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6 Aug 2017
12:05frg_awayWG9s Hi Bill
12:07WG9sfrg_away: hey. sorry i guess i asked a stupid question. i really did not have time to look at this enough as I am working on a patch for bug 1278341 as it just this weekend borke my android build and i finally got fed up with the issue.
12:07thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Bootstrap's "Please choose the version of Firefox you want to build" prompt has so much text, its li
12:08frg_awayWG9s no problem. I am a hamster in a wheel today so timely answers may not come. Dealing with 2.54 breakages and trying to get 2.49.1 going.
12:09frg_awayback in a minute with a new 2.49.1 build.
12:09WG9sfrg_away: I will not bother you anymore. as soon as i fix the mach bootstrap issue i will figure out what is wrong with cookieviewer. i can duplicate the issue.
12:09WG9sand it is not (as I thought it souwld be) windows only.
12:12frg_awayWG9s might be broken for some time now and a different issue.
12:22WG9sfrg_away: And i will work with jorgk on the other issue.
13:40frg_awaytoneymec: You updated the wrong status meeting:
13:40frg_awayThe interim page creator frg forgot to link the current one in the index. Btw. The Adblock+ issue has been resolved in mozilla code. But NoScript is badly broken.
13:41frg_awayHi IanN
13:42frg_awayfrg today:
13:42tonymecfrg_away: huh? I thought I had updated the one whose "next meeting" didn't resolve.
13:42IanNMeeting starts in 18 minutes -
13:42IanNhi frg
13:43tonymecfrg: you're right, I'll have to move the changes
13:52IanNMeeting starts in 8 minutes -
13:56tonymecfrg: done.
13:57tonymecIanN: hello
13:57IanNhi tonymec
13:57IanNMeeting starts in 3 minutes -
14:00IanNMeeting time -
14:00IanNWho's taking minutes?
14:00frgthe hamster :)
14:01IanNty the hamster
14:02IanNNominees for Friends of the Fish Tank?
14:02frgewong for getting 2.48 out.
14:03IanNanyone else?
14:03frgping tonymec
14:04tonymecfrg: pong
14:06tonymecfrg: you mean, shall I third ewong? No prob. Or do I think about someone else? None apart from you at the moment :-P
14:06frgI need to nominate jorgk but ewong first.
14:07tonymecall right
14:07IanNAction Items?
14:08frgsafebrowsing V4 key is on the builder. Not sure if it is still building but it did. They key itself had problems. Not sure why.
14:08frgdidn't have time to investigate yet.
14:09IanNbut it is working now?
14:10frgAt least for V2 We could probably use it for 2.49.1 but would also need a quota update if it hits release.
14:12IanNother than that is anything else needed to get it into 2.49.1?
14:12frgIanN no only config updates. I can do them.
14:13frgI use another key for 2.49.1 for months now. No problems.
14:14IanNanything else on action items?
14:14frgMuch but let the m-c tree settle down first
14:15IanNStatus of the SeaMonkey Buildbot Master and Tree
14:15* IanN looks for an ewong
14:17frgc-b to c-esr52 are peachy. c-c is or was building locally but mozilla removed so much that it has problems. Might be broken now. l10n is broken for sure because of recent changes. I stayed on 2.56 for now. NoScript is broken and won't browse without it.
14:18frgcZ is probably brkoen too.
14:20tonymecAFAICT the latest cZ works with today's trunk nightly. I'm using them now. Didn't check if packaged together.
14:21IanNis this down to the new l10n stuff that has landed?
14:21frgnSIScriptableDateFormat was removed and other locale retaled changes also. Thankfully we were already covered. cZ uses it but displays an error message instead of the date. Non fatal.
14:21IanNpacking stuff
14:22frgIanN no that is a separate issue. We need to redo our makefiles. Seems to be simple but there is only so much you can do in one day :) I am concentrating on getting 2.49.1 shipshape right now.
14:22IanNfrg: yes, that is probably best :)
14:23frgIanN and I can't keep the speed much longer or I need a vacation after the vacation. So c-c might stay broken a while instead of half working. I will try for sure but...
14:24IanNfrg: yes, I need to try too, hoping i will have time in the next 2 weeks, depends on work workload
14:25IanNRelease Train
14:25frgUpconing bookmark/places issues worry me but we will see.
14:26frgI think I have everything together for a 2.49.1 release. Jorgk does not have any other bugs for uplift. See bug 1346939
14:26thebotBug blo, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.49.1 from ESR branch
14:27IanNyes, i have a r/a request on that don't I?
