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9 Aug 2017
05:20Mcagreed with Adrian on bug 1383642 comment 36
05:20Mcwaiting for an answer of Tom/Tad, here too bug 1347753 comment 9
05:20thebotBug cri, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, OVH servers are down (e.g.,
05:20Mc Last activity...
05:20thebotBug blo, --, ---, tom, NEW, ovh renewals
05:44Mr_SheeshHey - Do the mozilla folks know of the certificate issue? Can't seem to download SeaMonkey 2.48 because of it...
05:45IanN|AwayMr_Sheesh: link?
05:46Mr_SheeshI tried on another machine, sorta hard to copy across. Try getting at the SeaMonkey download using FireFox from your machine, it complains about an invalid certificate and refuses to let you get at the site at all
05:47IanN|AwayMr_Sheesh: I seem to remember seeing somewhere that one of the links being put out has https where it should be http but someone else might know for sure
05:48IanN|Awaybut I may be confusing with a different issue
05:48Mr_Sheeshi think on
05:48IanN|Awaystill half asleep
05:49IanN|Awayewong: ^^
05:49Mr_Sheeshyep that one (if I typed it properly) gripes - at least on Firefox on the faster machine
05:51IanN|Awayhmmm, prompts to download for me on both Firefox and SeaMonkey
05:52IanN|AwayMr_Sheesh: do you have noscript installed?
05:55Mr_SheeshIanN|Away - Yes, it has the mozilla link it's ending up on & the seamonkey-project site both have noscript allowing the scripts tho
05:57Mr_SheeshIt;s saying uses an invalid security certificate, error code SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER; No idea why it's not cooperating. I can't seem to ever upgrade SM on this machine, which is why I tried on taht machine
06:00Mr_SheeshOK cool TYVM
06:01IanN|AwayMr_Sheesh: not sure why that site doesn't have a secure certificate, but a combined issue of noscript forcing use of https but also site needs sorting. I don't know if someone has already logged a bug on the issue with mozilla
06:02Mr_SheeshI haven't, was why I was asking if they know of the issue. Definitely should be fixed :)
06:03IanN|Awayfrg_away, I couldn't spot this issue mentioned in the release notes (reference
06:03IanN|Awayewong: ^^
06:07thebotBug 1257214 cri, --, ---, nobody, REOP, Thunderbird Bouncer links go to, showing cert error page
06:08IanN|AwayMr_Sheesh: short answer seems to be that was never intended to be an https endpoint
06:08ewongsorry... backlogged... what's the issue? doesn't have https capability..
06:09IanN|AwayMr_Sheesh: but looks like the temporary certificate installed has expired or something
06:10IanN|Awayewong: frg was due to put something in the release notes about noscript should exclude that location from forced SSL
06:11Mr_SheeshHmm well then if they disable https there that'd fix it?
06:15Mcseems so adding an exception
06:15IanN|Awayperhaps, or creating a new valid certificate
08:01frg_awaymorning ewong
08:04ewonghi frg_away!
08:04ewonggood morning
08:05frg_awayewong I am vacationing away. How are you doing. Anything urgent in the tree which needs to be taken care of? I lost track.
08:06ewongfrg_away: not atm.. (touch wood)
08:08frg_awayewong FUEL remnants are being removed today in bug 1354205. I will split the patch. SMILE should at least be removed from use in SeaMonkey itself. Only a few calls left.
08:08thebotBug nor, --, ---, dao+bmo, ASSI, Remove FUEL
08:10ewongthanks for the info..
08:37ewongfrg_away: where are you heading for your vacation?
08:38frg_awayewong Balconya :) Looking forward to not traveling and just doing the things I do like most at home.
08:43frg_awayewong Do you think this can be fixed by us?
08:44ewongfrg_away: nope.. need to ping someone in MOco.. and even that, I'm not entirely sure we're gonna get a favorable answer... there is a bug out for that... need to dig it up
08:45ewongoh hang on.. maybe I'm missing something
08:45frg_awayewong. There was one open but I think it is closed worksforme.
