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17 Apr 2017
14:49huzaifasabillings: hi
14:50huzaifasany idea if we get drafts today? :)
15:02abillingsWe're not shipping until Wednesday and they're largely with dveditz for review.
15:54firebotBug 1356381 NEW, [META] Add Telemetry and Perform Experiments to measure breakage/impact of Anti-Fingerprinting Patch
16:10selenamarieulfr: how much work is it to fix https for the
16:17ulfrVery little, we can put a CDN in front of it.
16:18ulfrCould you email me or ask them to make a big? I'm PTO today.
16:20selenamarieulfr: sure thing. sorry to bug you!
16:20ulfrNo worries :)
18 Apr 2017
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