14:28frgIanN. Yes. Additionally I would like to set MOZ_RUST_MP4PARSE=1 and MOZ_RUST_URLPARSE=1 in Using these for months now and Fx has them. Asked a few releases before and everyone thought no then.
14:30frg2.48 seems to have big problems on OS X 10.12. I do not want to do a 2.48.1 The jmalloc changes would need rebasing and uplifting. Not sure what might break here. So far only a few people complained. Seems not to hit everyone. Don't know why. Works for me.
14:31IanNi remember seeing something about moving to using 10.12 SDK
14:32frgIanN yes but I think not directly related. Internal changes in OS X 10.12. I knew about them but didn't think we would be hit after testing. Doh!
14:33IanNNeed to get the people impacted testing 2.49.1
14:34frgIanN I will do a private build and ask.
14:34frgAdrians builds are still down or we could have asked him to put one up.
14:34IanNfrg: thanks
14:35IanNis it a hosting thing?
14:35frgIanN yes. mozilla server.
14:35IanNfrg: :(
14:36frgl10n community hosted somewhere else. There is a bug open.
14:37frg2.48 is impacted also becaseu I linked the DOMi addon to it. I really need to find some time putting a new one on AMO.
14:37IanNfrg: do you have the credentials?
14:38frgIanN yes you gave them to me. I want to do debugQA first as a testbed but need to move the editor parts you want in it first so that I can recompile and test it.
14:40IanNfrg: ok, let me know if I can help
14:41frgIanN want to do debugQA first as a testbed. Fire time amo upload :) If you find the time you can do
14:42* IanN gets confused
14:43IanNso we have sort of strayed into Extensions and Plugins Compatibility Tracking
14:44frgIanN for release. jorgk asked if we should do a common release branch. Maybe you want top think about it and answer in the bug.
14:45IanNfrg: I don't see an issue with that (for m-c, c-c or both?)
14:45frgBecause of the many changes in m-c code a lot of extensions will break even without them being phased out.
14:46frgIanN at least for m-c. c-c probaby too. If we need something build specific whoch would affect mail we can always do a branch from the branch or not?
14:48IanNfrg: ok, that is on my radar
14:50IanNlots of stuff on Extensions I see
14:50tonymecabout extensions: if you use "Addons Manager - Version Number" on Sm 2.54 you need the extension's 1.5alpha1 development version released tonight. Details already in meeting notes. Previous versions display all about:addons buttons for all add-ons.
14:51IanNis there anyway to check which extensions used toolkit/obsolete?
14:51frgAt least shutdown lo longer hangs in 2.56+
14:52IanNwith which extension was that?
14:52frgIanN I think there is an internal mozilla repo of all extensions. Maybe callek_cloud9 can check.
14:53Callek_cloud9frg: I don't have access
14:53frgIanN Adblock+ Latest NoScript too. Probabyl anything with webextensions code.
14:54IanNi'm sure a TB/editor bug mentioned it
14:54frgCallek_cloud9 Thanks. Any way we can find out?
14:55frgAnd while we are on it SMILE will break starting tomorrow or during the week. toolkit\components\exthelper will be removed.
14:56IanNfrg: do we copy the code or ditch SMILE?
14:56frgTB removed it from STEEL. I looked at it but SMILE is more complicated I would just move it to suite for now.
14:56IanNfrg: again, we need to know how many extensions make use of it
14:57IanNhi ewong
14:57frgHi ewong
14:57ewongerm... 'tis it not 11pm?
14:57tonymechi ewong
14:57ewongor did I go to the wrong timezone?
14:57ewonghi guys..
14:58frgewong. If interim announcer frg didn't screw up wrong timezone.
14:58tonymecewong: meeting started at 14:00 UTC, almost an hour ago.
14:58ewongsomeone... just...shoot me..
14:59ewongdamn.. and I thought I was just in time for the meeting
14:59ewongdamn TZ and damn DST
14:59frgewong we still have some use for you left. Maybe after the infrastructure thing we will cast away you hollow shell :D
15:00frgsucked out dry .
15:00ewongahh good.. ..erm.. what?
15:00IanNfrg: is ewong a teenage mutant ninja turtle?
15:00frgIanN not sure but may a confused one right now.
15:01* ewong looks at the channel...
15:01ewongis this the right channel?
15:01frgyes he is. :) ewong just joke time all good.
