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20 Apr 2017
05:46frg_awaymorning ewong
05:53ewonghowdy frg!
06:04frg_awayewong: thought about aurora. How about doing nightly beta builds instead? With c-c broken more often than not and the regular releases coming from esr might be an option as long as the infra doesn't give up.
06:07ewongfrg_away: what would be the difference between nightly beta builds and actual beta release?
06:10ewongbeginning to think this removal of aurora might be a very bad idea for us
06:11frg_awayewong: would be like aurora aka. l10n broken unless fixed personally I would then do the actual beta releases from the release tree or spin off a special beta now and then. Bad for updates but they are broken now too :) I also do think that aurora removal wasn't good for c-c in general. from junk to beta in 1 merge. I see a lot more uplifts to beta and l10n changes there too.
06:12frg_awaymaybe discuss it on Sunday.
06:13frg_awayewong: for 2.48 do we need to add esr to the update release channels during build?
06:14ewongfrg_away: yeah..we're so darn broken.. l10n + tests.. they need to be fixed.
06:18IanN|Awayfrg_away: morning btw
06:19ewongI need to prioritize my time..
06:19frg_awayIanN|Away: Morning
06:20IanN|Awayewong: order should be you first
06:21ewongIanN|Away: my bad.. I meant prioritize what I need to do to fix the mess ;P
06:22frg_awayewong. You are not alone on the world.
06:22frg_awayThe fishes will help you :D
06:22frg_awayok I too
06:25frg_awayHalfway thru with a a patch which can turn off calendar DOMi DebugQA and cZ during build time instead of ripping them out. As usual got distracted by bugs and release stuff.
06:26ewongforgot to post a 2.48b1 blog post
06:26frg_awayIanN|Away: Not sure if you saw calleks remark. You need to register a firefox account with the council email and can then acccess AMO with it.
06:27frg_awayewong: I put up a notice in the two newsgroups and mozillaZine
06:27IanN|Awayfrg_away: I saw it, not had time
06:27ewongfrg_away: that's cool... thanks.
06:27ewongand thanks for the newsgroup mentions too
06:29ewongfrg_away: is there a bug to create the necessary flags/"stuff" for ESR release?
06:30frg_awayewong: No. Wanted you to ask what to do next? :)
06:30ewongok.. I'll bite
06:30ewongerm.. 2.48 is next, no?
06:30frg_awayIanN|Away. Oki
06:30ewongit's what's after 2.48 that is the issue
06:31frg_awayewong: yes. 2.48 and then esr
06:33ewongno.. my bad for not being specific.. 2.48, then do we fix the l10n and testing infra and then we do 2.49beta and the 2.49 release. or we do 2.49* then fix the infra/testing
06:35frg_awayewong: 2.49* then fix the infra/testing
06:35frg_awayI fear we would be at 2.55+ in the tree otherwise if it goes as well as I think it might ... :(
06:37frg_awayewong: Btw Safebrowsing V4 is now enabled in the m-c tree. I got it and initial json blocklists (not related) working last Sunday. Prefs and installer changes only. Will put up a bug but V4 needs the api key in the build.
06:38ewongfrg_away: which api key is this? the same as the google one?
06:38frg_awayewong. yes same google api ky for V2 and V4
06:41ewongfrg_away: ok.
21 Apr 2017
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