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9 Oct 2017
06:21Mcon build3 linux64 i see issues with calendar, duplicated toolbar, menu greyed out, missing events in Today Pane and more
06:24Mcweird, looks like gone after reverting to build2 and back
06:30frg_awayMorning ewong and r+ :) How the weekend other than too short?
06:30Mcgood to have kept build2
06:31ewongfrg_away: what weekend? it was so fast... I barely sneezed and it was finished
06:32ewongfrg_away: was ok.. could've been better..
06:32ewongMc any errors in the error console?
06:32frg_awayewong. yeahh had a bad headache Friday evening and Saturday I was groggy. Too fast... Amusing myself with fixing l10n in c-c but not yet there.
06:33ewongfrg_away: we got another bustage .. not sure what made it go bad..
06:34ewongsomething funky with csets around 6b0491f83229a80462793c74825f79b1ec1d9cda
06:34ewongin m-c
06:35frg_awayewong today ? Fixed Bug 1406667 Friday. need to do 2 reviews for stefanh 1 OSX bustage for sure.
06:35thatbotBug nor, P1, seamonkey2.55, frgrahl, RESO FIXED, Port Bug 1389462 [outdated compass icon for the middle click autoscroll} to SeaMonkey
06:35ewongfrg_away: ah that one
06:36frg_awaythey are getting rid of the last png icons it seems. Black and a sea of dull gray with unappealing 2D icons is the new mantra... No wonder it lasds faster if you use really primitive svgs...
06:37ewongum.. hang on.. you mean from the 7th to now.. there hasn't been any builds??
06:37Mcewong: didn't look and now the issues are gone..
06:38ewongfrg_away: um didn't they change to svg?
06:38frg_awayewong they still have a few pngs in toolkit and that is what caused the bustage Friday.
06:41ewongfrg_away: it's still busting even with your change..
06:43frg_awayewong ok looking at it later. Compiled locally yesterday.
06:44werwolfguten Morgen
06:45ewongfrg_away: something's funky... ignore me..
06:46frg_awayewong ignore is my second name :)
06:47ewongthen "ignore me" must be my second name
06:55werwolfI loved a lot the old ractangle icon :(
06:55werwolfit disappeared in 2008?
06:56ewongamongst other things
07:00frg_awayIf I believe statcounter Chrome overtook Fireforx for the first time this month in Germany. Why use a clone when you can have the original :)
07:21frg_awayewong just for the record c-c win currently builds locally.
07:22ewongfrg_away: ok. waiting for the retriggered build
07:23frg_awayewong osx is broken for sure. need to do the reviews after work.
07:26ewongfrg_away: which bug is osx's bustage
07:26ewongoh.. wait.. it's that "OSX need to be built on Sierra" bug, right?
07:28ewongcan we say... 'yay'?
07:28frg_awayewong no Bug 1406731 and Bug 1406786 but you are right. Broken anyway by the missing sdk :) I think TB fixed it last week in its configs.
07:28thatbotBug nor, --, seamonkey2.55, stefanh, ASSI, The autocomplete dropmarker is gone (removed from toolkit in bug 1406352)
07:28thatbotBug nor, --, ---, stefanh, ASSI, filters.svg is gone (removed from toolkit in bug 1390016)
07:29ewongfrg_away: erm.. not even getting to the building part.. ;/ "No receipt for '' found at '/'"
07:29ewongI am guessing that's Sierra
07:29frg_awayewong tomprince might have broken this futher with the TB changes.
07:30ewongfrg_away: that makes me soooo happy....
07:30ewongin a very unhappy way
07:30* ewong headdesks.
07:30ewongfrg_away: I'm considering the towel... ;/
07:30frg_awayewong I am not sure. Would need to check the latest c-c changes. Just a guess
07:31frg_awayBug 1400533
07:31thatbotBug cri, --, ---, mozilla, RESO FIXED, Mac builds broken on C-C (gfxCoreTextShaper.cpp:34:26: error: use of undeclared identifier 'kCTWriti
07:33frg_awaypart 2 adds the sdk to the mail manifests
07:34ewongfrg_away: can we use that?
07:34ewongoh nvm.. I'm guessing yes
07:34ewongfrg_away: do we have a bug filed for this?
07:34frg_awayewong we can at least try. My gues would be yes too.
07:35frg_awayewong I don't think so. I only dod comm-esr52 and source fixes. Didn't look much at the configs.
