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18 Apr 2017
03:34Mc"Looking over our options, we've come to the conclusion that the only way to maintain a XUL-based browser in 2018 and beyond will be to create a separate (hard) fork of the Mozilla platform code close to the intended change-over -- but not too close since there will be a gradual deprecation of features preparing for the main change -- without Rust, Quantum or the new front-end, and keep...
03:34Mc...aligning that with developments in scripting and rendering as an independent-from-Mozilla platform solution."
03:34Mc"This platform can be used by other applications currently building on Mozilla code, as well, including Thunderbird, Instantbird, SeaMonkey, and also Pale Moon down the road." :-)
03:38Mc"The SeaMonkey council wasn't even interested at all in a partnership, and not looking at long-term solutions or what would happen when the XUL platform disappears at MozCo leaving them without an updated platform to build on." :-(
03:40hogarththat doesn't bode well...
03:42hogarthmc: where be this from?
03:44Mci got it from the log.
03:48hogarthah. that [2] is important.
03:53Mcright. there might be another way to go with the tb people
04:01Mcalso interesting thoughts in
04:07hogarthaye. fun times ahead.
04:08Mc..and in
04:09Mcso more fun ;-)
04:32Mchaha "Let's all go back to Netscape 1.0 :-P "
04:33hogarthi've used that :)
04:38Mcme too :-)
04:41Mci need the feeling to be the owner and not to be owned
06:12frg_awayMc: "The SeaMonkey council wasn't even interested at all in a partnership," That statement is simply incorrct as it stands there. An "at this time" is ommitted. We are currently looking wehat TB does and just will not commit alone to anything. It should be clearer in a few months hopefully and that is what we told him.
06:15Mcfrg ok, that makes it better clear, thanks
06:16Mcfrg_away: ^
06:17Mci'll stuck with 2.49 ESR anyway
06:23frg_awayMc: Yeahhh. Built 2.50 last week and now on 2.49.1. Much nicer.
07:34IanN|Awayfrg_away: I spotted that, selective quoting?
07:35IanN|Awayfrg_away: I was really away over Easter, but did manage to review some stuff
07:35frg_awayIanN|Away: Check the log from tonight here. Came from
07:37frg_awayIanN|Away: I noticed. Big thanks. website is updated. Spotted two minor problems with my patch and somehow April 17 changed to 15 but overall looks good :)
07:37IanN|Awayfrg_away: wasn't it 13th in one place?
07:40frg_awayIanN|Away. yes. Changed both to 17 and pinged mcsmurf. I checked in the new one but he might have used the old version. Decided to let it rest for now and look at it later. Didn't want to do SeaMonkey stuff for all of the weekend. Bad me :)
07:40IanN|Awayfrg_away: so just the 2.48 release itself now :)
07:41frg_awayFirst 2.48 and then... :D
07:45IanN|Away...the world
07:52frg_awayfat chance but if at first you don't succeed try again :)
07:53frg_awayWe just need to do our own bold public statements and everything will be ok. If it works for others ...
08:47frg_awayMc: Ahh I see moonchild copied our answer in a footnote. Was this there this morning and did I overlook it?
08:56IanN|Awayfrg_away: that was always there, just missing the information you pointed out
08:59frg_awayIanN|Away: Yes. That came later in the mail. But even this one contains a "currently no" and wasn't mean't as a flat rebuttal for all times. Politics is fun... Not!
09:01IanN|Awayfrg_away: quoting out of context
09:03frg_awayIanN|Away: yes. Its not that I diasgree with him about the outcome but doesn't make him look so good if you know the facts. If you are looking for supporters you don't do this.
09:05IanN|Awayfrg_away: unless there are other reasons... but no point speculating
09:07frg_awayIanN|Away: To quote Michael Crichton: Everyone has a hidden agenda. Except me! I really liked this statement when I read the book :) Bummer that he is gone.
09:24Mcfrg_away: there was a footnote [2] but it isn't clear if his post is just based on it
09:31frg_awayMc: yes. Was an excerpt out of the mail. where we asked later to get back to us in a few months.
13:51libertyernieI think Thunderbird is planning on (or hoping to) have a release off of ESR 59.
14:05frg_awaylibertyernie: I also hope for SeaMonkey an ESR 59 is possible. 50/50 chance. Depends on how fast classic extensions break or how fast Firefox drives against the wall with the current strategy to nowhere :)
15:54IRCMonkeyBEI can't figure out how to delete duckduckgo from my SeaMonkey browser--help?
16:09frg_awayIRCMonkeyBE: Its bug 1265881 Workaround: set engine in Sidebar->Search and do a search. Default engine is updated to this name.
16:09thebotBug nor, --, seamonkey2.50, philip.chee, RESO FIXED, Location Bar Internet Search does not respect Edit Preferences Browser Internet Search
17:06Mcmerge happened
18:08Mccomm-release is now 2.50
18:21frg_awayMc: Jupp. Building a de it right now. Not planning to switch to it. Will stick with 2.49.1 ESR
19 Apr 2017
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