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10 Aug 2017
17:02abillingsmwobensmith: meeting?
17:13mwobensmithabillings: Oh man, sorry, spaced.
17:14mwobensmithIs it still on?
20:40metrixxis there a way to use unsafe certificate without any warning and obstacle?
20:41ulfrnowadays you can just buy a CA </sarcasm>
20:41metrixxthere is a private key which is using between two organizations and both of them are happy about the certificate unsafe situation
20:41metrixxthey don&#39;t want to move their finger to fix anything and they just want to continue their job
20:41metrixxas they did before
20:42metrixxbut the new versions of browsers usually have so much obstacles to use this certificate
20:43metrixxi made it working by changing some security.tls configuration variables but it is not working perfectly
20:43metrixxwe see some warnings already
20:53metrixxgood night girls
20:53Nightmeh @highlight
11 Aug 2017
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