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7 Sep 2017
16:11werwolfhi, please, what is that?
16:50Mcwerwolf: do you have an internet security which scanns secure connections?
16:55Mcif yes just disable it. it's recommended to do so, because it can be used for man in the middle attacks
17:13werwolfhi Mc
17:13werwolfI have kasperski antivirus
17:13werwolfI mean this is it.
17:13werwolfwhere can I disable it, please?
17:14werwolfI installed it yesterday, thats why I never have seen this message before.
17:15Mci don't use it, sorry, but i know there is a setting for that scanning
17:16McSichere Verbindungen scannen, or like that
17:18werwolfWarum sprechen wir Englisch?
17:22Mcin german
17:23Mctherube_agone: extra service for werwolf ;-)
8 Sep 2017
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