08:45ewonghttps://download.cdn.. complains of a certificate thing right?
08:45frg_awayewong yes.
08:46frg_awayI forgot to put it in the release notes.
08:46ewongwell two options.. 1) we remove https from our links.. 2) we ask moco to add https to
08:47frg_awayewong I think for #2 there was a bug open too. therube pointed me to it. Let me check the logs.
08:48ewongiirc.. someone pointed out that download.cdn wasn't supposed to have https...
09:08ewongoh what to do..
09:13frg_awayewong I am changing the release notes first. I think the Linux x64 change I mentioned and IanN asked about this morning is not needed. Still in contributed.
09:14frg_awaytree is now busted because of exthelper removal.
09:15frg_awayupps still in integration. Looked wrong :)
09:16ewongdo we actually need Smile?
09:18frg_awayewong no. Only in the few references I removed. Otherwise only used in (probably very old) add-ons. That is why I proposed to just get rid if it. They are probably broken anyway now.
09:18ewongah... remove it...
09:19ewongis there a light at the end of this tunnel?
09:19ewongor is that an incoming train?
09:20frg_awayewong only the one you light yourself but I bet when Fx 57 hits the masses they will light some fires to dance and celebrate MoCo :D
09:24ewongwhy Fx 57?
09:25frg_awayewong because that is the current mozilla-central.
09:26ewongI'm afraid to ask.. what is special with the current m-c?
09:27ewongaside for all the api removals..
09:30frg_awayewong You were not hiding under a tree in the last months or? :) The so called legacy add-ons will be disabled in Fx. Only Web Extension ones supported. Which means 90% of the current add-ons will no longer work. Compile time switch so they can't be simply enabled.
09:34ewongOH... *that* version is where this whole thing goes away
09:37ewongthis is a pain point....
09:38frg_awayewong yes and 2 versions before an ESR. This all s*cks.
09:40ewongfrg_away: how is m-b?
09:43frg_awayewong 1.53 has a few problems. See bug 1379370. Worst one is bug 1379369 but I am running with a WIP patch here without problems. Just need to clean it up. Hacked it together a few weeks ago.
09:43thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, SeaMonkey 2.53 malfunctions/errors
09:43thebotBug maj, --, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Port Bug 1364016 [Have _openURIInNewTab() provide the correct triggeringPrincipal] to SeaMonkey
09:54ewongfrg_away: I'm afraid to even ask if we have a SeaMonkey 2.54 malfunctions/errors bug...
09:54ewongoh... 2.54 *is* a malfunction. :P
09:54fantomas2.54? how far are you guys ahead?
09:54ewongfantomas: by ahead.. you mean behind... ?
09:55fantomasahead of SM release
09:55frg_awayewong not yet. Thought about opening one but with current breakages I wanted to wait.
09:55ewongfantomas: for some reasons.. that doesn't compute..
09:55fantomasdo the numbers come from FF versions?
09:55frg_awayfantomas 2.49.1 will be the next one from the ESR tree.
09:56frg_awayfantomas Fx 57 is 2.57 -3 so 2.54 Subtract 3 from the Fx version and you have the SeaMonkey version.
09:57ewongso that makes m-r Fx 55?
09:58ewongwhich is equivalent to 2.52?
09:58frg_awayyes and yes
09:58* ewong sighs.
09:59frg_awayWell with 2.49.1 we will be current again.
10:01WG9sfrg_away: has ant consideration been made to skipping a couple of numbers to sync things up to remove the off by 3 thing just to make things easier?
10:03ewongso like we jump to 2.57 in trunk?
10:07WG9sewong: yes just an idea
10:07frg_awayWG9s yes. We talked about it. It is also in the meeting notes. I propose to just use the gecko version number after 2.56 (ESR 59). Classic add-ons will be likely dead by then and jumping from 2.56 directly to 60.0 should be more or less possible.
10:07WG9sjust to make it all clearer which m-c version correspon ds to which seamonkey version
10:08ewongit's probably the least of our worries right now
10:09fantomasI still get crashes with locally build 2.48 (when opening mailnews window). Is there possibility to debug where the problem lies? Or should I just wait for 2.49.1 (est?)