07:35ewongwill file a bug and attach a patch
07:43frg_awayewong quick r+ Didn't check the hashes.
07:43ewongfrg_away: thanks
08:02ewongfrg_away: actually... that patch might not work.. the sdk is an xz tarball and not a bz2.. we'll need to have xz installed somehow on our systems..
08:04frg_awayewong hmm. there were some tooltool changes for Windows which deal with xz too.
08:04ewongfrg_away: bug 1391473
08:04thatbotBug nor, P1, ---, nthomas, RESO FIXED, Add xz binaries to buildbot workers
08:05frg_awayewong maybe you can ask him.
08:05ewonghe's on pto
08:06ewongbut I think I found a way to install xz on our macs
08:09frg_awayewong great if not just lets look at aws. probably be better to invest in the future. I will see that I keep the tree building locally.
08:17ewongfrg_away: ok.. looks like it's installed.. just pushed that patch
08:18frg_awayewong knocking on wood
08:20frg_awayewong check this one too:
08:21ewongfrg_away: thanks for the info.. though I'm not sure we do sync checks
08:51ewongwow.. pulse bot now closes bugs?
08:55frg_awayewong yeahh since a few yeeks ago. You still need to fix the versions manually.
08:55ewongthen how does pulsebot know if that patch is the *only* one needed?
08:59frg_awayewong it doesn't I needed to reopen a few bugs...
09:01frg_awayewong you can probably use leave-open
09:05ewongah that's the magic word
09:05ewongand not... leave-open-coz-I-say-so :)
09:10frg_awayewong yeaahh dude :)
11:25Xogiumis there any way to retain specific cookies permanantly for certain websites ? I *HATE* the new youtubeinterface :p
11:25Xogiummy default settings for cookies is make them valid for session only, but what if I want to keep coolies from a website always ?
11:26Xogiumerr, I can't type today
11:26Xogiumyoutube interface* cookies*
11:37McXogium: you can use menu Tools, Cookie Manager, Allow Cookies from This Website
11:40Xogiumhrm.. I think I'm SOL since I seem to remember I already did and this didn't help.. Maybe they have set such expiration on the cookie... I don't know
11:41XogiumI will retry it again and see what happen
11:41Mchm, perhaps a bug which may be fixed
11:41Mcthat's best
11:41Xogiumso if I go back to oder youtube ui and then close browser, then reopen again I should still have the old interface ?
11:43* Mc doesn't use youtube
11:43Xogiumthis new ui is so much crap for accessibility, screen reader is sent out of focus mode when typing and goes crazy around the page instead of letting me type, it lags on my poor computer.. Yuck
12:02Xogiumwoot, I finally got it ! Cookie is valid till 90 jun 2018
12:02Xogium09 jun lol
12:02Mcok :-)
12:03Xogiumnot ideal but still, it's far better than having to go back to old ui every time you start your browser :p
20:01frg_awayHi stefanh
20:11stefanhHi frg_away
20:13frg_awaystefanh did amuse myself with l10n build confs yesterday and didn't have time today for the reviews. Looks good. Will see that I find some time tomorrow.
20:14stefanhfrg_away: sure, no stress
20:17frg_awaystefanh thanks for the patience.
20:26stefanhfrg_away: hey, no problem - it's not that it was a month since I asked for review :-)
20:34frg_awaystefanh I always try to get them done fast if possible. :)
20:35stefanhfrg_away: yeah, I do that too
20:38stefanhfrg_away: But you'll still be fast if you (as you said) look at them tomorrow ;-)
20:39frg_awaystefanh I will try. maybe on the train early :)
20:42stefanhfrg_away: just don't burn out. Remember to relax
20:43stefanhBut perhaps it's relaxing
20:43frg_awaystefanh no problem 2.55 is in bad shape anyway and needs more than a few patches :(
20:43stefanhfrg_away: hmm, shall we use the old autoscroller? I haven't looked at the new one, though
20:46frg_awaystefanh The new one doesn't look so hot but I am reluctant to use the old png icons. At some time in the future we need to do svgs or SeaMonkey will look like sh*t on all hi dpi screens (like it probably does now already). But why everyone things primitive black and grey icons are the hottest thing is beyond me...
20:48frg_awaystill prefer somehting which matches the OS theme.
20:51frg_awayneed to be up early n8 :)
10 Oct 2017
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