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20 Mar 2017
01:15ewonghalk: which version?
01:27halkI'm running the latest, 2.46
01:27halkewong: I'm running the latest, 2.46
01:27ewonghalk: and 'check updates' is what's giving you the error?
01:28halkewong: yes, first the auto-update and then I tried manually thinking maybe it was temporary and same error. Let me try now...
01:29ewonghalk what's your operating system?
01:29halkewong: same error, "Update XML file malformed (200)", maybe I would have to restart which means I'd lose my connection to IRC... B-)
01:29halkewong: I'm under Ubuntu 16.04
01:29ewonghalk how did you install 2.46?
01:30halkewong: It was an upgrade, a while back I downloaded the files and installed them in my home folder, and since then it just auto-updates. The stock version crashes like crazy.
01:31ewonghalk sorry.. what stock version?
01:33halkewong: apt-cache showpkg seamonkey-browser
01:33halkPackage: seamonkey-browser
01:33halk2.0.13+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (/var/lib/dpkg/status)
01:33halkWhen I used that, it worked barely enough to download the latest and then get rid of it!
01:34halkI guess the maintainer lost interest...
01:34halkI'm going to have dinner now, but if you don't have the problem, then it may just be a connection issue from my end.
01:34ewongok. 2.46 update.. hmm I'll need to check the server log..
01:34ewonghalk bon appetit
02:04halkewong: I'll try to restart and see what happens...
02:18halkewong: bad news, I'm back and the "Check for update" gives me the same 200 / bad XML...
02:31ewonghalk can you check for update manually?
02:33halkewong: What is the URL to get that XML file?
02:33ewonghalk no.. I meant just clicking on Check for Updates manually
02:35halkewong: ah, okay... same error "Update XML file malformed (200)"... I could get the file with wget too... and see whether it works that way.
02:36ewonghalk can you pastebin your about:buildconfig ?
02:38halk -- will disappear in a day...
02:39ewonghalk can you use
02:40halkI get a white page when I go to the moz pastebin...
02:41halkewong: it works in firefox, though...
02:42ewonghalk thanks
02:44ewonghalk what does your |uname -a| say?
02:45halkLinux halk 4.4.0-66-generic #87-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 3 15:29:05 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
02:48ewonghalk is this a Linux64 contributed build?
02:49halkUbuntu? It's the latest 16.04 build...
02:50ewonghalk no.. I meant your SeaMonkey version
02:51halkewong: Ah, I'm not too sure what you mean by contributed, then B-)
02:52ewonghalk where did you download SeaMonkey 2.46? is it from ?
02:52halkI just clicked on the link from the "Source", it's linked to Bug 1294433
02:52thebotBug blo, P1, ---, ewong, ASSI, Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.46
02:53halkewong: I don't recall download it manually... let me see my folders in that regard.
02:54halkIt looks like the last one I download manually was |/home/alexis/tools/mozilla/seamonkey-2.33.1.tar.bz2|
02:54ewonghalk and you built it yourself?
02:57halkOh, no. I don't recall building a SeaMonkey. So the last one would be |/home/alexis/tools/mozilla/seamonkey-2.25.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2|
02:58halkewong: I was probably looking for something in there. Really I don't recall having to do anything just once in a while I'd get a message letting me know that a new version was available and I had to restart to install it.
03:00ewongI think I'm beginning to understand. I think you downloaded the 2.46 x86_64 (i.e. Linux64) build
03:01ewongalthough I don't understand why it would update you to 2.25 to 2.46
03:02halkAs far as I know it happened in stages, so it updated from 25 to may 27, then 32, etc. up to 46. But not all at once.
03:03halkThe date I have for 2.25 is Mar 21 2014
03:03halkAnyway, are you thinking that I would not have the latest official version installed?
03:04ewonghalk tbh, still don't have a full understanding of what's going on.
03:05ewong2.25 to 2.27 to 2.32 to 2.46?
03:06halkI see that I have the log from the last update that happened on Dec 24 |-rw-rw-r-- 1 alexis alexis 4949 Dec 24 11:37 last-update.log|
03:06halkWould you like a copy?
03:06halkewong: I do not have a ledge of each updates. It just happens. But I'm sure that I did not do that last one manually.
03:07ewonghalk you sure it was 2.27?
03:09ewongwe never did a 2.27
03:10halkNo clue, as I just said, it upgrades once in a while, I do not keep track of each version.
03:10ewongok.. lemme do a test here
07:03frg_awayHi ewong and r+ :)
07:04ewongfrg_away: thanks!
08:17frg_awayewong: could you look into the generated linux x86 or x64 config.status on the server for 2.48 and send me the lines containig moz_alsa and moz_pulseaudio
08:17frg_awayWould like to know what were the defaults before 2.49 and so I wouldn't need to build it myself.
08:18ewongfrg_away: sure.. give a sec
08:21frg_awayThanks. Looks like both are enabled. That makes it simple. Will try with 2.52
08:22ewongfrg_away: thanks!
09:36ewongoh .. lucky us...
09:40ewongCallek_cloud9: mini -1 went to the beach...
09:41ewongCallek_cloud9: i.e. bug 1348756
09:41thebotBug nor, --, ---, server-ops-dcops, NEW, sea-mini-osx64-1 is stuck
09:41ewongand that is preventing us from reconfiging :(
09:41frg_awayCan't blame him. Its raining here so hopefully a sunny beach :)
09:42ewongand ergo.. can't safely do the sendchange to start build 3 rolling :(
09:44ewongfrg_away: we lost -2 and -4 to the beach as well.. (well, hardware failure.... but going to the beach sounds better)
09:45frg_awayewong: how many have we? Only 1 and 3?