10:12frg_awayfantomas If you compile it yourself just compile from comm-esr52. The current tips are ok. Apply these patches and the one in bug 1388166 and you should have 2.49.1 more or less now.
10:12thebotBug nor, P1, mozilla57, jorgk, RESO FIXED, Bug 1266836 introduced toolkit/browser dependency (breaks http auth on XUL apps) - follow up
10:14WG9sfantomas: have you tried deleting the .msf files in you profile?
10:15WG9sfantomas: most likely just the one on your Inbox would be sufficient.
10:16fantomasWG9s: funny thing is that official 32-bit and contributed 64-bit buyilds are OK
10:17WG9sfantomas: OH OK so it is not that your .msf file is corrupt.
10:17frg_awayfantomas which gcc?
10:19fantomasdebian 9/jessie amd64
10:19fantomasi built from 2.48 tarball
10:20fantomasops, debian9 is stretch :)
10:26frg_awayCould you install 5 or try 2.49.1 building. There were problems with gcc 6 a while ago but not sure. You might want to search bugzilla. Official was built with 4.8.5
10:28fantomasI can try. can I find 2.49.1 tarball here? Or should I fetch via mercurial?
10:29fantomasI tried using it 2-3 years ago but the official tarballs were always different from what I fetched
10:34frg_awayfantomas This shouldn't matter much here right now. I can give you the final csets when they are ready.
12:27fantomasis 2.48 or 2.49.1 built from ESR sources?
12:31frg_awayfantomas 2.48 was build from a comm-release branch. 2.49.1 will be build from esr
13:26IanNdoes unigrid mean anything to anyone? some sort of linux management tool?
13:33Mcnews wrt missing akalla builds in bug 1383642 comment 37 . so Tom/Tad is back somehow
13:33thebotBug cri, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, OVH servers are down (e.g.,
14:32stefanhfrg_away: fwiw, I agree there's no point keeping SMILE
14:33frg_awaystefanh hi! ewong thought about it also some more and thinks it can go too. IanN should decide.
14:34frg_awaystefanh forgot the cc you to the bug. tss tss tss. Wanted all the regular contributors on it.
14:34IanNfrg_away: need to make sure notify extension authors
14:35WG9sfrg_away: if you are talking about keeping SMIL I would ask dholbert.
14:35frg_awayHi IanN you are here and away at the same time :) But how? Usually release notes but this is some time away.
14:37WG9sfrg I would at least ask people who don't think it is called SMILE.
14:39stefanhWG9s: see bug 1388561
14:39thebotBug nor, --, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, remove SMILE module from SeaMonkey
14:40stefanhIanN: someone said it was 14 (or was it 17?) add-ons affected
14:40WG9sstefanh: as long as this is not the same as removing SMIL I am fine with it.
14:41frg_awayWG9s sure not.
14:42frg_awaystefanh wasn't that TB STEEL But on the other hand might be the same because they just use Application.
14:42WG9sfrg_away: ok both pronounced the same so not sure what was actully being proposed here I never hear of SMILE before.
14:43stefanhWG9s: SMIL is in gecko, so that wouldn't be a seamonkey decision
14:44WG9sstefanh: well then pardon my interruption.
14:44stefanhWG9s: no worries :-)
15:06IanNstefanh: do we know which add-ons?
15:06IanNstefanh: I am presuming they will also be impacted by the STEEL / FUEL removals?
15:08stefanhIanN: I dunno about what add-ons, let me see where I read about the numbers...
15:10thebotBug 1278067 nor, --, Thunderbird 57.0, acelists, RESO FIXED, remove STEEL module from Thunderbird
15:12stefanhIanN: He probably looked in
15:12IanNstefanh: ah, the magic place...
15:12* IanN hopes frg_away knows about there
15:13stefanhIanN: that's AMO addons, of course
15:14stefanhor rather, I guess that's AMO addons
15:14frg_awayIanN yes that is why I asked Callek_cloud9 during the meeting. He doesn't have the credentials.
