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17 May 2017
03:51McThurahT: are you looking for this
03:51Mcand this?
03:52Mcthere should be links, indeed. or a way back to one thread
05:35Mcone way could be allowing guest posts again in mozillaZine
06:35frg_awayMorning ewong. On the train again so might be gone soon :)
06:38ewongfrg_away: mornin!!
06:39frg_awayewong how is is going. Hope no longer frustrated about balrog and co .
06:40ewongfrg_away: gaining a bit of leeway in balrog.. so not as frustrated..
06:41frg_awayewong found the cause for the mail crash so actually quite happy this week. Have a much better feeling at releasing 2.48 right now.
06:43ewongfrg_away: good news then!
07:11McThurahT: the beginning of the support-seamonkey thread is here
12:46wyatt8740Hi all. I see you asked about help with converting icons for hidpi screens. I might be able to help. Though for a few things like the seamonkey icon itself (which came from a SWF, IIRC) I would need access to that. For other things though I can be somewhat helpful probably; I'd offer to try to fix some bugs too but my code is rarely production quality.
12:47wyatt8740the one thing I absolutely cannot help with is anything MacOS-related since my only iMac is both unable to upgrade past 10.7 and doesn't even have OS X installed. it runs Debian.
12:51wyatt8740however I do compile my own builds of the program semi-regularly for 64-bit linux, so I am not unable to help at all.
12:52wyatt8740And I have a lot of C experience and a fair amount of C++ experience.
12:52thebotc++ is e-- ah, nevermind.
12:52wyatt8740it is
12:56wyatt8740thebot: is that what you were gonna say?
12:56thebotwyatt8740: Sorry, I've no idea what 'is that what you were gonna say' might be.
13:15frg_awaywyatt8740 thebot is evil and dislikes c++ :)
13:24frg_awaywyatt8740 great that you want to help out. The current high priority bugs in bug 1345770 are not c, c++ . Mostly js and css/xul related.
13:24frg_awayI am usually looking at
13:24frg_awayand check if something needs to be done. There is a fair amount of old bugs there too. I don't have access to an UHD screen. SeaMonkey probably needs changes for it here.
13:24thebotBug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, SeaMonkey 2.52 malfunctions/errors
13:29wyatt8740I can figure out JS usually, but it's painful
13:29wyatt8740CSS I know pretty well
13:29wyatt8740XUL I've used before but it's been a while
15:05mykhasHi! After force reboot during compiling my build is failing with next output: How can I fix it?
15:13frg_awaymykhas: if the PC rebooted in the middle of a compile I would just delete the object dir. Manually recovering from this is almost impossible. A new configure might also be enought. Or touching CLOBBER.
16:55WG9sK so i was wondering is there any good reason that the recommended way to build seamokey at this point does not just use mach? Builds uing mach seem to work for me under both Linux and Windows.
17:00WG9sReason for asking is I was thinking of changing the instructions on to use mach instead of make -f
17:32WG9sI wanted to chang the link "make -f" with "mozilla/mach build"
17:34WG9sHMm really bad typing there. was trying to say "I wanted to change the line "make -f" to "mozilla/mach build"
23:48ThurahTMc: haha, thanks for the links : )
18 May 2017
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