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18 Mar 2017
08:29myrkraverkIs there a new SM update due to vault7 leaks? (there has apparently been a new FF update)
08:58myrkraverkI just checked, and there was an FF security update yestreday.
09:20frg_awaymyrkraverk: Unfortunately the new release isn't ready yet. Will be 2.48 shortly followed by 2.49 but every date I would give you now might be too optimistic. You can use Adrian unoffcial releases in the meantime:
09:31myrkraverkThanks, though I'm slightly confused.
09:31myrkraverk1) Does the latest relase from four days ago include the security updates in Firefox from yestreday?
09:32myrkraverk2) To install this build on OS X, do I download ?
10:11frg_awaymyrkraverk: Looking at the Mozilla sources there were no security relevant bugs checked in in the last 4 days so I would say yes. If 52.0.1 the last bug checked into to relbranch was Bug 1348168. This one is not included. The source was already tagged 03/07 so no recent sucurity bugs were fixed in 52.0.1 either.
10:11thebotBug is not accessible
10:13myrkraverkOk, I'm not sure I can see that bug.
10:17frg_awaySome image extensions got disabled. Might be security relevant or just a blunder.
14:42frg_awayHi tonymec: Did send you an email about cZ
14:50tonymecHi frg_away : you're going to get an answer, I'm finishing the writeup.
14:51frg_awaytonymec|away: no hurry.
15:02frg_awaymyrkraverk: set canvas.imagebitmap_extensions.enabled to false then you should be ok for 2.49
15:02myrkraverkthank you.
17:52frg_awayewong|away I told you to say away from the red button :)
19 Mar 2017
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