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7 Aug 2017
06:29Mchm, logbot is here but i can't get a log
07:04Mc(111) Connection refused
07:27McLast activity of Tom Farrow [:Tad]: 2017-07-23 13:57:08 PDT, so apparently no progress wrt akalla builds
07:54frg_awayHi ewong! slept well?
07:55ewongfrg_away: pretty ok.
07:56frg_awayewong seems to be down. Anything new?
07:56ewongfrg_away: nothing much.. was working on something else ..
07:59frg_awayewong parts for my new pc are lying around here for 2 weeks now. Didn't have time to assemble it yet.
07:59ewongfrg_away: what kinda machine are you building?
08:02frg_awayewong Supermicro X9DAI and 2 XEON E5-2670 Got 32 GB ECC RDMMs cheap. Plan to switch to E5-v2s when the price for them goes down. The E5s were around $120 used each now. No longer buy new CPUs Intel wants a fortune for them. 16 physical cores will be nice. Now have 12.
08:02ewongoh wow.. how much was that?
08:03frg_awayX10DAI would have been better but the V3 and V4 are out of my price range.
08:06frg_awayI think $1000. Motherboard was the priciest item. I needed a new PS and opted for the Corsair AX860. Have it in my main PC right now. This should last the next 5 to 10 years with a processor upgrade later again.
08:07ewongfrg_away: PS?
08:07frg_awayewong power supply. Only had an older 620W in my spare case.
08:08frg_awaycould probably have used it but it has too few connectors for modern hardware.
08:09ewongfrg_away: whatcha gonna run on that system?
08:10frg_awayPlain Windows 7 Pro and 8.1 Pro first. Will just duplicate my current setup. If Win 10 continues to degrade and nothing better comes up probably Linux after 2020.
08:11frg_awayMoved almost everything to VMs anyway.
08:13ewongwhat kinda vm?
08:15frg_awayVirtualbox. Not the best but does the job and is free. Like the support for so many different OS versions. Great to have Linux, XP, Vista, 10 and all the rest around and still supported as guest.
10:11fantomasI am still getting crashes with own mozilla build when trying to open mailnews. Even in safe mode. Contributed build works. debian/linux/pc/64bit. Any idea how to debug this problem?
10:20fantomasI'm getting ExceptionHandler::GenerateDump, ExceptionHandler::SendContinueSignalToChild and ExceptionHandler::WaitForContinueSignal before crash
11:53Mcfrg_away: will the first official 2.49.1esr builds show up in tinderbox-builds directory or immediately in releases directory?
12:14frg_awayMc releases. There is currently no automation for comm-esr52. Not sure if tinderbox is even build after ewong|awaychanges the configs. Monitor bug 1346939. I think we have the source mostly sorted out. Need to still do some config changes. If you want an interim build let me know.
12:14thebotBug blo, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.49.1 from ESR branch
12:17Mcthanks, i already do
15:14tonymec|awayfrg_away: "ChatZilla run-time error" alert in today's nightly when starting cZ. Shall I report it? And where? In the meantime I'm staying with yesterday's nightly, where the same cZ build ( works OK.
15:16frg_awaytonymec|away I didn't test the current 2.54 yet. Afraid what I will find :) I would wait with bug reports for a few days. Might be a problem in SeaMonkey.
15:18tonymec|awayfrg_away: almost certainly a prob in Sm since the same cZ works with yesterday's Sm. Or else, the Toolkit guys removed sth needed by cZ and possibly by other extensions (NTT title customization also fails).
15:19frg_awaytonymec|away There were new removals.
15:19tonymec|awayP.S. NTT = Nightly Tester Tools extension
15:20tonymec|awayCan't they leave well enough alone, for ***sakes? If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
15:28frg_awaytonymec|away that is only the beginning... At least it can still be fixed up.
15:45therube_agonefantomas: what version of SM are you building? frg may have a clue as to the exception.
16:05tonymec|awayInterfaces removed tonight: see!topic/tb-planning/lbQIuLNv_2s
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8 Aug 2017
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