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17 Mar 2017
05:25ewongstaff? Alright... where or who do I ping to get my money?
06:06IanN|Awayewong: double your existing money you get...
06:06frg_awaymorning ewong
06:06IanN|Awaymorning frg_away
06:07ewongIanN|Away: AWESOME! I get double the... existing.. money?
06:07ewongerm.. I get 0...
06:07ewongfrg_away: mornin!
06:07frg_awayMorning IanN|Away
06:07ewongfwiw, we might just well head to build #3 soon
06:07frg_away100% more Ibased on 0 . Great
06:08ewongIanN|Away, frg_away (maybe I should be away as well) sorry for the format of the email.. I think a discussion would suffice instead of the questions
06:08* IanN|Away notes ewong has almost finished having fun with wget
06:08frg_awayewong: don't aim for double digit this time :)
06:08ewongGood morning Ian!
06:08ewongfrg_away: Oh I'm not...
06:08* ewong touches wood.
06:09Mchi :-)
06:09IanN|Awaymorning ewong|away
06:09ewongIanN|Away: had any contacts with Neil or Ratty?
06:09frg_awayewong: Looked at the questions and you would otherwise get an answer from me this weekend. Not much good for every Wednesday to Friday
06:09IanN|Awayewong: not a sausage
06:10ewongfrg_away: take your time.. KaiRo does have a point.. though I'm hard pressed to know the answers
06:11* IanN|Away will try and find some time this weekend to consider
06:11ewongIanN|Away: thanks...
06:11ewongtbh, I didn't even REALIZE it was Friday today ;/
06:11IanN|Awaybut I seem to be backlogged on everything at the moment
06:12IanN|AwayI feel like I'm only half way through the week
06:12ewongIanN|Away: sure... if you're somewhere in the universe that has a 10day workweek :)
06:13frg_awayI vote for cloning!
06:14ewong12 day? it's Friday.. 5th day... 1/2 way through... ergo... x 2
06:14IanN|Awaymy weeks start early!
06:15IanN|Away(or feel like it)
06:15ewongfrg_away: sure... hg clone https://ian ian2
06:15IanN|Awayanyway, breakfast then work
06:15ewongand hg clone https://callek callek2
06:15ewongIanN|Away: bon appetit!
06:15frg_awaywell as the old joke goes. If the 24h during the day are not enough take the night also
06:16Xogiumhuh, someone else's speaking french here ?
06:17ewongXogium: qui?
06:17Xogiumewong: waaah j'avais jamais su
06:18ewongXogium: Mon dieu.. j'oubliase mon francais... :D
06:18ewongerm j&#39;ai oublie<something>
06:19ewongIanN|Away: did Neil say he&#39;d return?
06:21Mcon nineth day next week probably
06:25ewonghi justdave!
06:27ewongjustdave I asked pir a few days ago about the policy with op&#39;ing someone and was told to file a bug.
06:28justdavewow, nobody with AOP or SOP access on this channel
06:28ewongyeah ;/
06:28justdaveand no successor named
06:29justdave(the person who gets promoted to founder if the founder&#39;s nick expires)
06:29ewongjustdave any chance you can help us with this issue? I dunno who Neil would&#39;ve picked.. but I think IanN would be the best bet
06:30ewongthough I don&#39;t know the diff between aop and sop.
06:33justdavesops are allowed to manage other people&#39;s permissions (can add other aops)
06:33ewongand aop?
06:34justdaveaop is a channel op, they get auto-opped when they join the channel, etc
06:35justdavefounder > sop > aop > hop > vop
06:35justdavegot lots of hop and vop on this channel in the access list :)
06:35justdavedunno why they call the last one vop other than conformity. auto-voiced
06:35ewongjustdave what about the policy of getting someone op&#39;d here when the original op is no where to be seen?
06:36justdavenormally the answer is &quot;go talk to the channel founder&quot;
06:36justdaveI&#39;m not sure we have a policy for absentee founder though
06:36justdavenobody knows where he is?
06:36ewongjustdave: nope
06:36ewonghis memoserv box is full.. sent him an email and no response yet
06:37ewongjustdave: any chance for some policy to be created wrt this situation? or is it even necessary?
06:38ewongjustdave: anyway.. if permitted.. can you give IanN sop and me aop and when Neil returns.. he can remove the access rights
06:39ewongnothing delusional.. just purely logistics-minded
06:40IanN|Awayewong: did you put a bug in for it?
