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14 Jul 2017
10:56annevkfreddyb: what happend with the Ambient Light Sensor API thread?
11:48freddybannevk: ekr and mt thought its OK to remove the api. I guess we should just do that.
11:49freddybthere is a bug to remove it on insecure context, that got unassigned due to priorities. and a bug about telemetry. not sure if we need telemetry before removing it
13:19annevkfreddyb: is this just an event?
13:19annevkfreddyb: not really sure we'd need telemetry in that case, though I guess it's worth doing
13:20annevkfreddyb: though I guess the question is, if it's used 1%, does that mean we'd not remove it? It remains a security issue either way
23:40Caspy7going to bed soon, but a firefox reddit mod made a followup post to the post about the addons google analytics thing
15 Jul 2017
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