15:02ewongah.. ok... yes.. obviously..I didn't get that joke
15:02* IanN hopes ewong is well
15:02ewongyeah..doing ok.. so what did I miss...
15:02ewongaside for that question mark
15:02frgjust confused I think.
15:02ewongand the joke.
15:02ewongand the meeting
15:02* ewong headdesks.
15:04frgewong You are fishy friend #1 for this week and we discussed 2.49.1 2.54 (comm-central) is fubar and takes a backseat till it stabilizes a bit. Just check the log. .
15:04IanNewong: just been discussing having common-release branch(es) with TB for esr
15:04ewongIanN: common release branch with TB isn't new.. just like the common Beta branch with tb..
15:04ewongwell.. 'new' as in experience 'new'
15:05ewongwow.. I read that as
15:05frgewong is something comes up later and we need to touch build code shared with TB can we do a branch from the branch then?
15:05ewongfrg shouldn't be a problem
15:06frgewong just numbers :)
15:06IanNewong: we've done 12.54 releases from 2.49 esr since your time travels...
15:06IanNewong: though 11.51 of them by accident
15:07IanNanyway. 2.x,, feature list and planning
15:07frgThe .54 are the updates working for the latest one :D
15:08frgI just want to get 2.49.1 out fast. With the current changes planning is impossible. When it is out I would like to concentrate on Infrastructure.
15:09ewongfrg: sure
15:09frgmozilla currently is just accelerating the plans for a future without Firefox. If we don't have our infra we don't have one either.
15:09ewonggetting the csets shouldn't be aproblem.. it's the fixing the bustages.. and btw.. we better hurry too.. need to do 2.49.1 before OSX64-3 gets tired and wants to go to the beach
15:10Callek_cloud9frg: sadly I'm not sure, maybe #addons can provide some guidance
15:11IanNewong: does it have a beach bar?
15:11ewongIanN: it probably has.
15:11ewongIanN: if it managed to attract -1, -2 and -4
15:11ewongCallek_cloud9: duuude!
15:12ewong<evil grin>
15:12frgewong Posting patches in bug 1346939. When Fx 52.3 has a final cset we should do a branch or used a merged TB one.
15:12thebotBug blo, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.49.1 from ESR branch
15:12IanNewong: unless it was a phishing attack
15:12Callek_cloud9ewong: I&#39;m here trying to make up some of my moco work from the past week, I hope to have a chance to talk with you tomorrow :-)
15:12ewongCallek_cloud9: goood :)
15:12* Callek_cloud9 just saw the ping and was an easy answer, because I don&#39;t have the addons search access
15:12ewongCallek_cloud9: if not.. email would be nice :)
15:13frgCallek_cloud9 it is Sunday. Just relax.
15:13ewongSunday morning.. I&#39;m up with a lark..
15:14frgewong I am happy in my hamster wheel.
15:16frgewong for the esr builder config. Did you understand me right? I am thinking of just changing the repo checkout to esr52 and letting evrything else stay in place.
15:16frgnot sure fi this is possible?
15:17ewongfrg: it is possible.. it&#39;s just we&#39;ll also affect the builders list which will show c-esr52 builds and no more c-r builds.. which is why I was proposing to add c-esr
15:17ewongto the builders
15:17ewongas for release builders.. that&#39;s a different thing
15:17ewongunless I&#39;m wrong.. Callek_cloud9 ^
15:18frgewong Yes but I don&#39;t think we need c-r anytime soon. If we manage to build up an infra we could add it back.
15:18Callek_cloud9ewong: offhand I don&#39;t have any good answers for buildbot stuff right now :(
15:19frgI am worried that esr52 is a new ballgame in the configs and everywhere which will delay release.
15:19ewongoh well.. we&#39;ll play it by ear
15:19ewongesr52 isn&#39;t really a new ball game.. just a different colour ballpark.. the ball game is just the same..
15:21ewongthe delay in release will be trying to update c-r people to c-esr people.. of course.. *IF* we don&#39;t get balrog set up. then that&#39;s a moot point.. the users just download the installation
15:21frgewong as usual you are the build boss. Just do the configs with what you think is best and I will do your bidding. You won&#39;t hear any complaints afterwards. We will just fix it together.
15:22ewongfrg: no worries.. and I&#39;m not the build boss.. *wink*
15:22frgewong if we keep the release channel like TB shouldn&#39;t 2.48 update normally?
15:23frg> and I&#39;m not the build boss..
15:23frgWho is?
15:23IanNi&#39;d hope so
15:23IanNit&#39;s OSX64-4
15:24frgsure not. Maybe the config boss.