15:14stefanhit's just an okta login
15:14stefanhyou should have access to the page
15:15stefanhsince I have
15:15IanNfrg_away: I will try when I get home
15:16frg_awayIanN If not I will ask the TB devs.
15:17stefanhIanN, frg_away: in the tb bug they say it's tedious to figure out the add-on names since they're listed by ID
15:28stefanhIanN, frg_away: searching for "smileIApplication" at gives me these add-ons:
15:29stefanhthere's one dupe
15:29IanN13 i think
15:29stefanhso 13 add-ons affected
15:29IanNanyway need to head home
15:30frg_awaystefanh thanks
15:30stefanhfrg_away: np
15:31stefanhfrg_away: dunno how to figure out the name, but in the tb bug it looks like the tb devs have a list
15:32stefanhfrg_away: btw, chatzilla and domi will be affected I guess?
15:33frg_awaystefanh chatzilla is already broken by the removals. I have a patch for DOMi but didn't look at SMILE in it.
15:36stefanhfrg_away: hmm, so cz will die?
15:36frg_awaystefanh no for both when it comes to SMILE.
15:37frg_awaystefanh can still be patched up. I might do it and file a bug when no one else does. Rather trivial at the moment. Just did NoScript and Adblock+ local but still have one problem with ABP. Style sheet loading.
15:39stefanhthat's reassuring :-)
15:56frg_awaytherube_agone They now no longer load anything from the tabs at startup. This would need much work to duplicate it in SeaMonkey. Unfortunately I wouldn't hold my breath.
15:57Callek_cloud9frg_away: stefanh: apparantly I do have access now (I never used to, so I suspect the auth requirements got laxed either intentionally or accidentally there)
15:59frg_awayI got 3 identified I think the others are not on amo or at least google doesn't find them:
15:59frg_awaydownload flash and video addons/53003/modules/DownloadManagers.js
15:59frg_away worldip addons/8661/chrome/content/worldip.js
15:59frg_awaysuper video downloader addons/306840/modules/DownloadManagers.js
15:59frg_awaymight be old versions?
16:02stefanhCallek_cloud9: it's odd that you didn't had access
16:02stefanhI mean, I have access and I'm not employed
16:03Callek_cloud9stefanh: it was locked down pretty tightly for a long time... (when it was on mxr) I suspect around the time you gained access so did I
16:03stefanhCallek_cloud9: ah
16:05stefanhfrg_away: jorgk have a list, see
16:05thebotBug 1278067 nor, --, Thunderbird 57.0, acelists, RESO FIXED, remove STEEL module from Thunderbird
16:06stefanhCallek_cloud9: btw, how's life? You're ok?
17:43IanN|Awayfrg_away: any add-ons that have FUEL or STEEL in the same part of the code, should have had fair warning
17:46frg_awayIanN|Away found only lemonjuice last-dictionary-for-mail in the list from jorgk. The others are either not in it or I did search wrong. I suspect old versions. download flash and video no longer uses it.
17:48frg_awayThe only one you can find by id in either Fx or SM:
19:35stefanhfrg_away: better to use the bug # for when the value was removed from gecko ;-) (I thought that was the bug # you mentioned in your comment)
19:38frg_awaystefanh one of the two should do. Pick the one you like more :) The older one shows the replacement better
19:38stefanhfrg_away: well, I used yours first, but then the msg became wrong because that didn't made it obsolete
19:39frg_awaystefanh oh I see you pushed already.
19:39stefanhfrg_away: i thought you refered to the bug where the value was removed from gecko
19:40stefanhfrg_away: anyway, nm :-)
19:40frg_awaystefanh yes. I looked at it first. and then did go thru the comments. Shouldn't we push this one also to esr52 and beta? simple fix and polish things up.
19:41stefanhfrg_away: yeah, let me ask for approval
19:42stefanhfrg_away: hmm, but I thought there wouldn't be a beta?
19:43frg_awaystefanh I asked IanN if we should still push thru beta for esr52 and he said yes. I am still on beta too because of addon issues.
