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8 Sep 2017
01:58hogarthhmm. gtk3 in 2.49 has one small issue wrt backgrounds. the colour for tab text does not change :/
02:10hogarthis there anything more thrilling about gtk than the way configuring stuff seems to change from version to version? :/
02:12hogarthdespite setting the Emacs theme in all the varied places that can be, a nuclear attack thanks to was the thing that finally solved it
02:12thebotBug 1269058 nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO INVALID, GTK3 key bindings are ignored
04:04nikolamhi This machine has MS Windows 10 1607 64-bit and Seamonkey 2.46 installed. It says there is no available update when checking.
04:05nikolamBut then on site there is 2.48 Seamonkey installer and there is some problem with certificate for https page pointing to instead..
04:05nikolamBut after downloading supposedly 2.48 Seamonkey for MS Windows, it again says "2.46" in Seamonkey version..
04:07nikolamSo Aether someone is misusing certificate to put other binaries for download (unlikely), 2.46 version is latest for MS Windows (likely) or someone forgot to publish (less likely) or build (more likely) Seamonkey 2.48 for MS Windows
04:50nikolamhope someone head that or I need to post a bug report
04:53ewongnikolam: 2.48 is available .. updating is buggered all up
04:53ewongyou can always get the release from there is a bit of wonkiness if you also use NoScript...
04:54nikolamewong, so it's a bug in 2.48 with updating not working atm?
04:54nikolamI use Noscript.. think I cann't live without it :P
04:54ewongnot so much as with 2.48, but with everything in general as I'm still working on getting the updating process working..
04:55ewongnow I just need to test it with our updates server
04:56nikolamHaven't been using Seamonkey for quite a while. My main platform till recently was illumos/Openindiana there were Seamonkey last time compiled in 2015.
04:56nikolamewong, great
05:00nikolamHm, till now I didn't know Noscript forces https ..
05:01ewongright .. and that is a problem since download.<whatever> doesn&#39;t support https
05:20werwolfewong: hi, I mean this is also my new problem with email
05:20werwolfthis https
05:20werwolfI get a message ...
05:20werwolfunknown identity
05:21werwolfsomething with certificates
05:21werwolfbut may be it has to do with kasperski antivirus
05:22werwolfwhich is secure conection
05:44frg_awayMorning ewong How was the week?
06:03ewongfrg_away: getting stressful
06:07ewongI hope your week is faring better then mine
06:10frg_awayewong not exactly. Too many problems at work
06:10ewongwork = problem
06:10ewongI&#39;m going to work = I&#39;m going to problem. :P
06:10ewongneed to unwind
06:10frg_awayewong work + problems = problems * 2 :)
06:11ewongfrg_away: you fail at math.. it&#39;s work + problems = problems ^2
06:11ewongor I fail at math
06:11ewongwork + problems = drained IT
06:12frg_awayewong or so :)
06:13* ewong feels a headache boiling..
06:16frg_awayewong wrt partial mars I thought only - spider does not actually download the files. Will set r+
06:16ewongfrg_away: nope... -O - also does the trick :)
06:17ewongonly interested in the list in latest-comm-central-trunk.. spider would work as well..
06:17ewongjust need to specify -l1
06:17ewongand probably some other stuff
06:20frg_awayewong will do the other later or this weekend. Didn&#39;t see movement in the l10n bugs so IanN|Away probably hadn&#39;t time. c-c merge is now scheduled for 09/14. They want to destroy the browser as fast as they can :) m-c will stay at 57 till 09/20 the original date.
06:21ewongoh man...
06:21ewongfrg_away: I think Ian&#39;s working on it..
06:24frg_awayewong great not sure if it would make sense to start building to see if we run into problems and then switch to a build 2 when done?
06:25ewongfrg_away: might as well wait.. at least we&#39;ll have the l10n in and can worry about the build issues knowing that they are in.
06:45ewongreally? we&#39;re busted again?
06:45ewongfrg_away: know anything about &quot;nsMsgHdr.h:17:7: error: using typedef-name &#39;using nsCString = class nsTString<char>&#39; after &#39;class&#39; class nsCString;&quot;
06:47frg_awayewong jorgk is on bug 1398039. Might be this one?
06:47thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Port |Bug 1393230 - Part 1: Remove remaining string forward declarations| to mailnews/
06:47ewongfrg_away: yup..that is it
06:49ewongwill need to have that fixed before we know if our nightly finds the prev mar file
06:53frg_awayewong will see if I find some time to fix up 2.54. Still some outstanding bugs but at least halfway usable now. But hey f*cked up most extensions pretty good with the removals so rather pointless. When SeaMonkey runs again I will ask the uBlock dev if he can ifx it up.