15:24IanNthe bots have taken over
15:24ewongfrg: getting confused.. by &#39;release channel&#39;.. you mean the channel we do release. and not &#39;comm-release&#39;...
15:24frgwe will cross compile the bots away
15:25ewongwe talked to moco legal about this?
15:26ewongre: cross-compile
15:26IanNneed to find out what Fx did
15:26frgewong yes current release channel which should be comm-release. Sorry for being vague.
15:26ewongbut TB doesn&#39;t build off c-r
15:27frgewong no but they set comm-release. I am quite sure.
15:27IanNwe&#39;ll be releasing esr builds through the release channel
15:27ewongfrg: what do you mean by they set comm-release?
15:28frgewong update channel. I need to check if it is release or comm-release. Not anything esr. Only Fx does this. I only have Daily and Earlybird installed.
15:29ewongoh.. the update channel is &#39;release&#39;.. but it&#39;s esr
15:29ewongthis is confusing the crap outta me at this point in time
15:29ewongreminds me of Abbot and Costello&#39;s &quot;Who&#39;s on First&quot; skit
15:29ewongwell kinda
15:30frgewong that is what I mean. source comes from esr everything else is release as far as config makefiles etc are concerned
15:30ewongactually.. ignore me..
15:31frgOk, do someone know this ewong fellow? What does he do here? :D
15:32ewonganyway gotta head to bed..
15:32ewongfrg the tree they use is comm-esr.. the channel they refer to is &#39;release&#39;
15:32frgHappy good n8
15:33frgewong yes. sleep over it and we will just discuss it tomorrow.
15:35IanNanything on roundtable or AOB
15:36frgNot from me. Hopefully have some time during my vacation to clean up the comm-central mess but need some rest too :)
15:36IanNfrg: make sure you do get some rest
15:37tonymecnot for me
15:38frgIanN: yeah burning out helps no one. I think we need to keep SMILE. It is used internally too. If you agree: Do you want toolkit\components\exthelper with history in suite? I would probably phase it out over time as fast as free time permits.
15:38frgIanN maybe you can look at it No need for a decision today.
15:38IanNfrg: agreed
15:45frgLooked at the agenda and I think I ahve nothing left to add for now.
15:46IanNok, thanks for your time everyone
15:46IanNnext meeting in 2 weeks
15:46IanN20th August
15:47frgFor sure! Have fun.
15:53frg_awayIanN|Away Is the recents page gone from bugzilla or do I need sleep too?
15:54IanN|Awayfrg_away: I cannot see it either
15:54IanN|Awayfrg_away: I can see &quot;Bugs Filed Today&quot;
15:54frg_awaythen probably another &quot;enhancement&quot;... bummer.
15:55frg_awayMe too thru debugQA
16:02frg_awayblarggg bug 1369211
16:02thebotBug nor, P1, ---, vishalkr.k07, RESO FIXED, Remove the product dashboard extension as it exists
18:51frg_awaytonymec|away IanN|Away just a question Bug 1387786 Should this be wontfix incomplete, worksforme or fixed? The 2.48 issue is fixed in later releases but I didn&#39;t check which bug did it. Probably a toolkit bug.
18:51thebotBug nor, --, seamonkey2.48, nobody, RESO WONTFIX, SeaMonkey v2.48&#39;s Print Preview&#39;s toolbar shows missing icons for its first and last page icons.
18:52tonymec|awayfrg_away: one minute while I look at it
18:58tonymec|awayfrg_away: if trunk is unaffected but we don&#39;t know what fixed it, then it&#39;s WORKSFORME with details of (fixed, wontfix, affected, etc.) in the tracking flags near top right of the bug page. If we _know_ what fixed it then it&#39;s either DUPLICATE, or (FIXED with a comment mentioning the changeset of the fix).
19:00frg_awaytonymec|away thanks changed the bug. Maybe you can take another look.
19:02tonymec|awayfrg_away: Looks OK to me. The first (oldest branch) &quot;fixed&quot; would have been enough but no need to change it again.
19:02frg_awayyeah wasn&#39;t sure becuase current trunk is 2.54.
19:04tonymec|awayfrg_away: You can mention &quot;what was trunk at time of fixing&quot; in the Target Milestone, then anything later than that is implicitly FIXED too.
19:04frg_awayoki will try to remember.
19:05tonymec|awayno prob
20:44frg_awayStatus meeting notes are up. Still need to update the counters:
7 Aug 2017
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