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19 May 2017
06:03Mcthe last day (for now ;-) ) Ratty was here
06:13Mcseemingly nothing but hardware issues on his side in that days
06:22Mcthese days
06:25Mcok, that's weird wrong date, btw
14:20frg_awayIanN|Away Just added more work for you :D
15:45libertashi, trying to downlad SeaMonkey but it's impossible, some certificate error
15:45libertasis it only me or is it a known issue?
15:46frg_awaylibertas Known issue with the site. https is broken with NoScript :( Try
15:48libertasfrg_away: thanks, couldn't do it with that link, too, but downloaded it using another browser Vivaldi
15:49frg_awayHmm the archive links works fine for me.
15:54libertasfrg_away: yes, it works fine. I have a clipboard manager and the link you provided was selected but didn't get active. The old link was still active, that's why I said it didn't work. Thank you.
16:59therube_agonethe issue is NOT NoScript (if you were thinking of Bug 1272909). at that time, the issue was with the server/bouncer being used & whether it was pointing to http: or https:, which might or might not have been valid for the particular type of service. (IOW, basically the link one might have used to download was configured incorrectly, wrong.) anyhow, the links here, https://www.seamonkey-projec, appear to be OK, so i guess that begs the question...
16:59thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO INVALID, NoScript Security Suite causes "Invalid Certificate" Error Message for SeaMonkey download
16:59therube_agonelibertas: what link were you using to try to download SeaMonkey from?
17:43Mcanyway, the link works here too with NoScript enabled
17:45Mcdownload too of course
21:22IZhHi! SeaMonkey always hangs on trying to send a file (picture) in the biggest Russian social network
21:22IZhWhen you click on the picture icon that should open file upload dialog, it simply hangs.
21:23IZh(I'm using the latest version on Win7 64)
21:23frg_awayIZh which version? 2.46
21:24IZhfrg_away: Any advices of how to collect logs / stack trace?
21:24IZhfrg_away: After clicking the button, it simply stops to respond (and to repaint UI).
21:25frg_away2.50 is unofficial from akalla. If you need a later version use his 2.49.1 from the esr branch. This will be the next official one. The 2.5x have some problems which are still not fixed.
21:25IZhfrg_away: Are there 64-bit versions available?
21:25frg_awayIZh yes
21:26IZhfrg_away: Could you please tell me where can I get it?
21:27IZhfrg_away: I see it's also from akalla. ;-)
21:28frg_awayIZh yes. ewong is still fighting the official builders. Not even 2.48 out yet.
21:29IZhfrg_away: Thanks. Will try. But anyway, what is the best way to debug hangs on Windows? Use sysinternals process explorer to see the stack trace? Or?..
21:30frg_awayIZh There is a procedure where you could kill Firefox so that it generates a dump. Same for SeaMonkey. I just need to find it :)
21:31IZhfrg_away: Thatks. :-) Would be useful. :-)
21:31IZhfrg_away: Probably I know how to kill it that way in Linux, but not in Windows. :-)
21:37frg_awaySeems to be the executable name needs to be firefox.exe
21:38IZh"The tool also has command-line options to kill processes with other names or by process ID."
21:39frg_awayIZh ahh. For all the patches I did in the last time I just didn't need a debugger yet. Mostly simple js.
21:41IZh"Could not create remote thread"
21:42frg_awaymaybe no longer working with the latest changes in Gecko.
21:42IZhNo. Seems that I need crashfirefox64.exe
21:43IZhYep. Crashes it. :-)
21:46IZhfrg_away: Will try to collect a crash dump. As well as downgrade to more stable version. Thanks!
21:47frg_awayIZh Not aware of any problems in the 2.50 upload code but the 2.49.1 I compiled myself is super stable for me.
21:48IZhfrg_away: Well, it could be some JS that is executed prior to open that dialog.
21:49frg_awayIZh that would be my guess: Sh*tty website
21:49frg_awaydo you have a crash report?
21:49IZhfrg_away: Not yet.
21:51IZhfrg_away: That shitty website is a russian Facebook ;-)
21:51frg_awaynot so useful because Adrians builds do not have crash symbols but you never know.
21:52frg_awayIZh If it is as bad as the US one... :D
21:53IZhI use US version ;-)
21:54frg_awayI use only antisocial sites :)
21:56IZhWell, actually, it's on my gf's laptop. :-) I don't have accounts in social networks. ;-)
22:03IZhfrg_away: Err... It stopped to hang. :-)) It hanged reproducibly several times before. But right when I wanted to collect a dump, it stopped to hang. :-) Hate non-reproducible bugs. :-)
22:03frg_awayIZh. Sun spots!
22:03IZhfrg_away: Or moon phase. :-)
22:04IZhfrg_away: Anyway, I heard from here before that it's an often bug. So hope to catch it one day. :-)
22:04IZhfrom her
22:06frg_awayIZh When your are able to reproduce it open a bug. Probably a gecko bug so if possible try with Fx too.
20 May 2017
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