06:40justdavethis channel is obviously intended to be a home for discussion of the SeaMonkey project. says IanN and Mnyromyr are peers, that&#39;s good enuogh for me.
06:40ewongIanN|Away: yup. bug 1348211
06:41thebotBug nor, --, ---, infra, NEW, please set +o to IanN on #seamonkey
06:41ewongyup yup
06:41ewongjustdave: thanks!
06:42IanN|Awayoops my to do list is buried under a pile of to-dos!
06:42ewongMnyromyr&#39;s also not around ;/
06:42IanN|Away!seen Mnyromyr
06:42thebotmnyromyr was last seen 2 weeks, 4 days, 13 hours, 22 minutes and 51 seconds ago, saying &#39;oh, that&#39;s HaFi&#39;s site I could have guessed :-D&#39; in #seamonkey.
06:43IanN|Awayhe&#39;s more around than some
06:43ewong!seen RattyAway
06:43thebotrattyaway was last seen 2 weeks, 4 days, 17 hours, 11 minutes and 33 seconds ago, changing nick to Ratty .
06:43ewongwhoa... Mnyromyr and Ratty were last seen at the same time... *gasp* COULD THEY BE ONE AND THE SAME?
06:47* IanN|Away gets the wet kipper out
06:47* ewong does the double-rimmer.
06:47ewong&quot;Smoke me a kipper and I&#39;ll be back for breakfast.&quot;
06:49ewongit&#39;s my turn to be away
06:49ewong|awayjustdave: and thanks for the help there! appreciate it very much!
08:14ewonglet&#39;s do the netsplit again...
08:14frg_awayewong did you mess with the server again? :)
08:15ewongfrg_away: me? No.... I definitely did not touch that red button that said &quot;Don&#39;t press me&quot;..
08:16ewongit must&#39;ve been that South American butterfly
08:20frg_awayor the killer bees!
09:29Mcfrg_away: with you can move a tab to a new window. it&#39;s what&#39;s called &quot;Detach Tab&quot; there
09:34frg_awayMc: posting updated.
09:38frg_awayMc: 2012. Might get broken by latest JS legacy removals in 2.48+
09:41Mcfrg_away: works here in 2.49
09:42frg_awayMc: Good.
09:42Mceven in latest tinderbox build
09:43Mcof 2.49
09:44frg_awaySome additional removals happened in 2.51 or 2.52. Not sure. But 2.49 will stay longer anyway. Won&#39;t get broken in ESR.
10:10Mcfrg_away: btw, if the locale part of an addons url is removed (as i did above) all people get it with their localisation. a nice feature
10:31frg_awayNew TB Council has been elected.
10:43Mcif it might help sm?
11:22jakehmfrg_away no i have not
11:26frg_awayjakehm: Bummer. Did you try to build comm-release or comm-beta yet? At least comm-release should not need rust. Btw. filed Bug 1347652. Might have been caused by removal of the history functions and a duplicate.
11:26thebotBug maj, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Deleting history items grouped by date deletes entire history
11:58* Mc can&#39;t confirm
12:02Mcperhaps my running extension &quot;Expire history by days&quot; prevents the db from deletion
15:25therube_agonere: Bug 1347652, note what Marco said,
15:25thebotBug 1347652 maj, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Deleting history items grouped by date deletes entire history
15:25thebotBug 774168 nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, History&#39;s group by day show some entries in wrong groups.
15:29therube_agone& this (& the bugs it was DUP&#39;d to too),
15:29thebotBug 672429 nor, --, ---, nobody, RESO DUPLICATE, Deleting Browser History (Ctrl+H) is Fubar&#39;d, Deleting Far More then Wanted
15:40opali wish i was better with addon development
15:41opaland by better i mean
15:41opali have minimal experience with it lol
15:54opali think if i go through the list of bugs and read up on them, i can learn more about how the underlying code works
15:54opalbeen busy with other stuff lately though so i&#39;ll have to do that some other time
17:22MonkeyofSeaWill seamonkey be EOL when Firefox 57 lands?
17:23opalhope not
17:59therube_agoneNewTobinParadigm: hello. & just to note that most of your comments are mirrored (at least in general concept) by Frank Lion @
18:00Mcif fx survives the chrome like browsers battle
18:02NewTobinParadigmHi therube_agone
18:02NewTobinParadigmhow are you my long time aquantinance
18:03therube_agoneexcept for an (almost spring time snow shoveling caused) aching back, fine.
18 Mar 2017
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