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19 Apr 2017
01:26ewongoh boy...
01:28ewong!seen rattyaway
01:28thebotrattyaway was last seen 7 weeks, 2 days, 11 hours, 56 minutes and 33 seconds ago, changing nick to Ratty .
01:28ewongnearly two months...
06:28frg_awaymorning ewong
06:29ewonggood morning frg
06:32frg_awayewong how was the weekend? Were you away traveling?
06:33ewongfrg_away: yeah.. was out of town over the Easter. the weekend was good... but didn't get much done
06:33ewongfrg_away: and you?
06:34frg_awayewong: don't worry. SeaMonkey should be fun not work. I think we are a good team getting releases out :)
06:35ewongfrg_away: yes.. that is correct.. especially given the resources we have
06:35ewongcurrently preping 2.48
06:35frg_awayewong: relaxed and doing this and that. Could have been longer :D
06:35ewongfrg_away: you're telling me
06:36frg_awayon the train. bbl
23:55IanN|Awayhmmm -
20 Apr 2017
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