19:45stefanhiirc I think I had a fix for a while ago that was only pushed to esr52
19:45stefanhI messed up my build environment so I'm a bit distracted atm :/
19:46frg_awaystefanh yes I pushed some to esr52 only before I saw the light :) Anyway I recently skipped another one because I would have needed a rebase for beta and esr52 and it wasn't trivial and end of cycle. So esr52 only.
19:50* stefanh finally got his build environment working
19:55frg_awaystefanh something broken?
19:58stefanhfrg_away: no, got a configure error first that told me to set the LLVM_CONFIG env var, then started to update macports and fiddling with the .profile paths
19:58stefanhfrg_away: I hadn't updated my tree for a long time
19:58frg_awaystefanh disable-stylo and disable-webrender is currently your friend. How long we will see.
19:59stefanhfrg_away: finally, I throwed away my objdir and then it worked
19:59stefanhI'm not using disable-stylo and disable-webrender - have never done
19:59frg_awaystefanh 2.54 is a mess. NoScript Adblock+ chatzilla DOMi and who knows what broken...
20:00stefanhfrg_away: you can't build without disable-stylo and disable-webrender?
20:00frg_awaystefanh sure you can. At least last week.
20:00frg_awayOn Windows I still can.
20:00stefanhlast time i tried it worked on mac
20:00stefanhwe'll see now ;-)
20:01stefanhfrg_away: it would be nice with a trunk patch for DOMi ;-)
20:01frg_awayOur builder do it:
20:02stefanhshould work then
20:02stefanhI always build debug on trunk
20:03frg_awaystefanh bug 1388275 But I think I need to up the minimum Gecko versions to 12 before checkin if IanN says yo.
20:03thebotBug nor, P3, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Remove nsIPrefBranch2 and nsIPrefBranchInternal in DOMi
20:05frg_awaystefanh Put bug 1387699 also in or startup will fail. Forgot to ask for r?
20:05thebotBug nor, P3, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Port bug 1356263 and bug 1313625 to SeaMonkey: Remove use of nsILocaleService/getApplicationLocale(
20:06stefanhfrg_away: thanks
20:18stefanhwhen is SM esr52 about to be released? I think I have some more polish on the way - I wanted to update the look of your sidebars. I fixed the gecko parts ages ago in bug 1192053
20:18thebotBug nor, P2, mozilla52, stefanh, RESO FIXED, Native theming: Support for Mac OS X source lists
20:19* stefanh should have pinged frg_away
20:21frg_awaystefanh deep in TriggeringPrincipals :) The code is basically ready but I think you still have 2 weeks. We probably do a release branch with TB and as far as I know they have not started.
20:27stefanhfrg_away: ok
20:30frg_awaystefanh I also want to do an OSX version and give it to at least one of the people for whom 2.48 on 10.12 crashes. I still wonder why it doesn't for me?
20:30stefanhany stack signatures that tells you anything?
20:32frg_awaystefanh The relevant bugs are in the user story of bug 1346939 Mostly bug 1286613 I think.
20:32thebotBug blo, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.49.1 from ESR branch
20:32thebotBug blo, --, mozilla53, mh+mozilla, RESO FIXED, [10.12] Daily crashes on startup in nsAbOSXDirectory::Init on Sierra, via malloc_zone_batch_malloc,
20:39stefanhfrg_away: Do you have SM checked in Contacts in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab (might be called Integrity or something else)?
20:40frg_awaystefanh let me check
20:40stefanhfrg_away: this is btw
20:41thebotBug 1286613 blo, --, mozilla53, mh+mozilla, RESO FIXED, [10.12] Daily crashes on startup in nsAbOSXDirectory::Init on Sierra, via malloc_zone_batch_malloc,
20:42frg_awaystefanh yes checked
20:47frg_awaystefanh works fine. Older 2.49.1 which per bug(s) is unfixed.
20:53stefanhfrg_away: hmm, I dunno
21:07frg_awaystefanh: Gremlins. Anyway will be fixed by taking the TB bugs.
21:36frg_awayenough principals for today :) night
10 Aug 2017
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