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21 Apr 2017
05:05frg_awayGreetings ewong
05:06ewonghi frg! early today
05:06frg_awayewong: yes. Will see that I get back home early too :)
05:08ewongfrg_away: :)
05:11ewongfrg_away: incidentally that patch I attached to the 2.48b1 .. it's something I think I should've done with 2.46
05:12frg_awayewong: just looking now at mails.
05:12ewongfrg_away: btw, busted because of bug 1358341 (if you didn't know already) not even sure if it was filed before
05:12thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, /mailnews/base/util/nsMsgProtocol.o: undefined reference to `nsMsgProtocol::GetIsDocument(bool*)'
05:14frg_awayewong: Mahlzeit. Which patch. No Mail so must be an old one.
05:18frg_awayewong: never mind. Bugzilla Mail was in spam.
05:42frg_awayewong: you didn't set review? on the new patch. intentional?
05:48ewongfrg_away: I didn't?
05:49frg_awayewong: no flags
05:49ewongstrange... I thought I did ;/
05:50ewongbug 1336310
05:50thebotBug blo, P1, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.48b1
05:51frg_awayewong: r+
05:53ewongfrg_away: thanks!
05:59ewongfrg_away: re: bug 1351984, were those c-b changes transplanted already?
05:59thebotBug blo, P1, ---, nobody, NEW, Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.48
06:00ewonghmm doesn't look like it
06:00frg_awayewong: I checked and found only the patch with missing in the name missing. Everything else is there imho.
06:02ewongfrg_away: sorry... the patch"with missing in the name" missing?
06:02ewongoh smeg... this is confusing as heck
06:04IanN|Awayewong: what fix are you pushing on bug 1358341?
06:05thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, /mailnews/base/util/nsMsgProtocol.o: undefined reference to `nsMsgProtocol::GetIsDocument(bool*)'
06:05frg_awayewong: yes. I didn't check it in. Everything else is there. Build the patches from the 2.48b1 tree and tried to apply them into my local c-r m-r branches. Everything else but this fragment failed.Heads were set correctly to the SeaMonkey 2.48 branch.
06:05IanN|Awaymorning ewong and frg_away
06:05ewongIanN|Away: I haven't gotten a fix yet.
06:05ewongand since C++ isn't my strong point.. it's taking some time
06:05* thebot mumbles something about c++ being evil
06:05IanN|Awayewong: just wondering what the try pushes are
06:06frg_awayIanN|Away: morning. Maybe jorgk is already on it.
06:06ewongIanN|Away: oh that.. my attempts at fixing it.. I can't build locally as I need to update to VS2015 Update 3
06:06IanN|Awayprobably worth asking
06:07ewongIanN|Away, frg_away just out of curiosity.. would be the right c-r cset to base our RELBRANCH for 2.48 on?
06:08frg_awayIanN|Away. Set him already in cc. Will look at it when I am home if no one bites.
06:09ewongis it just me, or does the treeherder page no longer work in SM?
06:10frg_awayewong: would need to check at home later. Didn't clone my vm disk for the laptop yet because of merge day.
06:10frg_awayewong: try to set session cookies
06:24frg_awayewong: I think this is the right head:
06:38ewongoh narf
06:39ewongI was wrong.. I *DID* create the relbranch
06:40ewongcouldn't thought I had done that..
06:41ewongoh narf... don't have anything to transplant... nice
06:47ewongIanN|Away: ready for the l10n csets.. if they aren't the same as 2.48b1
06:47ewongbrb.. need to reboot
07:14frg_awayewong. The missing set if for m-r : oh narf... don't have anything to transplant... nice
07:19frg_awayewong who is back: The missing set if for m-r : oh narf... don't have anything to transplant... nice
07:22ewongfrg_away: not back really... dumb os needs to reboot
07:37ewongfrg_away: re: rust installation.. is there a way to use rust without needing to install it?
07:42frg_awayewong: want my up to date vs2015 installation guide? All covered there.
07:42ewongfrg_away: sure! please email me
07:46frg_awayewong: I have only the old version here. Will mail the new one when I am at home.
07:47ewongfrg_away: no worries.. anytime when it's convenient for you. since I don't need to worry about the msgprotocol bustage.. not in a hurry to build anything :)
08:13frg_awayewong: I see. Jorgk is on it. Should be home in 6h and send it then.
10:50tonymec|awayfrg_away: ewong|away: 2.52a1 not building on Linux. Last good hourly: see
10:51frg_awaytonymec|away: See log. Bug should be fixed now.
22 Apr 2017
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