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26 May 2017
17:51ulfrjcj: is there a commonly accepted acronym for shamir secret sharing?
17:51jcjulfr: There was before AWS
17:51ulfrlooking for a good name for an option for
17:52jcjAnyway, now I think most people call it ssss
17:52jcj(as an undergraduate we referred to it as s3)
17:52autrilla4 s's?
17:53ulfrshamir secret sharing scheme
17:53jcjyeah ^
17:53ulfrnow I get the aws reference
17:53autrillathe debate is I think we should either go for --shamir ot --shamir-secret-sharing, and ulfr thinks we should go with --sss
17:53ulfrautrilla: can we have both long and short options?
17:53autrillaulfr: I think you can have a one-letter shorthand
17:53jcjOf course ssss now looks like what you get when you win the lottery on TSA freedom frisks
17:54autrillaulfr: but I'll have to check, maybe you can have more than one long version
17:54ulfrautrilla: if you give me an opportunity to bikeshed on a friday, I'll take it
17:56autrillaulfr: we can both be happy!
17:57ulfrsee, sometimes we CAN have nice things
17:57ulfrso --ssss and --shamir-secret-sharing ?
17:57autrilla3 or 4 ss?
17:58ulfrthe jcj has said
17:59autrillaI'm going to do --shamir-secret-sharing-quorum and --ssss-quorum, is that ok?
18:10Tew:-\ how consistent is it to have 3* s-word -quorum and 4*s-quorum?
18:11ulfrconsistent with what?
18:11TewA consistent with B
18:11* ulfr doesn't follow
18:12Tewyou have Shamir-Secret-Sharing and it's shortened to SSSS
18:13Tewit's not a big issue, I see the context with scheme here, but I would be probably puzzled a bit with no context
18:13Tew(and, more importantly, try to use --sss-quorum, or try to remember the fourth word that is not there)
18:14ulfrI'm out of paint, so I'll leave it to autrilla to decide
18:15autrillaokay, I guess we should do triple s then
18:15Tewotoh, if you can provide hidden option alias, it's unlikely to clash with anything else
26 May 2017
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