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8 Aug 2017
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06:52fantomastherube_agone 2.48 ... I've been told already that the problem but the patch I tried didn't fix the problem. Funny that contrib bild doesn't have this problem so I try different build options
11:04frg_awayWG9s Hi Bill
12:02WG9sfrg_away: hi
12:03WG9s!seen RyanVM
12:03thebotryanvm was last seen 216 weeks, 15 hours, 12 minutes and 14 seconds ago, saying 'ok' in #seamonkey.
12:20WG9sfrg_away: sorry was off working ona different computer in a different room. not sure what you wanted but AFAIK my pending patches on bug 1378075 and bug 1383457 are ready for check-in
12:20thebotBug nor, --, ---, wgianopoulos, ASSI, Missing visual separation of main window elements with W7 classic desktop
12:20thebotBug nor, --, ---, wgianopoulos, ASSI, Use mozIntl for formatting dates and times in SeaMonkey
12:21WG9sfrg I have 64-bit Windows and Linux builds available for download at you can use to test so you don't need to rebuild to test
12:25frg_awayWG9s Just wanted to say hi :) Testing bug 1383457 and hopefully be done with it today. But should be. The two things you fixed were all what was needed. Worked mostly on getting 2.49.1 building started in the last few days.
12:25thebotBug nor, --, ---, wgianopoulos, ASSI, Use mozIntl for formatting dates and times in SeaMonkey
12:27WG9sfrg_away: OK going to work on the favicon issue is it just in the urlbar suggestions as afar as you know?
12:27frg_awayWG9s DOMi is broken in 2.54. You might want to include bug 1388275 in your builds.
12:27thebotBug nor, P3, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Remove nsIPrefBranch2 and nsIPrefBranchInternal in DOMi
12:27WG9sfrg_away: good suggestion might help me in debugging these other issues
12:28WG9sfrg_away: on the MAPI bug I am going to try to duplicate under Linux. If it turns out to be Windows only I might be of less help than I thought on that issue.
12:29frg_awayWG9s Hopefully yes only the urlbar but not sure. I would use 2.53 for fixing it. 2.54 becomes more fubar with every day. I will look at it again when the initial rounds of lets remove everything stopped.
12:30frg_awayWG9s It is Windows only.
12:36WG9sfrg_away: I will still ook at it but promissing less then.
12:41WG9sfrg_away: as soon as my firefox builds finish and my build systems are free I will re-do todays seamonky builds including bug 1388275
12:41thebotBug nor, P3, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Remove nsIPrefBranch2 and nsIPrefBranchInternal in DOMi
12:42WG9sfrg_away: windows buld system is still doing Firefox build and Linux system si still doing my Android build.
12:43frg_awayWG9s yupp with more rust stuff in everything seems to take longer with every month.
12:44WG9sfrg_away: yes i complained about that. rust is really slow compared to gcc
12:45WG9sfrg my windows builds always took forever, but i used to be able to do a linux build in about 45 minutes
12:46frg_awayWG9s I have given up. They will do what they want anyway. Just a snip now and then to keep them busy :) Windows build in a vm takes around 40 minutes full now. Up from 33 a few months ago. Outside of the vm maybe 25 to 30 but didn't check yet.
12:50WG9sfrg_away: much of my windows issue i make myself. to amke sure all of my patches will apply cleanly to the trunk i start with a new clone every day and then apply my patches to minimize possibility of merge conflicts when they land.
12:50WG9shg cone on windows takes forever.
12:52frg_awayWG9s you should be able to do this without a clone. maybe hg revert --all and hg purge --all
12:53WG9sfrg i wonder if there is still some lame anti-virus scan going on even though i specifically excluded teh entire mozilla/build directory and the deirectory I use for my builds and the temp directory i defined for msys to NOT be scanned. i wonder if it is scanning and thus slowing down network traffic. i might go back to disabling the av service altogether during builds
12:53WG9sfrg the noew clone is fine under Linux though takes about 10=15 mins
12:54WG9s10 to 15 mins
12:54frg_awayWG9s also make sure you use the latest hg under windows.
12:56WG9sfrg_away: this used to take less time before they changed hg clone to understnd bundles. there used to be a weekly posted bundle and i used to download that once a week and then build using the already local on the machine bundle. since there sno longer seems to be a way to get a bundle only downloaded I cant do that anymore either.
12:58WG9sI suspect my windows issue is actually the av software perhaps i need to disable that completely during the clone step because i have an idea it is scanning all network download traffic even if the destination is a directory I specifically told it never to scan.
12:59frg_awayWG9s I excluded the whole build drive from realtime scanning. Use MSE. Not really good but takes the least resources. For email attachments I use brain 1.0 anyway :)
13:37WG9sfrgthis DOMi thing is harder than I ex[pected. my build procudre permits patching comm-central amd patching the mozilla repository within that now try8ing to patch another embedded repository withing that.
15:52tonymec|awayTested today's nightly in my usual profile (but installed under my home dir rather than under /usr/local). cZ fails a few lines earlier than yesterday in the same source file. Sidebar for Facebook now also fails. Nightly Tester Tools gives no error message but "important" functionality has disappeared. I saved the error messages.
18:02therube_agoneBug 1374847 will probably break DOM Inspector (among much more)
18:02thebotBug nor, P3, mozilla57, VYV03354, RESO FIXED, Remove nsIPrefBranch2 and nsIPrefBranchInternal
18:06therube_agoneoh, i see you already see that (but from a different bug #)
19:14frg_awaytherube_agone Bug 1388275 Not much of a bug thankfully. Fx 57 is worthless and so is 2.54 at the moment Adblock+ and Noscript broken.
19:14thebotBug nor, P3, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Remove nsIPrefBranch2 and nsIPrefBranchInternal in DOMi
19:15frg_awayWonder what google paid them to do this release in this way? Well another 10 to 20% marke share for chrome might be worth something...
20:35therube_agonewell it may be a relatively simple fix for DOMi, but there are plenty of other extensions that use the same functions that will also no longer work (& are very unlikely to be updated - unless "we" do it, ... maybe Lemon's tool?) & that will affect SeaMonkey users. FF, not, cause they won't be able to use the extensions in any case (as they won't be WE).
9 Aug 2017
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