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20 May 2017
03:45Mcfrg: Nightly Tester Tools has a browser crash option. perhaps you looked for this
06:51Mctherube: wrt NoScript errors, could be line 1641 is not needed in main,js, it would just give back null
06:51Mcother errors seem to be caused by that error calling
06:52Mccan Giorgio possibly say us, if it's save to use version 5.0.4 as is?
12:30Mcfeels good to be on 2.49.1esr and rather all extensions work :-)
12:36XogiumMc: aaah, the same, heh
13:47WG9sfrg_away: Thanks for your help with bug 1365811. We both got off track trying to equate it to the Thunderbird issue becuase they had similar error messages and showed up at the same time. I am glad I was able to bisect and find the real issue and that you came up with a fix so much soon after.
13:47thebotBug cri, --, ---, frgrahl, ASSI, No content in Browser/Sidebar. Build is not usable. Port Bug 780562 to SeaMonkey
13:52frg_awayWG9s no problemo. Was just glad that it turned out not to be a big problem. I still had trouble with my wip download manager patch at the time. This contributed to the problem by not restoring the last session correctly.
13:52frg_awayBtw. tomorrow is the next SeaMonkey status meeting:
14:39therubeMc: Giorgio hasn't been saying much of late. i just look at it as 5.0.4 is working, "errors" aside, so i go with it. if i saw actual breakage, i'd revert to an older version.
14:54Mctherube: thanks, that's what i also thought on a second look at the issue
17:51Mchm weird, Expire history by days (converted) still or again works in sm 2.49.1esr although bug 1246424 isn't fixed yet
17:51thebotBug enh, --, ---, m.kobernyk, ASSI, Provide Capability to Expire History Entries by Age
18:13Mcit shouldn't work if comment 9 is true
19:25Mca fix would provide expire in sm without the extension though
19:55GuidoHello, Is there a way to clean up the mail? It seams that it takes in a lot more space after seamonkey crashed
20:57ThurahTGuido: Alt+F F (File Meny -> Compact Folders)
20:59GuidoThurahT: Think that is not the solution. The folders where not compressed before either. I'm curious so what compressing means. It seams to disable filters.
21:00ThurahTdisable filters? Nah, it just compact (cleans) the folders erasing all old trashed messages.
21:01ThurahTIf you trash something it is still there. Compacting clears it all out.
21:06ThurahTeven if you clear the trashbin that is. It is still there. You can see all your trashed messages using a file viewer in the profiles mail directory.
21:20GuidoThurahT: i emptyed the trash.
21:21GuidoThurahT: in seamonkey but maybe still on the computer?
21:22ThurahTby emptying do you mean compacting? Otherwise it is still there.
21:23ThurahTall your personal SeaMonkey stuff is in your profiles directory.
21:25GuidoThurahT: interesting. always thougt emptying the tresch realy emptys it. it always asks if I'm shure weather I want to do that
21:26ThurahTwell, don't quote me on it. But I retrieved mails that way on some occasions. Compacting though and they're gone for real.
21:26ThurahTThis was some years ago and perhaps things have changed. I don't know. My SM is old as well.. : )
21:30GuidoThurahT: good to know. will do that more often. exspecially if the filters keep working
21:31GuidoThurahT: Do you also know about an addon to reorder the mailaccounts? There was one
21:31ThurahTyou can set it in preferences to do it automatically if it would save *number* of MB.
21:33ThurahTno idea on the addons though.
21:36GuidoThurahT: true, just saw it wile setting uop seamonkey on windows, but can't recalle wehere exactly it was
21:36frg_awayHi stefanh. Mac Mini works fine :)
21:36GuidoThurahT: found
21:37stefanhfrg_away: nice :-)
21:37GuidoThurahT: or not
21:37stefanhfrg_away: You've managed to build?
21:38* stefanh uses macports
21:38frg_awayBought new generic Kingston 8 GB for 35 Euros from ebay. Full compile with the stock HD takes 50 minutes. Built 2.49.1 and 2.52a1 today. Added the needed fixes to 2.52a1 and works fine.
21:39stefanhfrg_away: Nice. I should really add some RAM to this mbp, but I've been too lazy
21:40ThurahTGuido: Preferences->network and storage at the bottom.
21:41GuidoThurahT: thx
21:43frg_awaystefanh: Bought 2 DDR3L modules KVR16LS11/4. Was about to buy 2 new from Micron for 58 Euros but then saw this one on epay. Was a steal imho :) The /8 should work in the 2012 but not sure if an /8 with the 1Rx8 might cause trouble in your 2011.
21:43ThurahTI have mine set to 1MB for instance. So, it compacts fairly often.. Every week at least.
21:44stefanhfrg_away: I could add 2x8 to this one, but I'm not sure it's worth it
21:48frg_awaystefanh: I use 6 GB in my Windows VMs. Different compiler but I doubt more than 8 GB will help much. Not sure if there are even 2Rx8 organized 8 GB modules or if the 2011 cares about it. If only 4 Gb are recognized with a 1Rx8 you will know :)
21:49stefanhfrg_away: crucial have 2x8 kits for this one, but yeah - I don't think more than 8GB will matter
21:52frg_awayFroam what I say so far it wants cores and the more the better. But more than 8 doesn't see to help under Windows at least in a VM.
21 May 2017
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