09:45ewongfrg_away: now.. only 3
09:45ewongbut hopefully a reboot will fix -1
09:45frg_awayThen lets hope its not a hw failure too with -1
09:46ewongyeah.. you're telling me
12:58Callek_cloud9ewong|away: can shut themaster and restart it
12:58Callek_cloud9ewong|away: if that still doesn't work could disable it from slave list temporarily
14:15TonnesI think bug 1322344 needs attention
14:15thebotBug maj, --, ---, nobody, NEW, comm-central-l10n and comm-aurora-l10n builds are not updated after the s3 migration: 'configure don
14:26Tonneslocalizers need nightly builds, and the ftp server is loaded with old releases
14:27Tonnesbut obviously no-one cares.. ;(
16:20therube_agoneso SeaMonkey 2.51a2 c-a won't run under XP
16:22therube_agoneor Vista, I'd gather
16:22therube_agone(time marches on)
16:30therube_agonein SeaMonkey 2.49, you get a nice formatted display
16:30therube_agonein FF 52 you just get a "blob"
16:31therube_agone(as in SeaMonkey 2.46)
17:17* Mc will stick with 2.49, waiting for the first esr build
20:32ThurahTcould moz://a have picked a worse colour combo on their page? Is it my browser displaying it wrong or is it actually pinkish and green?
20:32ThurahTit actually hurts.
20:49ThurahTwow, I haven't been on is a looong time. There are no references to their history anywhere. Nor their products or anything. It is like a skeleton web page.. There is no content. Just a lot of puffs, slogans, and "visions" with barely any content. The blogs contain some text.. That's about it. I remember when was useful and more like a portal.
20:51ThurahTlike what is that? A lot of white space and [[[ @@@ what? I don't ge tit.
20:51ThurahT*get it
20:55ThurahTthe "2016-2018 Strategy" links to a googledrive page. Like they don't know how to make their own?
21:03ThurahT when the site was still actually useful
21:10frg_awayTonnes: No l10n s*cks but we are stuck in bug 1231349 and no time to fix it. This also causes problems in aurora and central and is a prerequisite to generate l10n builds again.
21:10thebotBug blo, --, seamonkey2.42, ewong, ASSI, L10n repacks broken on with SM 2.42 and newer
21:16Tonnesfrg_away: thanks, that explains. :) Perhaps set a dependency?
21:16frg_awayTonnes: just did.
21:17Tonneslol, just got the mail - thanks!
21:18ThurahTI haven't downloaded SM for a while. Is cZ included and working or nah? I remember something broke..
21:20frg_awayThuraT: still included in the en-us aurora and central builds. 2.48 release will , like 2.46, come without it. probably 2.49 also. If the repack bug can not be fixed we will need to take it out of central and aurora too to generate l10n versions again. The lates cZ from AMO works in all trees.
21:23Tonnesyou should be able to install the en-US version and get a lang pack from , I guess
21:23ThurahTI see.. Or I try to at least.
21:23Tonnesthat's release, of course ^
21:30frg_awayTonnes : no cZ in the 2.46 language packs.
21:31Tonnestry cs - if Czech is your locale
21:35ThurahToh, I see.. sorry Tonnes, I was talking about chatZilla. cZ..
21:35Tonnesooooh sorry :)
21:36TonnescZ has always been included afaict, it still is
21:36ThurahTI thought you were talking to frg.. : )
21:36ThurahTyeah, but it is not working in 2.46 it seems. I'm still on 2.38.
21:37ThurahTI can always run xulrunner. As long as SM has it's mail I guess I am good.
21:37Tonnes:) in fact I'm on cZ in SM 2.46 right now since FF crashes too often
21:38Tonnesor uses too much mem in fact
21:38TonnescZ not working? what happens?
21:40frg_awayTonnes: No cZ in 2.46. I ripped it out form the configs myself because bug 1231349 couldn't be fixed in time and still isn't :( If you already had it in in your profile it would still work of course. I am speaking of Chatzilla. If you mean the cz locale then of course its still there :)
21:40thebotBug blo, --, seamonkey2.42, ewong, ASSI, L10n repacks broken on with SM 2.42 and newer
21:41Tonnesfrg_away: do you mean the localized cZ is broken for you, or cZ entirely (en-US)?
21:41TonnesI did have it in pry profile allright,and my locale has no localized cZ
21:43TonnesI also copied the FF profile's cZ lines to SM, but merely because of channels and prefs, not to make it work
21:44frg_awayTonnes: l10n building is generally broken for addons with more than one language. That is DOMi and cZ. Calendar should work but there was another bug so we took it out too. If the dust with 2.48 and 2.49 ESR has settled we will pick up the bug again to make it work. Release 2.48 and 2.49 comes first.
21:44ThurahTand 2.49 was the last one to work with xp/vista?
21:44Tonnesinteresting and good ot know, thanks
21:46ThurahTnot that I am using it, but just curious since some of my friends refuse linux or anything newer than xp. : ) "it has always worked"
21:48Tonnesyeah, just upgraded to xp ;)
21:50ThurahTI do have an old laptop running windows 98. And mozilla suite 1.4 I think. I use it to play Little Big Adventure II..
21:50ThurahT128 MB RAM.
21:53frg_awayThurahT: Yes 2.49 will be the last release for XP and Vista.
21:55ThurahTRight. Thanks.
21 Mar 2017
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