06:54ewongextensions are supposed to be fubard in 2.54
06:56frg_awayewong they still work fine of they don&#39;t use the deprecated features but no one cares of they break. I hope that Fx market share goes down because of the mess they created.... grummlll ...
06:57werwolfguten Morgen
06:57ewongI don&#39;t really pay too much attention to the marketshare... if SeaMonkey doesn&#39;t have 100%... it matters not :)
06:58werwolf:D marketshare :D
07:00werwolfI just read this from the founder of Opera Jon von Tetzchner:
07:12frg_awaywe don&#39;t need to worry about 1200 employees and as long as SeaMonkey works I am happy :)
07:13ewongfor 1200 employees it sounds small
07:14frg_awaylook at the status of web exetnsions and you wonder how they allocate resources...
07:33ewongoh well.. guess it will be the next nightly.. since we&#39;re busted on trunk
07:44frg_awaynikolam You only need to tell NoScript not to force https for the one download site. The cirtificate problems ounds like kapersky. You probably need to import the private Kapoersky certificate but I would never compromise https authentication and allow a third party to decode the https stream e.g I would just turn this feature off in the virus scanner.
07:45frg_awayJust MS is enough :)
07:45nikolamfrg_away, not using Kaspersky antivirus
07:46nikolamManaged to se Noscript exclusion, even I still think its not Noscript&#39;s job but, well.
07:47frg_awayNot the only virus scanner doing it. I think avast and avira alos do the same :) The site is hosted by mozilla. The bug goes back and forth but this will probably only resolved when and if we host it on our own site.
07:49nikolamatm. only MS Defender active here.
07:49nikolamand Zone Alarm. Hm, so mozilla will never have https supported there?..
07:51ThurahTomg, ZA still exist? What a blast from the past to see that name.
07:52nikolamhah, sure it&#39;s interface looks a bit old. But it does not compain and works and.. I suppose it&#39;s better then dealing with MS firewall that might be lacky anyway.
07:52ThurahTI used to beta test 8 Signs Firewall for James Grant until he moved on to ZA due ot increased pay.
07:52ThurahTyeah, I guess so : )
07:53ThurahTOld interfaces usually is better looking than new ones anyway
07:53nikolamThere&#39;s still basic firewall-only free edition.. :P
07:53ThurahTI mean, look at FF..
07:54nikolamYeah, FF wasn&#39;t even near Mozilla and later Seamonkey for usability and options. But recently it is moving forward..
07:55ewongI used to use ZA
07:56ThurahTI always looked at FF as MozSuite/SM&#39;s little and defunct brother. It always lacked options and preferences compared. Even at its peak it never compared to SM.
07:56ewongwell this little brother is now the big brother...
07:56ThurahThaha.. Yeah..
07:56ewongand we&#39;re now relegated to a tiny role
07:57ThurahTI&#39;d say it&#39;s SM cruel daddy
07:57ewongno.. FF is still a sibling
07:57ThurahTtrue. Mutated evil offspring.
07:58ThurahTbtw, regarding uBO. Gorhill made some hybrid extensions that transit to pure webext.
07:59ThurahTsame for uM.
08:01ThurahTso, whether SM goes full webext or stays xpi or supports both. uBO will always work at least.
08:13ewongit&#39;s gonna have to be one or the other... I&#39;m not sure we have enough resources to support both
08:27frg_awayThurahT I fixed up SeaMonkey 2.45 so that it is usable ( 4 bugs in review 2 outstanding) and uBlock is completly broken in it. Nothing I can do here other than report it.
08:28ThurahTthe xpi version is broken you mean?
08:29ThurahTor the hybrid and webext versions as well?
08:31frg_awayThurahT The latest xpi 14.0 I think
08:31frg_awayGot it from github The one with firefox in name so probably the hybrid. Webext wouldn&#39;t work in SM now.
08:32frg_away13.8 completly broken.
08:33ThurahTah, I see. Well. I&#39;ll be in my bunker (2.38) until things quiet down.. : )
08:37frg_awayewong mozilla will be doing one l10n repo for each langange which contains all trees in the future startting with 57. Just saw the announcement in
08:38frg_awayThuratH 2.49.1 is quite nice. 2.53 isn&#39;t bad either. Still has some rpoblems but mostly works quite well and faster.
08:43ewongfrg_away: thanks for the heads up
08:45ewongso one language repo for all trees
08:46ewongso I&#39;m wondering how string removal work now
08:47ewongyou remove the string from m-c... what about m-b +?
08:55frg_awayewong one head so probably no removals If you need chnages you put in a new id. Looks half baked but we will see. I can see the benefits. No problems putting new strings in esr.
08:56ewongor maybe the removals are done once the string is EOLd in release
09:00frg_awayewong yeahh one head but you could still use tags for checkout.
9 Sep 2017
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