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11 Aug 2017
19:16OriolHi, if I have an object and Cu.waiveXrays(obj)!==obj, shouldn't Cu.isXrayWrapper(obj) always be true? I don't understand the difference.
19:28linuxmodderjust had fun for 3 hours explaining several hide in plain sight cyber / non cyber tactics for passwords and such
19:30linuxmodderno the wrapper may not itself be an object or could be
19:30linuxmodderso if the wrapper is an object it would be true
19:35OriolBut I have an example in which obj is an object, Cu.waiveXrays(obj)!==obj, and Cu.isXrayWrapper(obj) is false
19:36OriolIs this a bug?
19:43OriolI got a pastebin error, not sure if it worked
19:47Oriollinuxmodder: Any idea?
12 Aug 2017
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