too late, i was out for lunch :(
13:10ulfrwe just passed 10 millions certs in TLS Observatory
15:43groovecoderdveditz: not the user's fault!!
23:15Caspy7welp, this ought to be entertaining
23:22* Caspy7 grabs popcorn
23:22KWiersoCaspy7: yeah, had to get bmo admins to restrict the bug before too much spilled into the bug itself
23:24Caspy7KWierso: I see "Restrict Comments: true" What does that mean? I still have a comment box and save button
23:25KWiersoCaspy7: you need the 'editbugs' permission to make changes in the restricted bug
23:26Caspy7hm, I might have that
23:26KWiersowhich is given out like free candy if you ask for it, but it's a good deterrent to piling onto bugs
23:26Caspy7I think I was actually grandfathered in
23:27mccr8yeah I marked two comments in that thread offtopic before it had restricted comments..
23:32Peng_I don't have editbugs. (Of course i don't have editbugs.) For me it says "You are not allowed to make an additional comment on this bug." in place of the comment box.
23:33dolskeCaspy7: you've had editbugs since... 2002, from Zach Lipton.
23:34Caspy7ah, cool
23:39Caspy7dolske: my memory could be wrong, but was thinking that originally all accounts essentially had editbugs and when they created the pref or whatever, they transitioned everyone that already had it to keep it. So I'm wondering if that's just what it looks like for everyone
23:39Caspy7maybe not
23:41dolskeI dunno, my account dates back to 2001, but I didn't get editbugs until 2006.
23:43Caspy7ah, ok, maybe I asked then
23:51Caspy7oh, the bug is now hidden
23:52evilpieapparently somebody deleted their user table, this escalated quickly
23:56Caspy7cross their fingers and hope they have backups
21 Mar 2017
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